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Wrong Dose Pharmacy Error Lawsuit

Pharmacies Dispensing the Wrong Dosage of Medication Commonly Results in Serious Injury

When the Dosage is IncorrectWhile prescription medications save lives, taking the wrong dosage that is too high or too low can cause serious injuries or even death. The wrong dosage can occur under various circumstances that include:

  • Your doctor prescribed you the wrong dosage of the right medication
  • The pharmacists, nurse or medical staff gave you the wrong medicine
  • Though the dosage was right, the amount of time to take the medicine was too long or too short
  • The medicine negatively interacted with other drugs you are taking
  • The medication you receive is defective, bad or harmful

Unfortunately, thousands of Illinois residents suffer serious injuries caused by medication errors at medical facilities and by pharmacies. This includes taking or being given the wrong dosage of medicine. Nearly any prescription error or pharmacy error can cause serious consequences including poisoning, overdosing, toxic reaction or death.

Pharmaceutical Errors Related to Dispensing the Wrong Dosage

Prescription medications are manufactured following strict controls, protocols and regulations to ensure the safety of every patient who uses the drug. If improperly administered at any point of delivery, the results can cause immense injury. Because of that, the pharmacist, nurse, doctor or other health care provider has no room for mistakes. Even a simple error can cause catastrophic results and place the health and well-being of the patient in serious jeopardy.

Pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare professionals are responsible to accurately prescribe and dispense medications, as gatekeepers between patients and drugs. In many situations, a dosage error is the result of a prescription mistake, when the pharmacist is unable to read a doctor’s illegible handwriting. Catastrophic results can occur when the pharmacist fills the prescription with a drug that is not designed to help the patient.

Other times, a clerical error or numerical mistake can cause the patient serious problems especially if the medication is given in dangerous quantities, at too high a strength or with inaccurate instructions. In many situations, the pharmacist creates a measurement error by using inaccurately calibrated scales or mixing the wrong dosage for a compound medicine.

Medical Setting Errors

A young child can be given the wrong dosage in a medical setting that produces significant negative results. These can include from a:

  • Misdiagnosis of a serious condition
  • Failure to properly monitor the child’s health
  • Failure to account for the young patient’s age or size
  • Giving the young child a dosage meant for adults
  • Lab error
  • Anesthesia mistake
  • Illegible handwriting on the prescription
  • Hospital pharmacy mistake
  • Automated medicine dispensing equipment malfunction
  • Failure to consider the young patient’s previous drug adverse reactions and medical history

Attorneys Helping People Injured by Receiving the Wrong Dosage of a Prescription Medication

Drug injuries can be prevented if the medical team, pharmacist or facility follows specific protocols to ensure that the child received the proper medication at the right dosage. When a person is given the wrong dosage of a prescription medication, they are prone to suffer severe adverse effects that could be long lasting or fatal. In many situations, drugs that are highly effective in treating medical condition suffered by adults are not recommended for use in children because of their fragile state, low body weight or how they will react to the medication.

It is essential to take legal action right away against the pharmacist, nurse, doctor, or other healthcare professionals at fault for dispensing the wrong dosage of a medication. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are trusted, qualified Illinois medical malpractice attorneys who will thoroughly assess, evaluate and investigate your case, and provide all necessary legal representation to ensure your family recovers all economic and noneconomic damages.

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