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Chicago Swimming Pool Drowning Attorneys

Swimming Pool Injury and DrowningsSwimming pools provide an excellent source of recreation for children and adults during the hot days of summer, but if they are maintained improperly or lack proper staffing, they can be hazardous places. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represents families with a swimming pool injuries and drownings in Chicago.

Our Illinois swimming pool accident lawyers have experience working on all types of cases involving negligent supervision, design and maintenance. Our law firm will do what it takes to fully investigate and prosecute your case to ensure all parties are held fully accountable for their acts under Illinois law. Complete the online contact form for a free case review.

Injuries can result from poorly designed swimming pools, defective pool equipment or negligence on the part of staff members. The severity of injuries sustained in swimming pools ranges from bumps and scrapes to spinal cord injuries, disembowelment and drowning deaths. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represents individuals and families who have been injured or killed in accidents involving swimming pools throughout Illinois.

Overcrowded Facilities and Poorly Trained Staff Contributing to Swimming Pool Accidents & Drownings

If a swimming pool is crowded, it becomes much easier for children to get hurt when others jump into the pool and land on them. Lifeguards need to pay close attention to more people and can easily get distracted, missing a critical cue that something might be wrong. People constantly getting in and out of a pool may also spread water over walking areas and make them slick and prone to fall accidents if they are poorly constructed or not in compliance with applicable building code.

Lifeguards may not be properly trained and may even become distracted, putting you or your loved ones at risk. If a child is injured and unable to come to the surface for air, the extra time that it can take to notice may make the difference between a successful rescue and the loss of the child’s life. Nobody ever knows what kind of training the lifeguards at their local pool have received and it is hard to guess whether the lifeguard in charge of their children’s safety is qualified.

Improperly Maintained Pools

If a pool is not cleaned regularly, the water may become murky, leading to accidents that result from people not seeing others when they jump in. Contaminated water may also make people sick and if a pool is not properly chlorinated, it is easy for children to pass diseases between each other. In the event that you take your child swimming and the water appears to be dirty, it is best to find another pool or activity rather than take a risk with your child’s health or safety.

Defective Drains and Equipment At Swimming Pools

Public swimming pools may have defective gates and fences, improperly marked shallow and deep ends and poorly designed diving boards. Diving board accidents can cause severe injuries to the head or spine and leave the person paralyzed. Such accidents can also lead to drowning if the child is not rescued in time.

Defective pool drains have been known to trap people at the bottom of a pool, and if the person goes unnoticed, he or she may drown. Rare instances of disembowelment have occurred as well because of defective drains, where the drainpipe manufacturer and the pool operator may both be liable for any injury or death that results from defective equipment.

Backyard Swimming Pool Accidents in Illinois

A serious incident is far more likely to occur at the home of a friend or neighbor compared with a similar event at a public facility.  Most homeowners simply lack the training that is required to provide assistance when an adult or child begins to struggle in the water.  Moreover, most back yard pools lack the ‘warning’ signage or safety equipment that larger facilities offer.

Consequently, swimming pools at home, camps, apartment complexes and at private clubs remain one of the most dangerous recreational options.  Because most of these incidents involve negligence on the part of the homeowner, there is likely insurance coverage available under the homeowner’s policy which affords a claim to be made without and direct payment from the homeowner.

Legal Assistance Following a Drowning at Illinois Swimming Pools and Lake

If you, a child or someone that you love has been injured or killed at a swimming pool or lake, it is important that you know your rights. You may be entitled to damages that include the cost of medical treatment, pain and suffering and potentially punitive damages due to negligence on behalf of the pool owner or staff.

The Chicago swimming pool accident and drowning attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has built a reputation as Illinois drowning and swimming pool injury lawyers that protect both the interests of clients as well as giving every case the respect and attention that it deserves.

To learn more about your rights, call us at (888) 424-5757 or send an email to to set up a risk free consultation. We will never share your information nor charge you for our services unless we are able to collect on your behalf. We have offices throughout all of Illinois and will even travel to meet you if you are not located nearby.

Further distinguishing our office from other attorneys who may get involved in swimming pool accident litigation is the fact that Jonathan Rosenfeld has taken numerous lifesaving and Red Cross classes. As a lifelong swimmer, Mr. Rosenfeld has spent a good portion of his waking hours at swimming pools as an age-group, high school, and college swimmer.

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