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We have compiled some recent Illinois construction accident verdicts and settlement to help give you an idea as to how juries and insurance companies value these cases.

While you can get the gist of the case value, the circumstances of each case, how much you have suffered, and the nature of each injury is really unique, so the best way to get a fair assessment of your case is to talk with an attorney who has experience litigating these cases.

Our office is committed to maximizing the value of each construction accident case we work on.

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Construction Accident Settlements

Dangers Inherent in Construction Zones

Commercial and residential building sites are statistically more dangerous compared to nearly all other workplaces. Construction areas are usually busy with workers, loud tools and heavy equipment that create a noisy and hazardous environment.

Every worker, foreman, supervisor, project manager, subcontractor, general contractor, developer and others are responsible for maintaining their safety and the security of all co-workers to avoid personal injury and a construction injury claim.

Who Regulates Safety on a Construction Project?

OSHA [1] (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the government agency in charge of enforcing workplace regulations and laws. Compliance with OSHA regulations will ensure that employers will maintain a level of security in the workplace.

Our law firms helps clients after construction accidents. If you are a construction worker or laborer injured on a construction project, contact or call our law firm to speak with our injury attorneys today.

Should I File a Lawsuit or Just get Workers Compensation Benefits for my Injuries?

Your employer likely maintains worker’s compensation coverage on their construction worker to ensure that injured employees can receive medical and wage benefits for the time it takes to heal and return to the job after a construction accident.

Unfortunately, workers comp benefits are extremely limited in the funds they provide the injured victim that is hurt at work, and even fewer benefits for surviving family members that lost a loved one who was killed on the job.

An attorney working on your behalf might be able to identify third parties that are also responsible for your injuries to ensure you receive adequate financial compensation for all your damages.

What Compensation Can I Receive in a Construction Accident Settlement?

Your attorney will make sure that you are receiving every available worker’s compensation benefit as a part of your recoverable damages. Additionally, lawyers will seek additional compensation for future medical expenses, lost wages, future earning potential, and future pain-and-suffering.

If it can be proven that the actions of those responsible for your injuries were egregious, the judge might allow the jury to award punitive damages to punish those at fault for your damages.

How Much are Construction Accident Settlements or a Construction Accident Settlement Worthy?

Every case for injured worker compensation is unique with different injury and damage outcomes. The amount of financial compensation you and your family are entitled to receive depends on a range of factors that include:

  • The extent of your injury and how much in expenses you will generate in the future to treat your temporary or permanent accident-related disabilities.  Your injuries might involve partial or total paralysis, loss of a limb, or disfigurement.
  • The impact your injuries have on your lifestyle and the need to make significant changes to continue normal activities of daily living and hold down a job.
  • The nature of the claim you filed includes worker’s compensation benefits to pay for medical costs and lost income.
Construction Accident Settlements Lawyer

Construction Accident Settlement for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

Amount: $2,050,000 SETTLEMENT

County: COOK
Year: 2012
Injury: Broken Elbow; Fractured leg (compartment syndrome)

An employee was working on the roof of a building at a construction site when a construction accident occurred. The injured worker was in a Gehle device that held him off of the ground and allowed him to pull materials from the building.

While he was doing this, the metal he was grabbing moved and he lost his balance and fell out of the Gehle device onto the ground. He suffered a fractured leg and elbow.

He brought an action against his employer for these injuries. His attorneys maintained that the defendants should have better supervised the job site and erected the Gehle device among other things.

The defendants replied that the plaintiff was contributorily negligent because he was not wearing the proper safety guards and operated the device improperly. The claims never met in court though because they settled for $2,050,000.

Amount: $1,228,594 JURY AWARD VERDICT

County: COOK
Year: 2015
Injury: Broken tibia

A 37-year-old male construction worker sustained a tibia fracture while working at a job site. The scaffolding he was on fell apart during a storm and he fell down. He turned around and sued his employer and alleged that it negligently kept the workers working and did not shut the site down, and generally failed to monitor the site for the employees’ security.

The defendant refuted these claims and responded that the plaintiff was actually the negligent party because he should have kept a better watch of the weather, control of his body, and taken other security measures to ensure he was not injured.

Stuck on the issue of fault, they went to trial and the jury found for the plaintiff but also awarded him 22% of the responsibility for the construction accident so his verdict award was reduced by that amount.

