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Tower Crane Accidents and Safety ProtocolsWe reviewed all the OSHA accident reports for tower crane accidents dating all the way back to 1984. What we learned from this review is that tower crane accidents are rare and that anything can go wrong when a tower crane is on a job site.

Given the height that is involved and the momentum when something falls from the crane, tower crane accidents have a high likelihood of being fatal.

It is hard to miss a tower crane on a jobsite. There are the massive cranes that are hundreds of feet high. When you are in a city with a lot of construction, it seems as if there is an entire city skyline featuring these cranes.

After a seemingly never-ending maze of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy, new allegations of abuse have surfaced at two Illinois orphanages run by the Catholic Church.

Allegations of Sexual Abuse at Maryville Academy in Des Plaines, IL

Victims of Abuse at Maryville Academy Can File a Claim for Sexual Abuse

Allegations of Sexual Abuse Have Come Forward Regarding Rev. David Ryan While He Worked at Maryville Academy

Passenger compensation in car crashesWhen you are a passenger and have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you have legal rights to file a lawsuit for your injuries. In some respects, you have even more rights to bring a legal claim for financial compensation than the driver of the vehicle because you can sue more possible defendants.

Your compensation can include medical expenses and other damages such as lost wages and pain and suffering.

Simply stated, when you are a passenger, you have a nearly unlimited right to file an accident against the responsible party without regard to your own actions in a car crash or a motorcycle accident. If there has been a fatal crash, the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit after the auto accident.

Construction site injuries and who is at faultWhen you have been hurt on a construction site, the one constant is that you will have the ability to file for financial compensation for your injuries. How you are compensated as an injured worker and who pays your claim depends on the type of your injury and what happened.

While there is the standard workers’ compensation system that is available to pay work-related injuries, you will want to try to find other potential defendants for your personal injury lawsuit because your recovery can be greater outside of the worker’s compensation system.

The first thing that you should do after a construction site accident is hire an attorney to figure out how the accident happened and who was at fault. Absent exceptional circumstances that we will discuss below, you cannot sue your own employer for a construction-related injury.

Forlikft Truck Accident InjuriesForklift accidents are one of the more common possible violations reported to OSHA. This is in part because everyone working in the vicinity of the forklift may be in danger. In fact, the lesson that we learn from reviewing Occupational Safety and Health Administration accident investigation reports is of the wide variety of injuries that are suffered in this type of accident.

Both the forklift operator and their co-workers may be in jeopardy when these types of powered industrial trucks are being operated.

Department of Labor Forklift Accident Data

what-to-expect-personal-injury-lawyerHow to Work with a Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the misconceptions about hiring a personal injury attorney is that they will do all the work to help you file or litigate your claim. Of course, your attorney will lead your effort and do much of the heavy lifting in settlement negotiations and trial.

However, you need to work with your attorney and law firm along the way for you to have the most effective case. If you have never worked with an attorney before, you are wondering how to effectively help your lawyer who is working to give you legal help. Here is how to work with an attorney during your personal injury case.

Regulations and Truck SafetyTruck accident victims must be fully prepared when they file their claims or lawsuits as these settlements and jury verdicts will normally result in high damage amounts. Unlike a standard car accident, truck accidents actually give plaintiffs a measuring stick to help establish the fault of the driver involved in the accident through the application of safety regulations.

This is why it is vital for you and your personal injury lawyer to be familiar with the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA).

What Is the FMSCA and What Do They Do?

Nursing Homes versus Assisted Living
Many people mistake a nursing home with an assisted living facility. The two have different levels of care and different treatment in the eyes of the law. Assisted living communities will generally take healthier people who need some extra help and monitoring while nursing homes are for the seriously ill.

Nonetheless, you have the ability to sue nursing homes and senior living communities when they have been negligent and harmed your loved one. Just because the laws of assisted living are not as detailed does not mean that they do not owe your loved one the duty of care.

The Different Legal Definitions of a Nursing Home and an Assisted Living Facility

Car Accidents and WorthWhen you are about to file a car accident claim, it helps to know what can impact the value of your settlement. One thing is for sure, and that is the insurance company knows how much it would need to pay you for your car accident claim.

For the insurance company, the best claimant is an uneducated one because they are trying to pay you less than you deserve in a settlement. Thus, it helps to know what factors could influence the value of your auto accident case.

The first thing that you should know are the two categories of damages. The first is economic damages, and this represents either money that has come out of your pocket because of the accident or that you are prevented from earnings.

Fall Accidents at Construction SitesConstruction workers face all kinds of risks and dangers on the job including electrocution; fire; falling debris; equipment malfunction; automobile collision; etc. Time and again though, one of the most serious and even frequent accidents we see are falls. You might have experienced this yourself at work.

Chicago construction workers fall in all different types of ways. Each of them may present broken bones, herniated discs, concussions, and even death. When they do arise, you need to know who is legally responsible for the incident so that you can recover financial compensation for your medical expenses, personal injuries, and other losses.

Contractors Duties to Prevent Fall Accidents