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Chicago, Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer Jonathan RosenfeldAt Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, personal injury law is all we do. Whether you've been hurt on the job, had an auto accident, nursing home injury, or experienced medical malpractice, you can count on our attorneys and investigators to work for you.

In the past five years, our office has collected more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements for people like you. All of the cases are handled on a contingency fee basis where there is never a legal fee charged until there is a recovery for you. Our Chicago injury law firm looks forward to serving you throughout Illinois.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Accident You or a family member may have suffered an injury in an unusual circumstance. You may be unsure of the underlying cause or responsible parties. Not a problem. As established Chicago personal injury lawyers we have handled a very diverse range of accident cases throughout Illinois and stand ready to help in the investigation and prosecution of severe injury and wrongful death cases.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is unique in that we have accident attorneys and investigators who are available to talk with you and begin the investigation of an accident immediately. Our hands-on approach to accident cases ensures that the unique aspects of every case get the attention they deserve to maximize the value for you.

Car Accidents

Car Accidents Our law firm has resolved hundreds of automobile injury cases. While safety advancements continue to make vehicles ‘safer,’ operator error is the primary cause of these collisions. We are familiar with causes of these accidents, the insurance companies frequently involved and how to maximize the recovery in every circumstance. Our attorneys will do what it takes to get your auto accident case resolved via settlement, mediation or trial for the maximum amount allowed under Illinois law.

Rear-End Crashes | Speeding Accidents | Traffic Light Crashes | Drunk Driving Injuries | Fatal Auto Accident | Pedestrian Accidents | Uninsured Motorist Claims | Uber Accidents |

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Nursing homes provide an essential component of medical care for patients who require short-term or long-term care. By law, nursing homes must provide the highest level of care to patients to achieve their highest level of functioning. Unfortunately, many nursing homes are more focused on maximizing their profitability rather than providing the care that their patients' require. Staffing levels are regularly reduced, and inexperienced employees may be providing care to patients with comprehensive medical needs. Consequently, vulnerable nursing home patients may be victims of nursing home negligence and suffer a severe injury or death during their admission. We have a team of attorneys who have prosecuted all types of Illinois nursing home injury cases and stands ready to do the same for you.

Bed Sores | Falls | Neglect | Medication Errors | Wrongful Death | Dropped Patients | Choking Accidents | Assisted Living Facility Injuries

Medical Malpractice

Medical Negligence Lawsuit Nearly 100,000 people die every year due to the negligent care of a physician or hospital staff. Thousands of other patients have had their lives forever changed due to an injury sustained. Illinois law provides that a victim of negligent medical care has the burden of proving the care they received was not up to the standard of care in the community. Assuming this threshold can be met, an individual can recover damages related to their tangible (medical expenses, lost wages) and intangible losses (pain, disability) under Illinois. Our law firm has helped individuals and families recover significant funds with these difficult cases.

Anesthesia Error | Surgical Mistakes | Hospital Negligence | Emergency Room Malpractice | Never Events | Wrongful Death 

Birth Injury

Birth Injury Law When a physician fails to identify a complication during prenatal visits or competently respond to fetal distress during the labor and delivery process, the child may be irreversibly harmed. At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC we have helped families identify situations where medical negligence is responsible for an injury to their child. Our attorneys appreciate the emotional and financial toll a child’s birth injury can have on the entire family. Our goal remains to obtain the necessary funds a child is entitled to under the law to provide for the best possible quality of life for them and so they may achieve their fullest potential. Below are some of the birth injury lawsuits our attorneys handle throughout Illinois.

Erb’s Palsy | Cerebral Palsy | Placental Abruption | Oxygen Deprivation | Fetal Stroke | Stillbirth | Death of Mother

Truck Accidents

Semi Truck Collision Truck accidents can be complicated and frequently involve multiple parties including trucking companies, drivers, logistic companies and corporate product manufacturers and distributors. The experienced law firm, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, has a proven track record of obtaining maximum compensation for people injured in collisions involving all types of trucks. Our team of injury lawyers has accident investigators and reconstructionist that are deployed to the scene of an accident to begin building a case for you. When cases involve significant damages and fatalities, we have a network of expert witnesses such as economists and life care planners to assist in educating a judge and jury about the impact of the collision on our clients. Learn more about our commercial truck accident litigation practice below:

Wide Turn Truck Accidents | Rear End Accidents | Jackknife | Loading Dock Accidents | Material Falling From Trucks | Bus Accidents | Truck Accident Fatalities 

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Injury As a motorcyclist injured in an accident, you may face an uphill battle with insurance companies to recover compensation for your medical bills, property damage and lost income. The aggressive attorneys appreciate the obstacles standing between a person injured in a motorcycle accident and getting the compensation that you are entitled to under the law. Our injury lawyers are ready to get to work on your behalf and stands prepared to address any questions you have about your rights and the claims process.

Left Turn Accidents | Hit and Run | Lane Change Crashes | Passenger Injuries | Wrongful Death | Electric Scooter Accidents

Construction Accidents

Construction Worker Accident For the men and women who earn their living in the construction industry, every day presents a host of situations that put them at risk for an injury. At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, we know that even with strict construction safety guidelines and OSHA regulations, skilled workers remain at risk due to the inherently dangerous conditions, and companies who cut corners when it comes to job site safety. We appreciate the physical and financial impact an injury can have on a construction worker when they have a family to support and are unable to work. If you are injured on a construction site, our attorneys will take the necessary steps to protect all of your legal rights for the fullest possible recovery for you.

