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Chicago blind spot truck accident attorney

Were you involved in a trucking accident when the other driver failed to see you in the truck’s blind spot? Were you traveling in the extremely dangerous ‘no zone’ when the accident occurred?

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Accidents with large trucks can arise when a driver fails to check their blind spot. A truck driver or car driver could be liable in a case involving a failure to check blind spots.

All drivers must utilize the best driving practices on the road and make accommodations for one another when necessary. For example, car drivers need to know that there might be some areas where it is almost impossible for truck drivers to see cars on the road.

Knowing about blind spots could make drivers more aware of their driving patterns and avoid collisions with large commercial tractor-trailers and other large trucks.

Common Blind Spots

Truckers driving large commercial vehicles across the United States must be aware of blind spots [1] on highways, tollways, and city streets. Truck drivers must also engage in some safety behaviors to minimize the risks posed by these blind spots.

For example, tractor-trailer truckers must use all possible mirrors on the truck to locate blind spots to see cars hidden from view. They must also drive with patience in changing lanes to avoid hitting vehicles on the road.

Some of the large blind spots include:

  • In front of the truck cab
  • Behind the driver’s window
  • On the right side of the truck
  • On the left side of the truck alongside the trailer, when changing lanes
  • Directly behind the driver and the storage area of the truck
  • At the rear end of the truck behind the trailer

Many truck collisions are the result of a smaller vehicle driving erratically around commercial vehicles. Truckers might still be liable for accidents when sharing tight lanes with passenger vehicles in the “no-zone” area.

A car accident is often caused by a semi-truck driver not seeing the passenger car in their rearview mirrors. If the motorist cannot see the big rig’s [2] side mirrors, the trucker cannot see the motorist.

A blind spot truck accident lawyer can assist in investigating “no-zone” areas and whether a trucker failed to meet their duty of care in driving a truck.

Hiring a Truck Blind Spots Accident Attorney

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represents victims of commercial truck accidents. We work on behalf of our clients to ensure they receive fair compensation to pay for their medical bills, hospitalization costs, time away from work, pain, and suffering.

If truck drivers’ negligence harmed you, contact our personal injury lawyers today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Determining Liability in a Trucking Blind Spot Accident Case

Passenger cars should give ample space to trucks to avoid liability in potential accident cases. A jury at trial might consider the space the car driver provided to the truck was not sufficiently safe if there is a surveillance video showing a car tailgating.

The car driver could be held legally liable for financial compensation if it appears that they were driving too close behind the truck or otherwise failed to provide the necessary space. In many instances, the truck driver is liable for damages from an accident based on the available evidence.

A truck crash lawyer can pursue a further investigation of the facts surrounding your case and legal rights. For example, it may be that a truck driver in your case did not receive the proper training, and a truck company could be liable for failing to provide a training program for their employee.

A truck driver might not have the appropriate license required under the law for a particular state, which could also make them liable for accidents.

A trucking company could also be liable for negligent hiring if it fails to consider whether a truck driver had the required license for that state. In addition, if the trucker has a history of poor driving, then a truck company could also be liable for negligent hiring due to the motor vehicle accident.

A Chicago truck accident lawyer may show that a truck company failed to perform a background check on a truck driver, which could mean that the truck driver’s employer is liable for causing an accident or wrongful death.

A Trucker’s Failure to Abide by Professional Driving Standards Could Cause Blind Spot Truck Accidents

There may be certain cases where it is clear that a truck driver failed to act at a level of professionalism expected of other truckers in the industry. There could be incidents where the driver is automatically liable for any harm suffered to other motorists and passengers if the trucker was driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces regulations compiled under the United States Code of Federal Regulations. All smaller vehicle motorists and truck drivers must stay out of large trucks’ blind spots when they change lanes, backing up, or turn.

The trucker’s safe driving practices might differ from a typical motorist’s expected on the road. The law requires truckers to use additional precautions because of their heightened responsibility in transporting goods and operating large vehicles.

Blind Spot Truck Accident Statistics

Statistics reveal that truck accidents caused by blind spots result in catastrophic injuries when the truck driver fails to see other vehicle drivers when blocked by the truck’s blind spots in the side and rearview mirrors.

Many large truck accidents involve a rollover, sideswipe, underride collision, or a passenger vehicle being run off the road when a truck encroaches on their space. Other statistics included involving truck blind spots:

  • There are almost half a million blind spot truck crashes annually
  • Blind-spot truck accidents claim nearly 200,000 lives yearly
  • These incidents cost victims tens of thousands of dollars on average
  • The most frequent settings for horrific blind spot truck crashes occur in Florida, Texas, and California
  • The most common causes of blind spot truck accidents include distraction, fatigue, and intoxication when other vehicles are in the front ‘no zones’
  • Rear blind spot accidents occur when the trucker executes emergency braking without noticing other vehicles from their truck’s cab
  • In many blind spot accidents, the trucking company is held vicariously responsible when the trucker under their employment caused the crash
  • Other motorists traveling in the trucker’s blind spots or no zone (rear end, left side, right side) can easily cause a T-bone collision with the truck’s trailer when obscured by mirrors from the truck cab.

