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Demolition Accident Attorneys Serving People in Chicago, Illinois

Controlled demolition is the most efficient means for contractors to clear lots for new projects either because the existing property has become dilapidated or dangerous, or the property owner wishes to use the space for something else.

The demolition process can be dangerous for workers and bystanders. However, the Chicago construction site accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are here to help injured workers. We believe that victims have been through enough without the need to worry about whether they can meet their financial obligations after being injured on the job.

All injured workers are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits, and there are other avenues to receive compensation— primarily if your employer is found negligent.

Contact our Chicago, Illinois construction injury attorneys today at (888) 424-5757 for a free consultation and case evaluation to initiate a personal injury compensation case.

Chicago Demolition Accident Lawyer

Construction Accident Injuries: The Many Risks Presented on a Demolition Site

Aside from the apparent dangers, demolition sites present risks because they are usually occupied by buildings, bridges, walls, and old or disrepair roads. Workers could be exposed to falling debris, be caught in the collapse of internal structures, or exposed to hazardous materials.

The risk of construction site accidents include the following:

  • Injury due to the improper use of demolition explosives. Negligence while working with explosives can put every person on the work site in harm’s way and improper explosive use can include accidental detonation, poor placement of explosives, or failing to ensure that the area is clear of people before setting the explosives off.
  • Falls from scaffolding and ladders. Construction site accident falls can result in a severe fracture and internal injury that are life-threatening. The greatest danger with an internal injury is a missed diagnosis, which results in continued internal bleeding or infection. For additional information on ladder accidents, look here. For material related to a scaffolding accident, look here.
  • Short or long-term exposure to chemicals and contaminants. There are many chemicals located on demolition sites, and workers could inhale particulate that damages the respiratory system over time.
  • Injury caused by a failure to use proper safety equipment, leading to a job site accident.
  • Construction site accident injuries due to negligent use of equipment or equipment failure.

Our Chicago construction accident attorneys know the power of many of the machines and devices used on construction sites and how devastating an injury can be when they fail or are used irresponsibly.

Chicago Demolition Accident Lawyers

Injured Workers are Entitled to Compensation for Injuries Sustained During Demolition Projects

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking you do not have a claim for any reason. Even if you are found solely liable for the events that led to your injury, you are entitled to receive benefits under Illinois law.

All employers must maintain insurance on behalf of their employees, which will cover their medical expenses, a portion of their lost wages, and disability benefits in the event of a permanent injury.

You can also collect compensation if your loved one died in a workplace accident so that you can cover the cost of a funeral, incidental expenses, and the wages your loved one contributed to the family.

It is also essential to understand that you have the right to the following.

  • The ability to choose whichever doctor or specialist you would like through your recovery. Employers often try to force their workers to go through specific medical providers and jump through hoops, but you have the right to seek treatment from whomever you would like
  • Injuries pay equal to two-thirds of your average weekly salary for the entirety of your recovery so that you can continue to support your family while you are unable to work.
  • Access to disability benefits if your injury impacts your ability to return to work permanently.
  • The right to file a lawsuit against a third-party entity if your accident was due to negligence or a violation of construction worker safety laws.

Every employee harmed in a construction site accident can file a workers' compensation claim for benefits if they were injured during the demolition process. Workers' compensation benefits are paid until the injured employee has healed and can return to their job.

If the worker's personal injury is permanent, they could receive financial compensation to pay partial or total wages until their retirement years.

Chicago Demolition Accident Attorney

Construction Accident: Additional Avenues of Obtaining Compensation for Demolition Injuries

Construction site accident lawyers can file a third-party claim against individuals and businesses other than an employer whose negligence caused a workplace injury. These claims can provide funds over worker’s compensation benefits paid by subcontractors, vendors, general contractors, and others.

A Chicago, IL construction worker can also file a claim or lawsuit against an equipment manufacturer for a defective or malfunctioning product that led to their injury. Any other party involved in the accident could be legally required to pay for damages above and beyond benefits from the workers compensation program.

Employer-based Comp Lawsuits

Injured workers involved in egregious cases able to prove that their employer recklessly caused an accident could file a civil lawsuit seeking workplace injury compensation.

Common examples of a Chicago construction accident third-party claim include:

  • A general contractor or subcontractor on the job site created a safety hazard that caused the worker’s injury
  • A construction worker required to drive was hit by another driver in a car accident
  • Other subcontractors and workers created a hazardous mess leading to a slip and fall accident
  • The construction worker was injured by defective equipment like a broken safety harness or ladder

A construction worker injured on the job can file a third-party claim for any of the examples above or others. Resolving a third-party construction accident claim could ensure that the victim receives additional compensation above the benefits received from the worker’s compensation program.

Family members who have lost loved ones through wrongful death in a construction or demolition accident can file a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for their losses.

Accident lawyers filing third-party claims can be crucial to an injured worker’s financial survival. Workers comp benefits are often minuscule in paying claims for construction accidents.

The employer’s insurance company pays only a small percentage of lost wages from time away from work, based on the worker’s weekly salary when the accident occurred.

The insurance company will also pay 100% of all medical costs on approved treatments, surgeries and therapies required to heal. These benefits are part of the coverage of the worker’s wage reimbursement for construction accidents provided in exchange for not filing a civil lawsuit against their employer.

