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If you’ve experienced any form of sexual abuse or misconduct at the hands of Dr. Fabio Ortega, we want you to know that we understand the immense courage it takes to come forward with such sensitive and painful experiences. Our team is committed to offering a compassionate, confidential environment where your voice can be heard, and your experience acknowledged.

Read on to learn more about the legal proceedings regarding Dr. Fabio Ortega and NorthShore University Health System related to allegations of sexual abuse by Dr. Ortega and who may qualify to file a claim against them.

We’ll also let you know exactly how we can help you seek justice. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a free consultation.

What Is the NorthShore University Health System Lawsuit About?

The Northshore University Health System lawsuit revolves around these egregious and deeply troubling charges levied against Dr. Fabio Ortega, who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two former patients in 2021.

Dr. Fabio Ortega was arrested in 2018 on charges of sexual abuse, bringing to light numerous allegations against him that spanned several decades. The claims suggest a persistent pattern of abuse carried out at multiple medical facilities across the Chicago area where former gynecologist Dr. Ortega worked.

The distressing revelations have prompted other former patients of his to file similar lawsuits not only against him, but also against the NorthShore Health System. These lawsuits allege that they should have done more to protect them and other patients from such abuse.

Ortega worked at many other hospitals, including Highland Park Hospital, so there may be many other lawsuits brought against other entities as well.

If you have any questions or you’ve experienced sexual abuse at the hands of Ortega and believe you have a civil claim, contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to schedule a free case evaluation.

What Is the Status of the Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

As of now, victims of Dr. Ortega have started taking action by initiating lawsuits against him and his former employers. Following these claims, some of the hospitals in question have already settled several cases instead of going through very contested litigation, although the specific terms remain confidential.

Is There a NorthShore Class Action Lawsuit?

As of now, there isn’t a NorthShore OBGYN class action lawsuit regarding the accusations against NorthShore Health System and Dr. Ortega. Instead, various individuals have independently filed lawsuits in Cook County Circuit Court seeking justice for the harm done to them. However, for purposes of effectiveness and case management, at least nine individual cases have been consolidated into one larger proceeding.

NorthShore University Health System Lawsuit Updates

To date, at least 46 women have filed lawsuits against him and his former employers, alleging a pattern of sexual abuse disguised as medically necessary care.

Who Is Eligible to File a Dr. Fabio Ortega Lawsuit?

Any survivor of sexual abuse or assault perpetrated by Dr. Fabio Ortega is generally eligible to take legal action in the state of Illinois. This applies regardless of whether criminal charges have been filed against him.

Sexual abuse survivors can seek recourse through a civil lawsuit even if they did not report or disclose the incident at the time it happened, which is common due to emotional stress, feelings of shame, or fear for their safety.

Ultimately, any victim who suffered sexual abuse now has an opportunity to file a claim based on those past traumatic experiences and possibly receive compensation from those responsible under Illinois civil law.

How to File a Lawsuit Against Dr. Fabio Ortega and NorthShore University Health System

Filing a lawsuit against Dr. Fabio Ortega and NorthShore University Health System for alleged sexual abuse involves several steps, and it’s important to approach this process carefully and with assistance of a qualified law firm. Here’s a general outline of steps you might consider:

  • Consult With an Attorney: It’s crucial to seek legal advice from an attorney who specializes in sexual abuse cases. We can guide you through the legal process, help you understand your rights, and determine the strength of your case.
  • Gather Evidence: Collect any evidence you have related to the abuse, such as medical records, emails, text messages, or witness statements.
  • File a Complaint: Your attorney will help you draft and file a formal legal complaint against Dr. Ortega and NorthShore University Health System. The complaint will detail the allegations and state your claims for damages.
  • Pre-Trial Process: After the defendants have been served, they will have an opportunity to respond to the allegations. The pre-trial phase may involve discovery (exchange of evidence), motions, and possible NorthShore lawsuit settlement negotiations.
  • Trial: If the case doesn’t settle, it will proceed to trial, where both sides present their evidence and arguments. The judge or jury will then make a decision.

Navigating a situation so distressing might feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help.

How Our Sexual Misconduct Lawyers Can Help

Experiencing sexual abuse and making the decision to take legal action is a major step that demands so much courage. Our committed team at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers understands how important effective representation is in such cases, which is why achieving justice for our clients is truly the most important thing to us. Here’s how we can help you if you decide to trust us with this case:

  • Free Consultation: Before taking on your case against NorthShore University Health System and Ortega, we will start with a free consultation to allow us to informally discuss the merits of possible claims. This session comes with absolutely no strings attached or any kind of obligation on your part.
  • Filing The Claim: We will file all necessary documents to get your claim started. This includes drafting your complaint and handling all correspondence with the court, defendants, or any other entity involved in your case. The aim is to ensure that no errors occur during filing that could negatively affect your claim.
  • Confidentiality and Sensitivity: We recognize the sensitivity around a sexual abuse case. As such, we take considerable steps to maintain confidentiality during the legal process and handle each detail with great attention and care.
  • Emotional Support and Resources: Besides typical attorney-client duties, we extend our role by providing resources that can help you cope emotionally during this stressful time. This might include referring you to professional counseling services or support groups if you’re interested.
  • Peace of Mind: Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind by guiding them through each step of the claim process. We hope to help reduce your anxiety and help you deal with the situation.

