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Carpal tunnel is a repetitive stress injury that affects millions of workers every year. The US Department of Labor labeled it the chief occupational hazard during the 1990s,[1] and it has hindered many workers since.

The Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can assist you in filing your claim if you have or currently suffer from a repetitive stress injury involving carpal tunnel.

Many workers are not aware of their rights or are intimidated by the threat of repercussions if they file a worker’s compensation claim.

Our legal team provides every potential client with a free initial consultation to discuss repetitive trauma injuries and pre-existing conditions.

A Chicago carpal tunnel workers comp claim attorney currently represents clients throughout Illinois in workers’ compensation cases in areas including Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County, Will County, Aurora, Chicago, Elgin, Naperville, and Schaumburg.

Some workers never seek to obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries because they are misinformed or unaware of their rights. Some sufferers might even believe that retaining an attorney automatically necessitates filing a lawsuit against their employers. It does not.

Our Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers can clear up any misunderstandings you have and help you file your claim confidently.

Here are your guaranteed rights in the State of Illinois.

  • You have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim for any injury that has occurred at the workplace, regardless of whether you are at fault for the injury. A repetitive stress condition is an injury that results from performing a duty over a long period that causes harm to an area of the body.

If you’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome after years of working, you are entitled to benefits.

  • Your employer cannot punish you or treat you differently following a worker’s compensation claim. It is illegal for your employer to fire you, harass you, or punish you for demanding the benefits you are guaranteed by law.

If your employer violates this law, you might receive additional compensation as a punitive measure.

  • You are allowed to seek medical care from any specialist that you choose. Your employer is required to provide compensation for the full cost of corrective procedures and therapy so that you can return to work as quickly as possible.
  • You are entitled to receive two-thirds of your regular salary during your recovery if you cannot perform your duties. This guaranteed benefit is meant to assist injured workers in providing for themselves when they have no income due to their injuries.
  • Obtaining legal representation gives you a considerable advantage when filing a worker’s compensation claim. Approximately 85% of those who file claims do so with legal counsel because insurance companies backing employers have earned negative reputations in the past attempts to deprive workers of their rights.
  • Under the Illinois workers’ compensation program, every office worker, assembly-line employee, and construction worker with a job injury has a right to seek compensation benefits. These benefits can pay for medical bills, hospitalization costs, time away from work, pain, and suffering.

Workers’ comp is also available for workers with repetitive motion injuries that led to a total disability. The benefits are provided through workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Benefits Available For Carpal Tunnel Injures Via Illinois Workers’ Compensation

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission recognized carpal tunnel injuries as fully compensable under Illinois law.

As a worker with a carpal tunnel injury, you have three main benefits:

1) Temporary Total Disability: If your injuries prevent you from working, you are entitled to 2/3 (66.6%) of your average weekly wage as long as your condition lasts.

2) Medical Benefits: You are entitled to get medical care (physical therapy, braces, injections, and surgery if needed) from the doctor of your choosing. Your employer’s insurance company is responsible for paying these costs.

3) Permanency Benefits: You are entitled to permanency benefits in the form of a lump sum payment. Illinois uses a schedule for permanent partial disability (PPD) awards that are due to a worker when they have reached maximum medical improvement. Currently, the awards for carpal tunnel injuries are 28.5 to 57 weeks (December 2020).

The PPD award is based on your average weekly wage (AWW) and the extent of your disability as suggested by your doctor. Illinois uses a PPD rate of 60% of your average weekly wage.

As an example of the above, a worker making $50,000 per year would have a PPD rate of $ $577 [$50,000/52 weeks = $961.54 x .60 = $577]. Consequently, this person would be entitled to a PPD award of $16,444.50 to $32,889.

There are other factors that influence the value of these cases, so it is best to discuss your situation with an Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer to see what your case may be worth.

Carpal Tunnel Injury FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions related to carpal tunnel claims under Illinois workers comp law. We appreciate that you may have additional questions and we welcome you to contact our law firm for a free consultation with an attorney who can advise you of your legal rights and options.

Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Go Away on its Own?

For some workers, the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome can go away and not come back. The syndrome is usually caused by pressure against the medial nerve in the wrist and palm. With effective treatment, the pain and discomfort from the syndrome will typically not produce lasting damage to the wrist and hand.

However, in severe cases, the doctor might recommend one or more methods for managing the syndrome, including wearing a brace or undergoing a surgical procedure.

Can Carpal Tunnel be Cured Without Surgery?

Many individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome believe that a surgical procedure is the only available option for “curing” the condition. However, the doctor might offer numerous non-invasive procedures and options that have been proven to be highly successful.

Sometimes, altering how the hand and arm are used can significantly improve the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. A physical therapist might instruct the patient not to overextend their wrist or avoid positions that put pressure in the medial area.

How do You Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Physical therapists instruct their patients with carpal tunnel syndrome to break from daily repetitive tasks and keep the wrist and arm warm. Wearing a splint over the hand onto the wrist and arm can keep the joint from over-extension.

A therapist might recommend elevating the wrists and hands whenever possible and taking OTC (over-the-counter) medications, including NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like naproxen and ibuprofen.

How Long Does Carpal Tunnel Last?

The medical condition associated with carpal tunnel syndrome might take six months or longer to resolve, if possible. Typically, weakened muscles in the wrist and hands can become smaller over time, severely pinching the median nerve in the wrist.

What Types of Jobs Can Cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There are many occupations with repetitive wrist and arm motion that can, over time, develop severe carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of these jobs include assembly-line workers, drivers, plumbers, carpenters, and office workers that use the keyboard throughout the day.

Employees in the manufacturing industry could develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to the heavy demands of working long hours involving repetitive motions.

How do I Stop My Hands from Going Numb When I Sleep?

Even a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome can cause nagging discomfort in the wrist and hand, especially at night when attempting to go to sleep. The patient often experiences a sense of numbness when blood flow circulation is cut off to the hands.

Physical therapists recommend not folding or tucking the arms, wrists, and hands under the pillow when sleeping. The weight of the neck and head on the pillow over the arms can increase pressure on the wrist, compressing the median nerve even more.

Does an X-Ray Show Carpal Tunnel?

Your doctor might order that you have x-ray images taken of the affected area on the arm, wrist, and palm. The physician might be looking for other signs of discomfort resulting from a fracture or arthritis.

However, diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome in an X-ray might be challenging. Determining the extent of the swollen nerve going through the wrist might be impossible to identify.

What is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is classified as a repetitive stress injury because it results from constant and repeated motions. It is a common injury to those who work in occupations that require typing, assembly, or maintenance. After constant and repeated use, the tissues surrounding the primary muscles in the wrist swell until they pinch the median nerve.

This condition could result in severe pain and the inability to move the wrist or fingers. Other symptoms include numbness, tingling, weakened grip strength, or the inability to perform fine motor functions such as buttoning a shirt or using a pen or pencil.

Let Chicago Carpal Tunnel Injury Lawyers Help You File an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is an award-winning personal injury law firm with a long track record of success in workers’ compensation cases. We assist our clients in receiving the medical care that they need and recovering the compensation needed to cover the costs when they have been injured on the job.

Our Chicago workplace injury attorneys have many years of specialized experience in cases similar to your own, and we have access to a vast network of professionals in medicine, economics, and other critical areas of specialty that can provide the resources needed to increase your chances of success.

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Resources: [1] OSHA

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