Marijuana and DrivingHorror stories about innocent drivers being hit head-on by drivers who have been using illegal drugs have been spreading throughout the media as of late. One such story is that of Blake Gaston, a twenty-three-year-old who had just left a restaurant on his motorcycle when he was hit by a driver who had been smoking marijuana.

Gaston was an accomplished musician and website designer whose future was bright–until it was ended by an irresponsible driver. Gaston’s mother, who was present at the scene of the accident, was horrified by the incident and saddened by the fact that her son’s life was taken at such a young age. “Blake was going to change the world,” she said. Her hug goodbye to her son as he left the restaurant was the last time she would embrace him before she saw him bleeding to death only fifty feet away.

Jake Nelson, the Director of Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research at AAA, said that “driving is already a tough task. When you add a drug that impairs our ability to manage that task, it’s a recipe for disaster.” This recipe for disaster calls for many Illinois impaired driving accident attorneys to file claims and work for compensation for those who have been injured or otherwise affected by an impaired driver.

Sanitation of Medical Equipment is Necessary for Patient HealthThe officials conducting a surprise spot check of California’s Huntington Hospital in August of 2015 discovered something much different than they were expecting when they found what they called a “‘top to bottom’ failure of patient safety procedures.’” This failure included a lack of proper sanitization of equipment, specifically with scopes used in procedures like gastric examinations. The unsanitary scopes were to blame for sixteen unreported infections between 2013 and mid-2015, eleven of those sixteen infections resulting in death.

The hospital violated California laws by failing to report the breakout of a drug-resistant infection. City health officials did not look into the causes of death of the eleven victims of the infection, and it was only listed as the cause of death for one of the patients. A medical malpractice lawyer for three of the patients (two of whom died) claimed that the patients’ medical records stated that they contracted an infection after a procedure which used a duodenoscope, the type of medical scope responsible for spreading the infection. Instead of citing this untreatable infection as the cause of death, problems such as heart failure and pancreatic cancer were named as the culprits.

A hospital spokeswoman stated that the facility took responsibility for what had happened and added that the scopes were a problem facing many hospitals. County officials alerted the city’s public health department to a possible outbreak of the infection in August of 2015 when thirty-five patients were suspected to have contracted it. The city’s investigation blamed the difficult-to-clean design of the scope, as well as the hospital’s lack of infection control, for the outbreak.

Bed Sores and the VernacularIn April of 2016, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel announced a change in terminology from “pressure ulcer” to “pressure injury” to better reflect the description of pressure injuries to both intact and ulcerated skin. The changes eliminated confusion surrounding the subject and the stages of injury.

The existing stages of pressure injury were also updated and changed to Arabic numbers from Roman numerals. Over four hundred professionals attended a meeting about the terminology change from “pressure ulcer” to “pressure injury” as well as the changes to the stages of pressure injuries. A consensus confirmed the change.

What Is a Pressure Injury?

Workers in Assisted Living Facility Abusing PatientsFour assisted living workers were charged with battery and neglect after a series of incidents involving multiple dependents. The four workers included Shawn Frye, 21, Nigel Mims, 24, Timothy Ryan Shelton, 22, and Charles Guyse Shelton, 26. The four employees were involved in several separate incidents which called for Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys to take action.

Multiple Incidents Calling for Elder Abuse Attorney

One of the incidents involved a 57-year-old assisted living home resident suffering from an intellectual development disability as well as physical and medical disabilities. After a fight over the thermostat in which the resident complained he was cold and turned the temperature up after Charles Guyse Shelton turned it down multiple times, Shelton pushed the resident and knocked him into the stairs.

Chicago Bike Share ProgramSince the launch of the Chicago Bike Share Program two years ago, getting around Chicagoland has never been easier. The city’s Divvy bike program has made it a simple process for residents and visitors to avoid delays of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) during busy times of the day.

However, many of the city and suburban residents have yet to embrace the concept of renting a bicycle at more than reasonable prices for a short ride through congested areas of town. This is likely because of the video that aired with the story of a 24-year-old who was seriously injured after being struck by a vehicle while riding a Divvy bike on Lake Shore Drive in the fall of 2015. The medical student suffered brain trauma.

Since its inception, the Divvy program has reported more than 3.2 million completed rides. Statistics from the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) are even more impressive knowing that only 18 accidents involving Divvy have occurred in all that time. The limited number of collisions seems a bit surprising to motorist riding behind cyclists traveling down Lake Shore Drive and Dan Ryan Expressway during heavily congested times of the day.

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