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Attorneys Breakdown Illinois Work Comp Spinal Injury Settlements

The spine binds various parts of the human body. It also serves as the main highway for the central nervous system. You can think of arms and legs like branches or side streets. The spine is the truck or highway. The body does not offer much protection for it. Vertebrae encase the spine. Yet, that’s about it. Many workers injure their spine. Herniated disks, nerve damage, and broken bones are common. If you damage your spine on the job, call our offices. We can help you. We will file a workers compensation claim and make sure you get the award you deserve. Read the sections that follow to get a grasp of this topic. Then, contact us to start the process today.

  1. Workers’ Spinal Cord Injuries in Illinois
  2. Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries
  3. Workers’ Spinal Cord Facts
  4. Can I sue for Work Spinal Injuries?
  5. What is the Value Of Workers’ Spinal Injury Claims?
  6. Illinois Work Comp Spinal Injury Settlements
  7. Our Lawyers can Help You

Workers’ Spinal Cord Injuries in Illinois

The body does not offer the spinal cord a lot of protection. A little force can cause a lot of damage to it. Workers injure their spines often. These injuries arise in many ways. They hurt their vertebrae, disks, and muscles or tissues next to the spine. When these happen, you will require treatment. You even might need treatment for a long time. These injuries are serious. Here are some of the most common spinal cord injuries workers suffer in Illinois:

  • Paralysis: Workers experience either total or partial paralysis below where the injury occurred on the spine.

  • Herniated disk: Workers suffer herniated disks when the disk between the vertebrae slips out or tears.

  • Sprain/Strain: You can sprain or strain your spinal area by damaging the tendons, fat, and muscles next to it.

Obviously, you might hurt your spine differently. Yet, workers hurt their spines these ways most of the time. How do they come about? They fall off scaffolds. They get pushed over by forklifts. They trip over on docks. Spinal cord injuries can happen fast. When they do, they are serious. You need to be ready. Call our offices if you injure your spine on the job. We will make sure you get relief and recovery.

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Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries

You cannot undo damage done to your spine. Doctors focus on growing cells in the area next to the injury. You can do things to lower the effects of the spinal cord injury.

Right after the injury, use a hard brace or board to immobilize the spine. Your goal should be to move as little as you can. You want doctors to look at it. Once they see you, they will give you meds and put you in traction. Then, they might perform surgery to clean and stabilize the spine.

After the spinal injury, doctors will look to stop other problems. They try to curb bladder, ulcer, muscle, and clot issues. These might extend your time in the ER. When you can treat yourself, you should be transferred to rehab. In rehab, many people will assist you. They will teach you about the injury. They will strengthen your muscles. Also, they will develop your motor skills. The goal will be for you to be able to live by yourself.

Medications and technology will also help you after a spinal injury. Meds lower the pain and improve functioning. Technology raises your independence. These tech tools that might help you:

  • Wheelchairs.
  • Computers.
  • Electric stimulation.
  • Robots

Your spinal cord injury will require tailored care. Speak to a doctor to figure out exactly what to do. For help, call our offices. We have assisted similar victims.

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Workers’ Spinal Cord Facts

  • More than ten percent of work injuries involve the spine.

  • Most work injuries happen due to unsafe conditions.

  • Employers must ensure a safe place of work.

  • Hundreds of thousands of people have spine injuries-many from work.

  • Most spine injuries could be prevented.

  • Most common form of spinal injury is incomplete paraplegia.

  • The lease common form of spinal injury is complete tetraplegia.

  • Less than one percent of spinal injury victims are completely healed after leaving the hospital.

  • Lifetime cost of spinal injuries averages millions of dollars.

  • Life expectancy can be much lower for spinal injury victims than persons without one

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Can I sue for Work Spinal Injuries?

No, you need to bring a claim for workers’ comp. Illinois does not let you sue your employer for work-related harms. Yet, you can sue third parties. If third parties caused your injuries, you can bring suit against them. Examples of third-party liability include truck accidents, product mishaps, and slip-fall accidents.

How do you bring a claim for workers’ comp. Simply prove you were an employee and were injured on the job. If you can do this, workers’ comp must be paid. They do not consider fault. You will get benefits for medical bills, lost work, and other things. Yet, the company might fight back.

What will they say? They could argue you were not an employee? They could say you were not really hurt. They could offer someone else caused the harm. We see these defenses and more. You need to prepare comebacks for them. We can help you. We assist injured workers. To help with your workers’ comp claim, call our offices.

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What is the Value Of Workers’ Spinal Injury Claims?

The value of workers’ spinal claims exceeds other workers’ claims. They get thousands more on average. If you bring a claim, a number of things affect its value. First, how did you hurt your spine? Meet with a doctor to learn the true extent. The injuries and pain will last years. You need to know this before you make a claim. You can’t come back later and ask for more.

