Fines in Construction CasesThe April death of a construction worker killed by a falling beam has led OSHA to fine the worker’s employer and to issue multiple health and safety citations. According to OSHA, the company overstressed the beam during a demolition project, resulting in the beam’s failure. A commission has been set up to review OSHA’s findings and determine whether the fines and citations will stand and what additional measures will be taken by the Illinois Tollway. This particular case is representative of the form of negligence our Chicago construction accident attorneys see at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers on a routine basis and is why we fight so passionately on behalf of workers’ interests.

Berwyn Resident Killed in Beam Collapse

47-year-old Vicente Santoyo was killed while working for Omega Demolition Corp. on the demolition of the I-90 bridge near Touhy Avenue. According to OSHA’s report of the events, he was cutting the bracing between two beams when one of them fell on top of him. Santoyo was among numerous workers injured in the incident, but the only one who died. OSHA determined that Omega Demolition was at fault for the incident and issued a fine for over $152,000 in addition to multiple health and safety citations.

Safer Chicagoland PedestriansAn Eagle Scout Project completed last month in Orland Park was dedicated to the safety of the many local pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. The Life Scout, Joe Boyce took a page from similar initiatives around the world which have resulted in marked reductions in pedestrian accidents by making pedestrians more visible to those around them.

The Chicago pedestrian accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers work with numerous cases involving accidents where the driver didn’t see the pedestrian due to factors such as weather, distraction and lack of daylight. We are sure that this initiative is sure to save lives and believe that more communities should adopt similar programs.

Safety Initiative Using Intersection Flags

Railroad Worker Cancer Linked to ExposureA jury in Madison county ruled against the Union Pacific Railroad, awarding a former worker $7.5 million in damages for injuries linked to long term exposure to creosote and other toxic materials during his 31-year career as a railroad worker. The plaintiff, Mr. Brown was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and alleged that the diagnosis was due to the failure of his employer to provide protective equipment despite knowing of the dangers linked with the substances workers were exposed to on a regular basis. The creosote injury attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers view this ruling as a victory for the many victims of creosote exposure currently filing claims and yet to come forward.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals Responsible for Multiple Medical Conditions

Mr. Brown worked for the Chicago & North Western Railway for 18 years before it was taken over by the Union Pacific. During his time at CNW, he alleges that he was exposed to toxic chemicals on such a routine basis that his clothing often became soaked with substances such as creosote, lead and degreasing solvents. Evidence exists that suggests the railroad industry was aware of the health risks associated with these substances for decades but failed to warn employees or provide equipment that would prevent contamination.

Court Rules for Boy Scouts A lawsuit brought against the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of 16 former scouts is being allowed to proceed after a ruling made by the Illinois Appellate Court. The 16 boys represented in the lawsuit are all adults currently, but were among over 100 children molested by Thomas Hacker, who was the leader of Boy Scout Troop 1600 at the St. Louis de Montfort Church in Oak Lawn. The Boy Scouts of America and the Chicago Area Council have both been named as defendants in the case for their failure to properly vet the Boy Scout leader before allowing him to supervise minors.

Thomas Hacker Considered one of the Most Notorious Sex Offenders in Scout History

Thomas Hacker is suspected to have abused over 100 boys in the 1980s and most of these molestations are believed to have occurred during his tenure as a Boy Scout Troop leader. He first volunteered for the organization as a merit badge counselor and worked his way up to the position of Scoutmaster. The plaintiffs allege that the organization did not conduct background checks on Hacker prior to placing him in a leadership position and such vetting would have revealed his felony conviction in 1970 for abusing a child in Indiana.

Motorcycle Accident RoundupLast year has proven to be a dangerous one for motorcyclists in Chicago and there have already been a slew of accidents heading into the fall that warrant our attention. Changing weather and temperature have more cyclists taking to the roads to enjoy the season before winter comes and this puts them at risk due to volume. The Chicago motorcycle accident injury attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers routinely represent the victims of these accidents and cannot stress how important it is for motorists and lawmakers to contribute when it comes to the protection of motorcycles on the road.

