Fatal Beam Collapse AccidentEven though the temperature was hovering around freezing with a slight breeze blowing from the southeast on the morning of April 5, 2016, it was not the weather that claimed the life of Mr. Vincente Santoyo along Interstate 90 in Des Plaines. Instead, the Elgin Omega Demolition Corporation worker was tragically killed by a falling 45-ton beam at a freeway construction worksite. The incident also caused serious injuries to three other employees.

A report by the Chicago Tribune notes that construction site crew members were removing the beam by using heavy equipment on Touhy Avenue under the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (Interstate 90) when the accident occurred. The critically injured 47-year-old victim was rushed to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The Chicago-area native had worked in the construction industry for more than two decades.

The incident occurred on the old westbound lanes portion of the interstate that is part of the massive reconstruction I-90 project. The construction job involving the widening of the existing roadway between Chicago and Elgin to eight lanes has caused massive traffic problems at the busiest times of the day. To complete the project, these lanes were temporarily closed down and traffic redirected on the eastbound portion of the road that had already been rebuilt and completed. It remains unclear if the incident that took the life of Mr. Santoyo will delay construction and the final completion of the freeway widening project.

Detecting Distracted Driver AccidentsMore than eight individuals lose their lives every day by distracted driving and another 1000 are injured. Even more disturbing, this is the first time in 10 years that the number of car accidents in America has risen significantly. Sadly, this spike in the number of car crashes is the result of texting while driving. Fortunately, the new Textalyzer device might be the answer to the problem with its ability to detect when a vehicle operator is texting while behind the wheel.

While drunk driving has always known to be dangerous to the motorist, passengers and others sharing the roadway, texting while driving is just as bad as driving impaired by alcohol or drugs. This is because texting causes the driver to avert their eyes from the roadway to send or read a text message. The amount of time it takes to read a simple text while traveling at 55 miles an hour is equal to the distance of a football field. In that distance, a myriad of obstacles can appear that could result in a crash.

The Textalyzer device is to distracted driving what a breathalyzer is to drunk driving. New York legislators are considering equipping police officers in New York with a Textalyzer device to help determine if the motorist involved in a collision was texting while driving. The proposed bill under consideration proposes to allow law enforcement authorities the legal right to examine smartphones at the scene of an accident.

safe injection recommendations Substandard hygiene practices and safe injection recommendations provided by medical and nursing staff might be placing the health of all patients at great risk. A recent observation of New Mexico medical students working in various medical and nursing facilities throughout the state revealed sanitary policy and procedure failure rates of approximately 35 percent.

These high failure rates of medical teams failing to follow hygienic recommendations to locate and use alcohol hand rubs and disinfection protocols when injecting the patient were higher than expected. The study revealed that, overall, nurses were more likely to take every hand hygiene opportunity (75 percent) to create a disinfected barrier between the patient and staff / equipment / supplies, followed by doctors (61 percent) and finally medical assistants (48 percent).

The study revealed that even though nursing homes and health facilities had developed, implemented and enforced policies and practices, staff members still failed to wash their hands when necessary more than one out of every three times. The problems involving a failure to follow recommended injection safety protocols was also high. The observations revealed that approximately one out of every five times, the medical staff failed to disinfect rubber vials with isopropyl alcohol. In addition, nearly one out of every six times, the staff failed to follow hand hygiene protocols when handling injection supplies.

Summer Driving SeasonStatistics reveal that the summer months are the most dangerous time of the year for teenage drivers. With school out for the summer months, many teenagers have additional time away from their academic responsibilities to spend time with family and friends. Part-time jobs, pool parties and gatherings often require teen drivers to spend more time on the road. More than 1000 individuals lose their lives every year in automobile crashes involving teenage drivers.

For teen motorists, the seven deadliest days for driving fall between Memorial Day and Labor Day. According to statistics maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the highest number of fatal accidents occur in the early part of June, on the Fourth of July, in the middle of July, and during the first few weeks in August.

A study by AAA (American Automobile Association) confirmed that six out of 10 crashes with teenage drivers behind the wheel also involve distractions. Some of these distractions included talking with friends inside the vehicle, speaking on mobile phones, texting, reading emails, consuming beverages, eating or fatigue. The study also revealed that half of all teenage drivers admitted to reading emails and text messages while driving in the previous month.

Handicapped PedestriansEvery pedestrian accident is dangerous and most result in serious injuries or the death of the pedestrian where the motorist in the vehicle escapes unharmed. National statistics reveal that every year approximately 5000 individuals lose their lives in pedestrian accidents and more than 75,000 suffer serious injuries.

A new study revealed that wheelchair pedestrians are at greater risk for suffering catastrophic injuries or losing their life if involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. Most catastrophic wheelchair pedestrian/vehicle accidents occur in crosswalks or along stretches of roadways where no crosswalk is available. The study also revealed the remarkable fact that in nearly four out of every five vehicle accidents involving wheelchair pedestrians, the motorist took no action to avoid the collision.

Many believe there are numerous factors involved in the disproportionate potential risk for wheelchair pedestrians compared to others traveling on foot and crossing roadways. One factor may be that it is often more difficult to notice an individual in a wheelchair because they are lower to the roadway or sidewalk. Another factor might be that when a crash occurs, the torso and head of the wheelchair user is more likely to be struck directly compared to a walking pedestrian being struck in the thighs and pelvis area. Finally, the increased risk of injury of a wheelchair user might be the result of their already compromised health making it more challenging to recover from serious trauma.

