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Wrongful Death Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

As fun and fast as they are, motorcycles are also the most dangerous of all motor vehicles. Motorcycle riders get in nearly the most incidents and when they do, they can get quite serious and even deadly fast.

This can translate into the loss of a loved one including loss companionship, medical medical expenses, motor vehicle damages, or another expense. Motorcycle accidents can pop up right out of the blue so it is important that you are prepared and protected.

Illinois Accidents involving Motorcycles

If you need a lawyer because someone you know was in an event like this, call us over the phone and talk to our lawyers. We represent clients and families where deaths arose after motorcycle crashes.

We know that the loss of another can greatly impact your life. Our law office can give families a free legal review today.

Fatal Accidents In Illinois (including Cook County) involving Motorcycles

Attorneys form Our Firm Can Handle Your Wrongful Death Claims

If you and your family members are dealing with the tragedy of a motorcycle or motor vehicle wrongful death, then know that we can help as soon as possible. Just contact us by phone or through our contact form to hear about what relief and compensation may be available.

Legal advice from an experienced attorney can not only repay your bills, like medical expenses, but it can also bring back empowerment and a sense of justice. Contact us for a free consultation with a family's injuries attorney today.

Motorcycle Accidents and fatalities in Illinois and Cook County

How Motorcycle Accidents Can Lead to Wrongful Death

If you are going to go out on a motorcycle, ride on one as a passenger, or even just drive around one, it is critical to understand how these deadly collisions can happen. It will keep you safe and keep the ones you love safe.

Also, it might even save you time, money, and health. Here are some of the most common reasons why a motorcycle accident can happen in Illinois, especially serious ones.

  • Distraction: Even in the best of circumstances, motorcycling is a hard thing to manage but it gets even harder and causes lots of accidents when you are not paying attention.
  • Intoxication: Alcohol and other drugs lower your ability to effectively handle the bike and frequently lead to critical crashes.
  • Driver Error: Riding a motorcycle is complicated and takes a lot of time and skill to master especially when factoring in difficult road and weather conditions.
  • Tailgating: Other drivers in traditional motor vehicles often drive dangerously around people on bikes for some reason and it is made even worse due to the lack of protections that motorcycles afford riders.
  • Equipment: A lot of motorcycle equipment is expensive, complex, and unreliable. However, it is important that you regularly clean and replace broken or old parts in order to prevent deadly injuries.

Law and application in your case.

The facts of your motorcycle accident may be unique but the laws of wrongful death and personal injury in Illinois are constant. You need to find out how the two overlap in such a way to get the most compensation including punitive damages.

Our lawyers work with families and clients to bring cases like this including negligence and wrongful deaths cases in Cook County.

If another driver harmed you or a loved one, take a look at these issues in consultation with lawyers to see if you may have a motorcycle crash case.

  1. Who caused the collision and were they acting negligently? Negligent conduct means unreasonable for the circumstances and that normally includes speeding, weaving, and riding while intoxicated.
  2. Did someone die in the crash? This is a core element of any wrongful death cause of action and that person must be closely related to you by family relation or relationship.
  3. Did the negligent conduct actually cause the death. You must pair the two together in Illinois court; otherwise, the defendant will say that something else proximately or directly caused the fatality from a legal sense.
  4. Did you suffer legal damages because of the passing. Legal harm means economic or non economic loss or expense directly flowing from the wrongful death and normally covers funeral fees, lost wages, and loss of companionship.

Recovery for Families in a Wrongful Death Case

You and your family may be wondering what relief may be possible at the end of the road. Any lawsuit can seem like a lot of worth and effort.

Plus, you may not want to rehash what happened. So here are the main forms of compensation available in a motorcycle accident wrongful death case:

  • Economic damage (out of pocket losses like hospital, funeral, and other costs);
  • Non economic damage (intangible suffering like lost companionship and you loved one’s pain and suffering prior to their death)
  • Punitive damage (awards for reckless conduct like drinking and driving).

Statistics on Fatal Motorcycle Collisions in Illinois

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), there were 2,266 motorcyclists with reported injuries in motor vehicle accidents across Illinois in 2018. A closer look at the data reveals that 816 of them had substantial injuries categorized as ‘type A’ and 119 fatalities in 2018.

Most of these fatalities involved operators over 45 and in urban areas, such as Chicago.

Sample Cases Involving Motorcycle Crash Fatalities

Below are some sample cases involving motorcycle crash fatalities. These cases may give you a sense of how these matters are handled in Illinois. After reviewing these cases, we invite you to contact our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

$2,500,000 Settlement; Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit; 2020:

This incident occurred on the streets of Chicago. A man in his late fifties was driving through the intersection of Lehigh and Hiawatha when a truck popped out right in front of him.

Apparently, the trucker did not yield to him and left the stop sign area too soon. The motorcyclist slammed into the side of him causing a fatal motorcycle crash. This case for wrongful death claims was brought on behalf of his surviving family members including mother and siblings.

They filed a claim for damages, injuries, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, and compensation under Illinois personal injury and wrongful death law. Apparently, the defendant was working at the time of the fatal motorcycle crash. The plaintiffs were then able to deal directly with that business' insurance company for relief. They settled for a reported $2.5 million.

$1,300,000 Settlement; Deadly Chicago Motorcycle Accident Case; 2019:

A man, just thirty-eight years old, was driving his motorcycle down Grand Avenue in Chicago (Cook County). It was an early spring day in May of 2017. Out of nowhere, a car came out and struck him causing his death almost right there on the spot.

His parents and brothers brought this wrongful death action after the motorcycle accident on behalf of their beloved one and the personal injury and grief it caused everyone when he died.

Thankfully, the at fault driver who was responsible for the crash had insurance on his vehicle. The plaintiffs were able to deal directly with the insurance and get help and damages with the help of their attorneys. The policy paid out $1.3 million.

$1,250,000 Settlement; Lake County Wrongful Death Motorcycle Accident; 2015:

The substantive events of this wrongful death lawsuit occurred outside of Illinois but the claim was actually brought in Lake County. A rider was going down the highway on his motorcycle when a van went over the median line and hit him head-on.

He died right there at the scene. His lovely wife and six children grieved his passing. Eventually, they chose to file a wrongful death lawsuit for their loved one and the personal injury he suffered as a result of the fatal motorcycle crash death.

They used attorneys from an experienced personal injury law firm to counsel them in their efforts for justice and relief. In the end, they obtained $1.25 million from the defendant's insurance carrier for the wrongful death.

$800,000 Settlement; Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Claim; 2014:

This recent case was brought by a family after they lost a loved one in a Chicago-area fatal motorcycle accident. The death came weeks after the collision but he could not overcome his injuries. He had a wife and kids at that tragic time.

The motorcycle rider was going down I-55 when the defendant turned left in front of him, attempting to get onto a frontage road near the exit. A collision could not be avoided despite their best efforts.

After the death, the family member as well as spouse children were left with a lot of funeral and burial expenses as well as other damages and grief. They sought recompense in court for the extraordinary toll that this incident caused them and the defendant's insurance carrier eventually conceded with an $800,000 settlement.

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