Illinois Work Comp Back, Neck & Shoulder Settlements

Spinal Anatomy The big muscles get put to the side. Other parts of the body get more attention. In fact, this makes sense. Fragile bones break easier and faster. You should worry about toes and fingers. You should worry about your back and neck too. They can harm you a lot more. They can cause you a lot of pain. They can create a lot of bills. Plus, they can sideline you from work for longer. Read the next few pages. They discuss workers’ back, neck, and should injuries. Then, give us a call. We can help you. We have helped many workers. We will tell you what you can get and help you get it!

  1. Workers’ Back, Neck, and Shoulder Injuries
  2. How Workers Injure Their Back, Neck, And Shoulders
  3. Workers’ Back, Neck, Shoulder Injury Facts
  4. Treatment for Workers’ Back, Neck, and Shoulder Injuries
  5. Claims for Work Back, Neck, and Shoulder Injuries
  6. Workers’ Back, Neck, And Shoulder Injury Claim Value
  7. Illinois Work Comp Back, Neck &Amp; Shoulder Settlements
  8. Hire an Experienced Law Firm to Handle Your Work Injury Claim

Workers’ Back, Neck, and Shoulder Injuries

Workers hurt their back, neck, or shoulder a lot. Illinois has a lot of heavy industry. Heavy industry means these kinds of injuries. But what exactly do they look like? These bigger muscles get hurt differently than a finger, toe, or eye. Check out these injury types:

  • Disk Injury: Spines get injured at work. Slipped, herniated disks are common. Complications can arise in the neighboring tendons/muscles too.

  • Rotator Cuff: Bones and tendons that surround the shoulder can tear or break. Rotator cuff injuries put you out of work.

  • Whiplash: Stop and start quickly and you might get whiplash. Whiplash injures the neck. Workers suffer from it on a regular basis.

  • Lower back injuries: Strong force or repeated work cause these. These affect the fat and muscles. They cause a lot of pain. They last for a long time. They come from different lines of work.

  • Sprains/Strains: You might sprain or strain your back, neck or shoulder. Sprains extend the area. Strains tear the area.

Workers suffer these injuries a lot. You might hurt your back, neck, or shoulder another way. If you do, let us know. We can file a claim and get you relief. These injuries are painful and expensive. Let us help you get compensation!

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How Workers Injure Their Back, Neck, and Shoulders

How do these injuries happen? To understand how workers hurt their back, neck or shoulder, look to these key factors:

  • Repeated Work: Repeated work tears apart the bones, muscles, and tendons. Examples include loading trucks, hammering, and packaging among others.

  • Accidents: One-off events can hurt the back, neck, or shoulder. You might slip and fall. Boxes might tumble on you. Press machines can slam your bones. The list is endless. The dangerous nature of work makes it worse.

  • Equipment: Many workers use heavy equipment. Forklifts, drills, and other devices subject the neck/back to injuries. We see a lot of harms arise this way.

  • Travel: Work may require travel. Truck and car accidents at work create a lot of back/neck pain. Think of whiplash. Lower back injuries, strains, and sprains could happen too.

You might hurt your back/neck/shoulder like this. You might also hurt in another way. Call us if that happens. We stand ready to help you!

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Workers’ Back, Neck, Shoulder Injury Facts

  • Nearly all adults injure their backs-many of them at work. Plus, many of them reinjure it.
  • Work is responsible for millions of back, neck, shoulder injuries every year.
  • 20% of work injuries are back or neck related.
  • After colds, more people miss work for back injuries than anything else.
  • Common jobs where workers injure these body parts include construction, nursing, movers, janitors, trucking, mechanics, and manufacturing.
  • We spend billions yearly for back, neck, shoulder pain from work.
  • These injuries require at least 2 or 3 weeks away from work on average to recover.

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Treatment for Workers’ Back, Neck, and Shoulder Injuries

Hopefully, you just need rest and relaxation for these injuries. Yet, workers often need more than that. Doctors like to use meds or cortisone shots to relieve pain. You might need more. Braces and other devices can stabilize the back, neck or shoulder. This will allow them to heal. The problem is that these are tender areas. They don’t have the durability of other places. Thus, you might need surgery. In surgery, doctors try to clean and correct the problem. Once surgery has ended, they will suggest a course of long-term care. You don’t want the problem to get worse. If you don’t do rehab, it might. Plus, you want to strengthen the whole area. This will prevent further injury. You should consult your doctor and review your injuries. Pick a course of care that reflects your harms. Don’t look to others for treatment guidelines. Workers tend do some combo of these with these injuries.

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Claims for Work Back, Neck, and Shoulder Injuries

The workers’ comp system scares many people. They confuse it with the court system. Workers’ can’t tell them apart. They don’t how to get compensation for their work injuries. We want to discuss how they can do that. Illinois has two different ways.

First, you can seek recovery from your employer. Give them a written description of what happened. You must send it within 45 days of the incident. Illinois allows time exceptions for injuries that don’t show right away. You can give oral notice as well. But written notice secures your rights better. They can accept it or deny it. Either way, they must give you reasons in writing. If they accept it, they should provide benefits and access to health care. If they deny it, you can appeal to the Illinois Workers’ Comp Commission (IWCC). The IWCC will look at the matter and rule. The two main issues include 1) was it a work injury and 2) was the claim timely.