Advertising Targeting Nursing Home ChainIn April 2016, the Georgia Supreme Court heard arguments over law firms running advertising against nursing facilities in the state. The case involved McHugh Fuller, a Hattiesburg Mississippi-based Law Group that focuses mainly on handling nursing home abuse cases. In 2015, the law group initiated an advertising campaign throughout Georgia against Pruitt Health, a large corporation that currently operates 90 assisted-living and skilled nursing facilities all throughout the United States.

Pruitt Health’s name and logo were used in the advertisement campaign along with photographs of one of the facilities in Georgia. The ad requested that individuals who suspect that a loved one was abused or neglected while at the facility or developed unexplained injuries, bedsores or died should contact the McHugh Fuller law firm for financial compensation. The request encourages tort litigation against Pruitt Health was displayed in red font boldface.

The law group was sued by Pruitt Health under Georgia’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act that was enacted by state legislators to allow the court system to order individuals and entities to stop using company trademarks and names without their permission. The Act gives the court system the authority to grant an injunction even if there is only a likelihood that using the name or trademark of the company will injure the owner’s reputation or dilute the trademark or name.

Hard to Read Prescriptions Lead to Errors in the PharmacyOf all the reasons cited for medication and prescription errors, illegible prescriptions seem to be the most inexcusable. There is no reason that pharmacists should not take the time to contact doctors and confirm their intentions prior to filling a prescription if the doctor’s handwriting is not legible. Unfortunately, many pharmacists assume that they know what is written on the prescription and dispense the wrong medications despite the very best of intentions. New technology is now allowing both doctors and pharmacies to verify prescriptions in an effective and efficient manner so that there is no longer any need for guesswork.

Handwriting is a Major Factor in Pharmaceutical Errors

Doctors must write many prescriptions for their patients on a regular basis and may scribble their prescriptions in haste due to the limited amount of time they have to give each patient under their care. Whether it is the intended dosage or the intended medication itself, it is very easy for pharmacists to mistranslate illegible handwriting when filling a prescription and the easiest way to remedy this issue is to simply contact the doctor and obtain verbal confirmation of the prescription.

Chicagoland Limo Fatal CrashAuthorities from FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) have ordered the Lyons Limousine company to cease all operations on interstate and intrastate roadways. This order comes on the heels of an April 2016 limousine-involved crash occurring on Interstate 90 (Jane Addams Memorial Tollway) in Elgin, that claimed the life of Terri Schmidt and left six others critically injured. The release of information from the FMCSA revealed that authorities believe that Lyons Limousine could be “an imminent hazard to public safety.”

The order that was released by the United States Department of Transportation revealed that “Lyons Limousines use of unqualified and under-age drivers with poor driving records, lack of inspections, repairs and maintenance records, and complete disregard of the hours-of-service regulations substantially increases the likelihood of death or serious harm to drivers, passengers and the motoring public if not discontinued immediately.”

The order to cease operations was served to the Wisconsin company owners Patrick and Mary Lyons after the completion of the investigation of the March 2016 accident involving Schmidt and her husband along with two other couples traveling from the state of Wisconsin to O’Hare International Airport. At the time of the fatal crash, the couples were headed to the airport for a vacation in Mexico. During the initial investigation, the young limousine driver claimed he was blinded by the bright sunlight when traveling to the tollway construction zone.

Eye ProtectionWhen you consider just how important our vision is to our independence and ability to perform our designated duties at work, you can understand the need to protect that sight from all of the hazards which threaten it. About 2,000 injuries to the eyes are reported to OSHA every day in the United States and many of these injuries occur either because the worker was not wearing eye protection or the protection worn was not appropriate for the hazards present on the job. Wearing safety goggles can greatly reduce your risk of injury and protect your vision if you the eye protection you are provided is designed to protect you from the hazards you are most likely to encounter.

Work Hazards and Causes of Eye Injuries

Different forms of hazards may be present at each work site, depending on the type of industry and material used to complete assigned tasks. While the lack of eye protection is cited in many accidents, the improper eyewear is also a major contributing factor to numerous eye injuries. When workers wear the wrong eye protection, they could have a false sense of confidence and injure themselves as a result. Following are some of the most common hazards to the eyes found at various workplaces.

Dangers at the CarnivalFor many children and adults, carnival rides are a source of fun and excitement, a classic form of entertainment, and a great way to spend time with friends and family. However, as the years have gone by, carnival rides have become less of a summer staple and more of a cautionary tale. Illinois roller coaster accident attorneys, as well as amusement park injury lawyers in general, have more work ahead of them than ever before legally representing victims of amusement ride accidents.

On May 5th of 2016, an eleven-year-old girl named Elizabeth Gilreath was severely injured as a result of a carnival ride. The long red hair she was known for got caught in a mechanism of the ride after she fell out of her seat, and as a result, her entire scalp was torn off. The ordeal lasted for five to ten minutes until the ride was finally stopped by an onlooker who noticed people screaming and a girl lying on the floor of the ride. The ride attendant fled from the scene, supposedly to get help, but he was not seen again. Initially it was unknown whether or not Elizabeth, who goes by Lulu, would be able to see again due to the extent of her injuries.

Long-Term Effects of the Incident

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