Financial Compensation for Injuries From Truck Blind Spot Crashes

Tractor-trailer blind spot crashes can leave victims with injuries, expenses, and other losses. Chicago truck accident attorneys can help the victims obtain financial compensation for their damages through the court system or a negotiated settlement.

Damages sought in relief against the drivers in other vehicles or insurance companies include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost paychecks
  • Car damage
  • Disability
  • Suffering

The legal advice of a truck accident law firm specializing in personal injury legal claims for financial compensation may help in your efforts to undo the wrongs caused by the truck crash. They can be helpful in investigation, discovery, and advocacy, as well as negotiation.

To learn more, speak to one of our dedicated personal injury attorneys. Your right to bring a claim arises in various federal and state laws, including the Federal Motor Carrier Act covering injuries, wrongful death, property damage, and comparative negligence.

That law enacted specific regulations [3] governing the trucking industry, including loading, driving, hiring, and other professional requirements. Various aspects of the act relate to blind spot accidents, and it is essential to review the law with a qualified Chicago truck accident attorney for a free consultation.

Blind Spots Truck Accident FAQs

Our law firm understands that many families have unanswered questions about dealing directly with insurance companies for compensation when involved in blind spot accidents. A personal injury attorney has answered some of those questions below.

For additional information on how to handle your blind spot accident, call a truck accident attorney today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone number) or use the contact form.

How Many Blind Spots Do Trucks Have?

The most dangerous blind spots on a semi-tractor-trailer include directly in front, close to the bumper along each side, and directly behind the truck, especially on the trucker’s right side.

If you cannot see the truck driver’s reflection in either side mirror, the trucker cannot see you because of their blind spot. These “no-zones” are areas around the truck where the trucker cannot see a motorist, motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian to maneuver out of the way safely.

What Side of the Semi Truck Has the Biggest Blind Spot?

Truckers must maneuver their semi-truck with the truck’s blind spot on the trailer’s right side due to the limiting view that blocked the view of other vehicles. Stay at least two car lengths behind the commercial vehicle when traveling on a multilane highway to allow sufficient time to stop.

Never pass on the right side into the truck drivers’ largest no-zone area, where they might not see you moving up quickly when you’re hidden in the truck’s blind spot.

Most truckers with a CDL license received adequate training. They were taught to be especially careful because any mistake in an 80,000-pound truck moving down the road could be lethal if their negligence resulted in a blind spot accident.

What Can You Do to Avoid Driving in a Semi-truck’s Blind Spots?

First, know where the truck’s blind spots are around a semi-truck that blocked the trucker’s view when sitting in the truck’s cab. Then, give the trucker plenty of room to switch lanes, maneuver, or come to a stop.

Don’t follow too closely behind the trucker in case of a sudden stop. Instead, pass the large commercial vehicle with care only on the left side and don’t travel at the same speed as the truck when in the passing lane because you may become lost in the trucker’s rearview mirrors.

Be patient, and stay out of any open area on the right side of all commercial trucks when making a right turn. The truck driver’s failure to look around and identify passenger vehicles in their side or rear blind spot could create catastrophic results.

The truck driver must ensure everyone’s safety when maneuvering their large truck and identify his or her blind spots that hide other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, and others sharing the road.

What Is the No Zone for Truck Drivers?

“No-Zones” are another name for blind spots in areas around large commercial trucks or passenger cars, and smaller trucks disappear from the trucker’s view. Nearly all crashes involving big rigs had blind spots at the front, either side or behind the semi-tractor trailer.

Typically, no-zone accidents involve rear-ending collisions, right-lane lane changes, and sudden stops (undercarriage crashes) when a passenger vehicle behind is traveling at high speed. Statistically, there are over 400,000 reported truck blind spot accidents annually in the United States.

How Many Seconds Should Separate You From the Driver in Front of You?

At the minimum, you should travel at least two to three seconds behind the vehicle ahead when the weather conditions are dry. Any shorter distance might not allow enough space between you and the car or truck’s trailer ahead to stop safely.

The effects of tailgating or traveling too close behind the car or truck ahead could be catastrophic during inclement weather, at dusk or dawn, or when driving recklessly, when commercial truck drivers fail to see you in their blind spots.

Today, those who have experienced a serious injury in an accident involving trucks can contact a Chicago truck accident lawyer. In addition, a blind spot truck accident lawyer is available to research cases and help the victim move forward in asserting their legal claim against the insurance company or another party.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represents accident victims exclusively. Our immediate action can make a difference in the outcome of your truck accident case at the time of resolution.

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Resources: [1] NHTSA, [2] NewsRoom, [3] NHTSA

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