Once you’ve done this, look at the main areas of recovery:

  1. Medical Bills: meds, operations, consults, devices, etc.

  2. Short-term Disability: lost wages; immediate pain.

  3. Long-term Disability: permanent pain, suffering, disability, scarring, etc.

Use these components to build a base value for your claim. Work with our skilled team to calculate a sum. See if you can sue third parties for related harms. You should use both recovery options. To learn about the value of your spinal injury claim, call us today!

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Illinois Work Comp Spinal Injury Settlements

Here are Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission decisions related to employee spinal injuries. If you suffered an injury to your back or neck in a work related incident, we invite you to review the decisions below. For additional information about this cases or to discuss your case with a lawyer, contact our office for a free case review.

2015; Will County; 15 I.W.C.C. 0468:
Here, a 49-year-old carpenter was working with another employee building a scaffold. The task required him to lift a pan almost 50 pounds and pass it to his coworker. This injured him greatly when he attempted to complete it. His shoulder and spine were seriously damaged. After undergoing an MRI, doctors informed him that he had spondylosis and bulging discs from C3-C7 along his spine. At the time of the commission’s decision, surgery was still being considered but they had already performed spinal injection therapy and initiated rehabilitative care. The commission found that he had temporary and permanent total disabilities and awarded him the following amounts:

  • $1,243.000/week for 73.72 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.

  • $1,243.000/week for life for permanent and total disability benefits.

  • $1,243.00/week for 89.29 weeks for maintenance benefits.

  • $19,284.23 for medical expenses.

2014; Cook County; 14 I.W.C.C. 0865:
This dispute involved a 41-year-old assembly worker at Ford Motor Company. He worked at Ford for over 15 years prior to the incident at the center of this controversy. Specifically, he was a member of the rear-suspension group. This required him to work nearly all day on his feet moving objects into and out of new cars. One day at work, he felt pain in his back so his managers sent him home for the weekend. When he returned the following Monday, he could not bend over, twist, or even stand that much. Doctors confirmed that he had a herniated disc at the L4-5 region of his spine. The worker contended this was a result of his employment and brought a workers’ compensation claim with the Illinois Commission. In addition to medical benefits, the man received the following for his permanent and temporary disabilities:

  • $746.67 per week for 79-1/7 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.

  • $664.72 per week for 125 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 25% loss of his person as a whole.

2011; LaSalle County; 99 I.W.C.C. 04765:
A 41-year-old male was severely injured in an accident at the manufacturing plant he worked at. Despite five spinal surgeries, they could not completely resolve many of the issues that arose in the workplace accident. However, he could still work at a reduced level and his employer claimed that his pre-existing conditions (obesity, hypertension, etc.) were the cause to blame for his problems. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission still awarded him benefits for medical costs, temporary disability, and permanent disability according to the following breakdown:

  • $425.11 per week for 343-6/7 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.

  • $382.60 per week for 160 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 32% loss of function in the affected area.

  • $14.303.72 for medical expenses.

2013; Cook County; 13 I.W.C.C. 0553:
The employee involved in this incident was a construction worker employed by a sub-contractor in the development of a home. While on the roof on a cold, winter day he slipped and fell off the two-story house. He suffered a spinal fracture and required immediate care. Doctors performed emergency surgery and elected to perform fusion surgery. Eventually, the employee brought a workers’ compensation claim for permanent and temporary disability benefits (his employer had already take care of his medical bills). The Illinois Workers’ Compensation commission awarded him the following:

  • $449.19 per week for 15 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.

  • $404.28 per week for 150 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 30% loss of function in the affected area.

2013; Winnebago County; 08 I.W.C.C. 15977:
A 40-year-old male electrician climbed up a ladder to do some work when it got caught in some wiring and plunged to the ground. Unfortunately, the man was stuck on the ladder and landed on his back. He suffered a back strain as well as a herniated disc. However, the electrician waited one full day to seek treatment for these injuries despite telling his boss what had happened. Additionally, later investigation proved that he had significant pre-existing back and spine problems. Finally, the man showed no difficulty in returning to work not long after the incident occurred. Regardless, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission granted him the following award:

  • $480 per week for 37- 1/2 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 7.5% loss of function in the affected area.

  • $14,590.36 for medical expenses.

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Our Lawyers can Help You

Did you injure your spine on the job? Did you herniate a disk? Did you suffer paralysis? If you did, our team can help. We focus on helping workers. Illinois law lets you recover for the pain and costs of spine injuries. Call us today. We can walk you through the process. We can even show you what you could get. We look forward to hearing from you.

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