Fall Has Played Witness to a Rash of Accidents Already

Heading into November, we’ve already witnessed too many motorcycle accidents for comfort. The devastation wrought upon the victims and their families is life changing, and those who have lost loved ones cannot recover what they’ve lost regardless of compensation. Here are some of the most high profile accidents we have seen so far.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit in New JerseySince evidence surfaced linking the use of talcum powder products to the development of ovarian cancer, hundreds of women have filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and other manufacturers of talc based products. In December of 2015, over 100 of these cases were consolidated into a Multi-County Litigation on the request of J & J and its codefendants. The talcum powder attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are monitoring the progress of this action and how it is likely to impact cases in the future so that we can provide you with sound advice regarding your own claim.

Johnson & Johnson Requested MDL for Convenience and Consistency

The bellwether cases in New Jersey has gone far more fortuitously for Johnson & Johnson than those in St. Louis, so the pharmaceutical giant wants to have all statements of fact consolidated to ensure the potential for numerous rulings in its favor. In an MDL, witnesses, studies and statement of facts are considered before a judge to determine which evidence and testimony will be permitted once the cases return to the courts where they originated. This process saves time and resources and allowed for swifter conclusion of cases with similar cases and circumstances.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is pleased to announce the winners of our 2016 Single Mothers Scholarship program. Each year we offer two scholarships to single mothers. While we received many entries from students across the country, the women below exemplify what it means to be a caring mother striving to improve life for themselves and their children.

Undergraduate Scholarship Award Winner


Destini Shuemaker and daughters

Congratulations to Destini Shuemaker, mother of two, who is enrolled at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. Destini is working towards a BSN in nursing. Read about Destini’s journey here.
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Protected Bike Lanes in South LoopThe construction of new bike lanes and barriers in the South Loop is set to begin in 2017 and the project is meant to reduce the number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents in the area. As Chicago continues to present itself as a bike friendly city, a recent string of bicycle related fatalities and injuries has sparked concern over how well the city has adapted to the needs of the cyclists it is trying to attract. Members of the community are hopeful that this project will address these concerns and make the streets safer and easier to travel for bicyclists and motorists alike.

Plan Met With Enthusiasm at August Meeting

Residents were invited to a meeting over the matter of bike safety on August 23rd, where the proposal to increase the number of bike lanes, bike traffic signals and barriers was presented. A supermajority agreed with the plan and residents became excited over its implementation, believing that it was long overdue and needed to ensure the safety of motorists, bike riders and pedestrians alike. The details of the plan include the following.

Recovery for Brain InjuryA Chicago family has been awarded an unprecedented settlement in the amount of $53 million twelve years after negligent healthcare resulted in birth injuries to an infant showing symptoms of fetal distress. The lawsuit alleged that medical staff employed by the University of Chicago ignored the child’s mother for hours even though she was in desperate need of an emergency C-section. Twelve years later, the child is unable to walk or speak and will suffer from neurological impairment for the rest of his life. This case is an example of the types of claims the childbirth injury attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers take on in their pursuit of enacting real change in the healthcare industry.

A Routine Birth Gone Disastrously Wrong

Lisa Ewing was under the illusion that she was receiving the best care available and that her child’s birth was proceeding exactly as planned. While in labor, however, she went for extended period without any supervision or follow up by nurses or doctors. It was during this time that it is alleged her child went into fetal distress.

No Seatbelts in Bus that CrashedLow-cost bus services like Megabus are proving that a cheap ride can have expensive repercussions. 43 people loaded into a coach in hopes of winning it big at Salton Sea Casino in California last month, but their expedition ended in disaster when their bus slammed into a truck, killing 13 people and leaving more injured. Despite claims over bus driver negligence, it is a reality that lives could have been saved had passengers had access to seat belts. The bus accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers have long decried lawmakers for not putting regulations into place which would require motor coach services to install seatbelts in all of their vehicles.

Regulations Have Stalled Despite Multiple Disasters

A proposal to require seatbelts on all public buses was made as far back as 1968 after 19 people were killed in a bus accident. It was not until this month that such a proposal will finally go into effect, proving that lawmakers have long catered to the needs of bus companies rather than forcing them to implement policies and install equipment that saves lives. Many of the buses that are still on the road do not have seatbelts and will not have them in the near future because they were produced before current regulations took hold.

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