Illinois Work Comp Leg & Arm Injury Settlements

Here are Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission decisions related to employee arm and leg injuries.

2014; McHenry County; 14 I.W.C.C. 0749:
This commission decision involved a 37-year-old medical worker. While working in a laboratory as an assistant, she tripped and fell while holding several test tubes. The fall caused her to injure her arm and suffer several puncture wound all over her hand. She filed a workers’ compensation claim with the Commission.

  • $512.26 per week for 41-4/7 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.
  • $460.80 per week for 300 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 60% loss of her hand and body function.
  • $21,802.12 for medical expenses.

2014; Winnebago County; 14 I.W.C.C. 0753:
Here, a 52-year-old factory employee worked in the compression department where he operated with a number of pumps, compressors, and maintenance systems. Eventually, due to the nature of the work, he began to experience pain in his hands that would even wake him up in the middle of the night. The pain included numbness, tingling, and sharp aches. Doctors determined that he developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands/wrists through the course of his employment and testified to this in front of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The Commission took this into consideration when they awarded him both temporary and permanent disability benefits in the following amounts:

  • $727.12 per week for 3-3/7 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.
  • $619.97 per week for 51-1/4 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 12.5% loss of function in her right and left hand.
  • $9,749.75 for medical expenses.

2009; Cook County; 05 I.W.C.C. 042185:
The affected employee in this dispute was a 51-year-old service technician. His position required him to travel around to various locations and fix, install, or remove large machines and appliances. During one visit, he seriously injured his right knee while bending down to inspect one such machine. He was diagnosed with a meniscus tear and degenerative arthritis. While he returned to work, he could not perform the same type of duties. Upon reviewing the matter, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission awarded him both medical and temporary disability benefits. It failed to find that his condition had advanced to a permanent disabled state by that point but also left the door open to future benefits if it did.

  • $434.79 per week for 145-4/7 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.
  • $266,076.55 for medical expenses.

2009; Will County; 09 I.W.C.C. 0177:
The victim in this case was a 35-year-old male. He was a carpenter working with his crew in a home when a staircase fell on the back of his leg and injured him. Though the initial pain was great and required significant medical examination, he eventually returned to work although he did claim long-term discomfort and disability. For the costs and harm that attended this accident, he brought a claim before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Committee and they awarded him the following recovery:

  • $915.20 per week for 9-3/7 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.
  • $567.87 per week for 42-3/5 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 27.5% loss of function in his leg.
  • $1,114.00 for medical expenses.

2014; Cook County; 11 I.W.C.C. 19003:
The employee here worked at a prison for over 10 years. He started to experience pain and numbness in both of his hands. After speaking with coworkers, he decided to see a doctor. His physician diagnosed him with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. The recommend course of treatment was surgery and the worker elected to proceed with that option. Eventually, he obtained a full recovery but it was not quick or easy.

  • $9,746.25 for temporary total disability benefits.
  • $632.99 per week for 137-2/5 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 15% loss of function in both hands and both arms.
  • $1,114.00 for medical expenses.

2015; Cook County; 15 I.W.C.C. 0428:
This was a very unusual case before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. A 24-year-old woman played in a football lingerie league and during practice she collided with another player. Out of this incident, she developed an ACL tear as well as a meniscus injury. Eventually, she had to undergo surgery to repair these harms and was forced to miss work for an extended period of time. She received the following sums for the disabilities that arose out of this accident:

  • $220 per week for 52-4/7 weeks for temporary total disability benefits.
  • $220 per week for 150 weeks for permanent partial disability benefits. This represented a 30% loss of function in the affected knee/leg.
  • $15,949 for medical expenses.
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