Falls | Heavy Equipment Accident | Road Construction Accident | Third-Party Lawsuit | Falling Debris | Wrongful Death

Workers Compensation & Work Accident Injuries

Work Injury Accident Every day skilled workers attend head off to work in factories and stores with the goal of putting in a full day's worth of work and helping support their families. In the industrial setting, when corporations put a premium on profits over employee safety, basic safeguards and basic common sense may be ignored resulting in situations where workers are seriously injured. When a worker is injured on the job, the impact is felt by both the individual and his or her family. As legitimate medical concerns ease, a ready source of economic strain may pervade the family unit. We represent Illinois employees in workers' compensation cases. Our injury law firm appreciates the broad impact a work accident can have on a family and do everything possible to secure a recovery for the immediate and future costs related to medical bills, lost wages, disability, and pain.

Mesothelioma | Farm Accident | Jones Act / Maritime | Rail Road / FELA | Workers Compensation | Forklift Accidents | Factory Accidents | Loading Dock Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Crash Chicago Our law firm is deeply committed to holding negligent drivers responsible when their acts cause a bicycle accident. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has successfully prosecuted claims and lawsuits on behalf of cyclists who have been injured or killed in Chicago and across Illinois. After establishing that a driver’s conduct caused an accident, we then demonstrate our client’s injuries are sufficiently developed to an adjuster at an insurance company or jury hearing evidence in a bicycle accident lawsuit. As an injured bicyclist you can take comfort in the fact that our firm has successfully represented hundreds of injured bicyclists in almost every conceivable fact pattern in all areas of Illinois.

Dooring | Sideswipes | Turning Vehicles | Bike Lane Crashes | Wrongful Death 

Premises Liability

Premises Liability Accident As a guest to business or home, you have a right to expect that the property is safe and well maintained. You should be able the premises with the expectation that you will remain safe and free from harm caused by the negligence of the property owner and maintenance company. Unfortunately, when building codes are not followed and maintenance is avoided dangerous conditions can develop when may cause an injury to an invitee. For an injured person to recover damages for their injuries under a premises liability theory, they generally must establish that the landowner had knowledge of the condition or defect that caused their injury. At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, we have successfully prosecuted cases against landlords, owners, architects, property maintenance contractors and even municipalities.

Slip and Fall | Stairway Fall | Pool Drowning | Inadequate Property Maintenance 

Dog Bites

Dog Bite Attacks Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represents plaintiffs’ in dog bite and dog attack cases throughout Illinois. Our attorneys know the immediate and future consequences a dog bite can have on the victim and work to secure the most favorable recovery for you via negation with the insurance company for the homeowner or litigation. While many dog bite attacks occur at the home of friends or relatives, it is important to remember that the insurance carrier typically pays for a settlement as opposed to payment from the dog owner directly. Regardless of the circumstance, our law firm is keenly aware of how insurance companies evaluate these incidents and will do what it takes to maximize the value of your Chicago dog bite case.

Scarring | Nerve Damage | Non-Bite Injuries | Pit Bull Attacks | Child Victims 

Child Injury

Child Injury Accident As much as we try to protect our children, dangerous conditions commonly arise in a variety of contexts where children are frequently present. When the condition of the property or conduct of the authoritative figure results in harm to the child, the minor’s parents may pursue a legal remedy to recover compensation for the child. At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, our attorneys have experience prosecuting lawsuits on behalf of parents of children who have been injured in a variety of contexts. Regardless of the circumstance, our team is keenly aware of the situation's impact on the child and every effort is made to make the legal process as easy as possible for the minor and his / her family in Illinois.

Sexual Abuse | Day Care Abuse | Foster Care NegligenceCarnival Ride Accidents | Wrongful Death of Child

Dangerous Drugs

Drug Recall Lawsuit The most promising pharmaceutical drugs may arrive in a very receptive marketplace as they offer hope of pain relief or a higher quality of life for patients who may have a chronic condition or disease. While many of these medical advancements are genuinely revolutionary, others do little more than adding to the problems a patient may have been suffering from initially. As pioneers in the areas of pharmaceutical drug litigation, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is uniquely positioned to litigate claims on behalf of individuals and families who have been harmed by dangerous or recalled pharmaceutical drugs. Our Illinois law firm knows how devastating medical complications can be after a patient has put their trust into a drug that was offered alleviate a debilitating condition and is committed to holding these companies entirely responsible. Below is a sampling of some of our pending pharmaceutical matters.

Talcum PowderValsartan | Cipro & Levaquin Aortic Complications & Aneurysm | Smoking Cancers (Larynx, Esophagus) Lawsuits | Uloric Heart Failure Death

Defective Medical Devices

Medical Device Defect Recall When a defective or dangerous medical device is placed on the market, it may have disastrous consequences for the people it was designed to help. In recent years, we have witnessed devices such as surgical implants, surgical equipment, hospital equipment, diagnostic tools, prosthetic devices and other medical appliances rushed to market without the necessary testing performed by the manufacturer to ensure that the product is safe. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is committed to consumer safety and is at the forefront when it comes to litigation involving defective and recalled medical devices that cause harm.

Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Lawsuits | Vaginal Mesh | Pam Cook Spray Explosions | IVC Filter Migration | 3M Dual Ended Ear Plug Lawsuits | Round-Up Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Lawsuits

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