  • Medical: $108,594
  • Pain & Suffering: $810,000
  • Punitive: $310,000
  • Total: $1,228,594

Amount: $355,000 JURY AWARD VERDICT

County: COOK
Year: 2015
Injury: Back/neck sprains; herniated discs; prior injury aggravations.

This construction accident involved a 59-year-old construction worker. He was mounting windows when the scaffold he was working on collapsed and injured him.

The worker who fell and suffered various injuries including back and neck sprains, herniated discs, and a worsening of prior medical issues such as arthritis. He sued the company he worked for and sought damages for these injuries.

His suit stated that the company should have made the job site safer and supervised the plaintiff properly. Additionally, the plaintiff alleged with attorneys that the scaffold in question could not even hold his weight and was unsuitable for working conditions.

The defendant refused to admit to any of these claims and went further to allege that the plaintiff was exaggerating the nature of his injuries. The jury found for the construction worker and gave him the following verdict and award:

  • Medical: $55,000
  • Pain & Suffering: $150,000
  • Medical: $20,000
  • Punitive: $150,000
  • Total: $355,000

Amount: $5,000,000 SETTLEMENT

County: COOK
Year: 2015
Injury: Broken hand

This unfortunate construction accident happened on a cold and rainy day. The worker involved was operating an outrigger crane when it started to malfunction. He got out of the seat and went to inspect the matter. He discovered a pin was out of place so he attempted to replace it when he slipped and caught his hand in the crane.

It was immediately crushed and he permanently lost all of its use. When he recovered from the construction accident, he sued the company that he worked for as well as the subcontractor and the company that owned the land on which he worked. His claims broadly alleged that the defendants should have made the construction work site safer and provided him with better equipment.

The only issue really was who was going to take the blame because clearly the plaintiff was not responsible. Eventually, all of the defendants decided to chip in and give him a combined $2,000,000 settlement for his injuries.

Construction Accident Settlement Attorneys

Amount: $1,347,865 JURY AWARD

County: COOK
Year: 2015
Injury: Various.

An employee of a construction company was helping to unload timber when another worker ran into him with a forklift. The man suffered various injuries across his body.

He later sued the business that employed both of them for negligence. The lawsuit alleged that the defendant negligently hired and supervised its employees, failed to adequately put in place security procedures at the work site, and insufficiently monitored its workers.

The defendant denied this and said that the plaintiff should have paid more attention while working so the two sides went to trial.

The jury decided that the defendant was 100% responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries and gave him $1,347,865 for the following damages:

  • Medical: $222,864
  • Lost Wages: $400,000
  • Pain and Suffering: $350,000
  • Disability: $350,000
  • Disfigurement: $25,000
  • Total: $1,347,865

Amount: $2,375,394 JURY AWARD

County: COOK
Year: 2014
Injury: Herniated disc.

A male construction worker was injured as he attempted to outfit a construction site with dry-fit valves. Apparently, he was doing it on his own and the valves were quite heavy, causing him to fall and injure himself. From the incident, he sustained a herniated disc that eventually required fusion surgery and led to permanent disability.

He sued the company he was working for at the time of the incident. The complaint stated that the defendant negligently erected the construction site and failed to properly assist the plaintiff. The defendant refuted these contentions and said that the man should have asked for help and assumed the risk of injury by taking the valve work on his own.

The jury believed the worker and gave him a $2,375,394 award with the following breakdown:

  • Medical: $175,394
  • Pain & Suffering: $850,000
  • Lost Wages: $1,250,000
  • Punitive: $100,000
  • Total: $2,375,394

Amount: $910,000 JURY AWARD

Year: 2014
Injury: FACIAL

A young boy was riding around a construction zone when tragedy struck. He was on his bike going around the perimeter of the site when he ran right into a beam suspended from a building.

The collision seriously injured his head including his eyes, nose, and brain. He sued the construction company and sought damages for medical bills, loss of income, loss of normal life, and pain and suffering.

The defendant agreed that it was negligent but denied the extent of the plaintiff’s claimed damages. Therefore, this was the only issue at trial. The jury fixed the number at $910,000.

If a laborer or carpenter sustained injuries, suffered losses, or was injured in any way on a construction project, contact our lawyers to review case results and the law. We can help a client after a roof collapse, scaffold falling or similar accident.

Construction Accident Settlement Attorney

Do You Have Questions about an Illinois Construction Worker Site Accident Case?

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Resources: [1] OSHA

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