No Statute of Limitations For This Case

Hopefully, you can find some solace in knowing that the state of Illinois does not impose a statute of limitations for certain sex crimes like this one, acknowledging the necessity of allowing victims adequate time to process their trauma and take appropriate action.

This provides survivors with time to process the abuse and focus on legal proceedings when they’re truly ready.

Pursuing a sexual misconduct lawsuit can be an emotionally draining process, but you don’t have to face it alone or feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation. You deserve justice, financial compensation for your pain and anguish, and legal closure that validates your experiences.

How Much You Can Recover in a NorthShore Settlement

Several lawsuits involving allegations of civil and criminal sexual assault and abuse brought against Dr. Ortega and his employers, NorthShore University Health System and Swedish Covenant Hospital, have been resolved via settlement after an extensive civil investigation.

They are confidential so the exact amount is unknown, but cases involving sexual misconduct by physicians often generate substantial compensation due to the severity of harm and the egregious breach of trust.

Given the nature and significance of these abuses on victims’ lives, we estimate that individual cases could yield potential settlement values ranging anywhere from $1 million up to $3 million.

The fact that institutions that employed Dr. Ortega are being held responsible for these claims contributes towards a high settlement. This is because hospitals like NorthShore usually prefer settling out of court.

The Defendants in This Sexual Abuse Case

In the distressing case involving Dr. Fabio Ortega, multiple lawsuits allege serious misconduct that paints a harrowing picture of systemic abuse under the guise of medical care. Central to this case are two defendants: Ortega and his employer, NorthShore Health System.

Disgraced Dr. Fabio Ortega stands accused of grossly exceeding professional and ethical boundaries with his trusting female patients through invasive actions that had neither medical necessity nor consent. He’s also accused of performing unnecessary examinations during outpatient services without gloves which breach basic standards of care and patient safety.

NorthShore Health System‘s involvement as a co-defendant is based on two different theories. First, they are being sued on the grounds of vicarious liability for their employee’s action.

Additionally, they’re being sued under the negligence framework, asserting that both NorthShore and Swedish Hospital, another institution previously affiliated with Dr. Ortega, failed to act upon visible red flags suggestive of Dr. Ortega’s misconduct.

The unusually high volume of pelvic examinations ordered by Dr. Ortega represented a discernible pattern that should have triggered further scrutiny or action to understand the underlying motives behind these requests.

Dr. Fabio Ortega pleaded guilty and is currently serving prison terms


About Dr. Fabio Ortega

Dr. Fabio Ortega, once a practicing OB/GYN in Chicago, has become synonymous with legal and ethical violations within the medical profession due to several allegations of sexual misconduct surfacing against him.

In 2018, after a criminal investigation, he was exposed as a sexual predator when he was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a patient under the pretext of conducting an examination. His medical license was then suspended.

In 2021, Ortega pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two trusting female patients back in 2016 and 2017.

The aftermath saw more victims coming forward leading to multiple civil lawsuits being lodged not just against Ortega but also implicating NorthShore University Health System.

It is also noteworthy that apart from the sexual misconduct lawsuits, a substantial $35 million settlement was reached in a separate medical malpractice case linked to Dr. Ortega’s practice as a result of a catastrophic and life-changing birth injury of a little girl.

About NorthShore University Health System

NorthShore University Health System is a prominent healthcare provider serving the Chicago area, renowned for its comprehensive medical services and contributions to community health. However, this institution finds itself under scrutiny due to lawsuits related to the sexual abuse allegations and lawsuits regarding Fabio Ortega.

NorthShore currently faces legal challenges in connection with these allegations and has currently settled a number of these cases.

This controversy has cast a shadow over NorthShore’s reputation, especially regarding its oversight mechanisms and response protocols concerning employee behavior, highlighting potential systemic issues in monitoring their practitioners.

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If you or someone you love has been sexually assaulted or otherwise victimized by Dr. Fabio Ortega, it’s crucial to understand that legal recourse is available to hold him and NorthShore University Health System accountable for these actions.

It takes remarkable strength to stand up against those who have wronged you, especially in sensitive cases of sexual abuse within medical contexts. We’re here to help and want to continue focusing on helping you heal. Contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers or call us at (888) 424-5757 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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