Typically, the worker likely has non-tangible damages including pain-and-suffering, mental anxiety, loss of consortium, and the financial burdens the worker and family face each day. However, these damages are not covered, leaving the family thousands of dollars short of what is required and deserved.

In response, an accident lawyer will likely file a civil lawsuit seeking additional compensation from third parties responsible for causing harm.

Chicago Demolition Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Chicago, IL personal injury attorneys have a successful track record in resolving lawsuits and claims involving construction site accidents. We hold the general contractors, construction companies, developers, subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, and other responsible parties financially accountable for any construction worker injured on the job.

Were you injured in a demolition accident or lost a loved one through a preventable death? A Chicago, IL personal injury lawyer at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC, represents construction workers involved in demolition accidents.

Contact a personal injury lawyer today at (888) 424-5757 to schedule a free consultation to discuss workers' comp benefits and filing a third-party lawsuit for additional funds.

Chicago Demolition Accident Law firm

Construction Accident Injuries FAQs

Our Chicago construction accident attorneys know that many families have unanswered questions concerning filing and resolving a demolition accident case with a severe injury or wrongful death. A construction accident lawyer has answered some of those questions below.

Contact our Chicago, IL law firm today at (888) 424-5757 to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your injury accident case. Our Chicago construction accident lawyers are ready to help.

Does Demolition Fall Under Construction?

Demolition crews dismantle, destroy, raze, and wreck structures, including offices, apartment complexes, shopping malls, hotels, and skyscrapers. Demolishing a building creates significant hazards, making it particularly dangerous for workers.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), demolition crews must follow proper planning to control demolishing a building using regulated personal protective equipment that complies with OSHA standards.

What is a Typical Hazard Associated With Demolition Activities?

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) identifies the most common demolition hazards, including falling from an elevated work surface, falling from a collapsing structure, or being struck by falling debris. Demolition crews are often exposed to hazardous air contaminants released from hidden materials, including silica, asbestos, lead, heavy metals, and other chemicals.

Serious risks in demolishing structures involve the unknown weaknesses or strengths of the existing construction material, especially post-tension concrete during demolition. Minor exposure to vibration, noise, and excessive dust at the work site could cause lifelong debilitating problems.

What is the Most Common Injury In Construction?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies falls, falling objects, and equipment back-over construction site accidents as causing the most construction site injuries. Some construction workers have suffered severe injuries from explosions and fires.

Building and trench collapse, overexertion, heatstroke, and repetitive motion injuries are also common injuries in the construction industry as hypothermia (frostbite), resulting in the loss of toes, fingers, and tips of the nose and ears in dangerously cold climates.

Many victims will hire a personal injury attorney to represent their construction accident case when injured on the job to ensure they receive Worker's Comp. benefits to pay for all of their damages.

What Are the Types of Demolition?

Demolition crews use various methods to destroy and dismantle buildings after the structure has reached the end of its servicing lifespan using controlled methods. The chosen method is based on the aging building’s unique situation and the types of dismantling options available.

These methods include:

Implosion – Explosives are carefully placed in strategic areas inside the building after demolition crews have prepared the structure to minimize problems as the structure collapses when imploded.

Non-explosive demolition – demolition crews typically tear down structures using non-explosive methods that could include:

Bulldozers and excavators – Small billings can be quickly demolished using excavating and bulldozing equipment where the piles of building materials are transferred into a dump truck.

Wrecking balls – demolition crews can take down six and seven-story buildings using heavy steel wrecking balls that hang from a steel rope. A large crane picks the wrecking ball up and either swings or drops it into a part of the building.

High-reach excavators – These impressive machines can demolish tall structures when implosion is not an option. The excavator can reach 300 feet or higher. Some demolition crews attach hydraulic hammers to remove dense material and steel reinforcement.

What Is Selective Demolition?

Demolition crews can selectively demolish a building’s interior, leaving the exterior of the building untouched. Selective demolition is often the optimal choice when the building is structurally sound.

Selective demolition requires extensive planning after a comprehensive assessment of the building has been completed to identify any problems. Any miscalculation could prove disastrous if the building collapses during demolition, increasing the risk of severe injury in construction accidents.

Construction site accidents involving selective demolition have harmed and killed many construction workers nationwide. Many families have lost loved ones unexpectedly in accidents that could have been prevented.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer: Construction Worker Compensation Lawsuit

Our Chicago, IL workplace accident attorneys know how to work with insurance companies and access other available resources to ensure you can receive the maximum amount of compensation to cover your expenses. Your personal health insurance policy may cover some of the expenses you’ve incurred, for example, and there may be various ways to pursue compensation depending on your case’s circumstances.

The Chicago, IL personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have a successful track record of providing award-winning legal services. Our construction accident lawyers help you prepare your worker’s compensation claim or pursue additional legal action if needed.

Contact us today (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) to arrange a free consultation with a qualified Chicago construction work and personal injury attorney who will gather the information needed to get to work on your behalf. Our law firm only accepts payment after securing compensation, so if we fail to do so for any reason, you are assured that our services will be free of charge.

Our Chicago, Illinois accident lawyers currently represent clients in various practice areas, including car accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, construction accidents, and other injury cases, to ensure our clients receive maximum financial compensation.


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