Second, you can file right with the IWCC. This might speedup the process. Workers’ choose this route if they think their boss won’t pay. Again, you need to send a claim with a description of your injuries. Again, this must be within a set of time. What you need to write and when you need to send it by all depends on your accident.

The courts and the workers’ comp system are complicated. Failure to master them can defeat your claim. Let us help you. Our team has years of experience assisting workers. We can ensure you get every dime Illinois allows. To learn about the workers’ comp claim process, call our offices. We will walk you through every step of the way!

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Workers’ Back, Neck, and Shoulder Injury Claim Value

You can get compensation for your upper body injuries from work. Illinois repays you for medical costs, lost income, and handicaps. If your harm permanently or temporarily disables you, you can recover. If your injury partially or totally maims a body part, you can recover. What can you recover? That depends on the injury location and severity. Also, it matters how long it kept you away from work. Illinois sets a maximum amount for each body part. It multiplies that figure by the percent of disability. To figure out what you can recover, call our offices. We will listen to what happened and tell you what a claim might be worth. Plus, you can still file suit against third parties. That opens the door to more compensation.

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Illinois Work Comp Back, Neck & Shoulder Settlements

Here is a sampling of decisions that deal with upper body injuries from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

2015; Cook County; 15 I.W.C.C. 0218:
The employee in this case was a police officer. He worked for the City of Park Ridge. One day at work, his manager instructed him to move some heavy filing cabinets. In the process of doing this, he injured his dominant hand and shoulder. The injuries required surgery to both affected areas of the body as well as rehabilitative care over an extended period of time. Eventually, he was able to return to work at the same salary but only in a modified capacity. He filed a claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and they awarded him permanent disability benefits (not temporary because he was compensated in the interim period):

  • $664.72 per week for 50-3/5 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 20% loss of function in the affected arm/elbow.
  • $664.72 per week for 60 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 12% loss of function in the affected shoulder.

2007; LaSalle County; 04 I.W.C.C. 41351:
This dispute involved a 41-year-old mason worker at a high school. He had to construct a scaffold so he began putting the pieces together. The individual pieces weighed well over 100 pounds each. Unfortunately, one got stuck between two others and while he tried to remove it he harmed his neck and shoulder. He felt a tingling and spasms in the affected areas. To fix these injuries, he was forced to undergo various surgeries as well as a program of rehabilitative treatment. He was temporarily disabled for almost one year. When he returned, he could only do light and sedentary work. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission gave him the following benefits:

  • $584.87 per week for 139-2/7 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.
  • $526.38 per week for 370 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 74% loss of function to his body as a whole (combined loss of shoulder, neck, and other injuries).
  • $46,905.53 for medical expenses.

2015; Jefferson County; 15 I.W.C.C. 0132:
The victim here was a 58-year-old male. He worked as a tank truck driver. While attempting to unclog a pipe on the truck, he injured his shoulder as the pipe fell onto him. Doctors discovered that he had a torn rotator cuff among other injuries (such as impingement syndrome) and they performed several surgeries to correct the issue over several months. Despite rigorous medical treatments, he still was unable to return to work because, among other things, he cannot lift anything of substantial weight. Therefore, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission decided that he was permanently disabled and awarded him lifetime benefits of $ 319.99 per week.

2013; McHenry County; 90 I.W.C.C. 62988:
A 38-year-old salesman brought a workers’ compensation claim when he slipped and fell at work as well as for years of on-the-job deterioration of his back and shoulders. He pointed to almost twenty years of work in support of his arguments in addition to various surgeries and other medical care he received to alleviate the injuries. At the time of the hearing, he could no longer work anymore because of the cumulative effect of the job on his body. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission awarded him temporary and permanent disability benefits as well as medical expenses:

  • $618.23 per week for 1084 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.
  • $618.23 per week for life beginning with the date of the Commission’s order.

2013; Madison County; 12 I.W.C.C. 39942:
The petitioner in this case was a 32-year-old bus driver. While working he was involved in an accident and he sustained lower back, neck, and wrist injuries. He filed a claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission even though many of his injuries had subsided and he did not suffer from any significant temporary disabilities. However, he still sought permanent disability benefits and the Commission agreed that he deserved them:

  • $319 per week for 15 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 3% loss of function in the affected areas of his body.

2013; Cook County; 10 I.W.C.C. 00816:
The injured worker in this matter was a 29-year-old grocery store employee. He was bringing in and unloading beer cases when a pile of them toppled over and fell on him. The injury left him back and knee problems. He had to miss about a month of work and was unable to return to work at the same speed and force. The Illinois Commission on Workers’ Compensation awarded him the following benefits:

  • $319 per week for 13-5/7 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.
  • $309.33 per week for 66.125 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 7.5% loss of function to his leg and a 10% loss of function to his back/neck.
  • $6,852.83 for medical expenses.

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Hire an Experienced Law Firm to Handle Your Work Injury Claim

Shoulder Joint Anatomy Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC stands out among Illinois firms for our commitment to workers’ rights. We fight big companies. We make them repay workers for injuries on the job. We do this by connecting clients to our topnotch network of legal, medical, and business contacts. This helps us build the strongest claim for relief.

Contact us for a free consultation. Our Chicago attorneys look at workers’ injuries all the time. We know what a solid claim looks like. And we know how to make one. Plus, we work on a contingency fee. This helps workers get back on their feet without upfront costs. If we can’t get you the award you need, we won’t charge for our services. Find out what you can get. Call us today!

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