Amputation Injury Settlements for Injured Workers

Workers give a lot to their jobs. Sometimes they even give their limbs and need an amputation. Here are some of those stories to help give you some perspective on how juries value these situations when a worker suffers an injury that results in amputation of a limb. As with nearly all work-related injuries, these people are afforded workers compensation benefits. In addition, as you will see below, workers may also have a claim against a third-party for their damages.

2011; California; $400,000 Settlement:
The victim in this case was at work and told to use a box-gluing machine. As she started, she noticed that a lot of the hot glue was gumming up the process so she went to get rags to clean the machine. While she was attempting to do that, her hand got stuck and she could not remove it. Her hand was glued to the machine for almost half of an hour and injuries from the incident forced doctors to amputate one of her fingers. She brought a workers’ compensation claim for her injuries arising out of the accident and she received $400,000.

2011; Alabama; $565,000 Settlement:
The victim in this matter was working on a construction crew. He parked his car, turned the lights on, and walked around to the front of his vehicle. Not long after this, another truck came around the corner and rear-ended his car causing it to slam into him. Both of his legs were crushed and one had to be amputated. He sued the other driver and the driver’s employer for negligence. Additionally, he sued his own employer for workers’ compensation. This was a pretty cut and dry case. The defendant driver was clearly negligent so all sides sought a quick settlement. As it broke down, the defendant driver and his employer paid $465,000 and the plaintiff’s employer paid $100,000. Thus, he received $565,000 in total.

2007; Florida; $180,000 Settlement:
A construction worker was going about his day at work when he stepped on a nail. The nail went all the way through his shoe and entered his toe. Soon after this, doctors discerned that he needed an amputation so they removed the affected digit. Eventually, the man went back to work for another construction company but after a few months he realized that it was seriously bothering him and affecting his ability to work. He brought a workers’ compensation claim against the original construction company. The claim alleged that he now had a complete and permanent disability from the nail incident and asked for compensation. The defendant replied that his condition was the result of his employment with the second construction company, not theirs. However, both sides amicably agreed to end the matter for $180,000.

2015; Illinois; $1,800,000 Settlement:
A young man, just under thirty years old, was driving a drill rig when hit power lines immediately above his vehicle. The crash sent volts through the rig and electrocuted him almost instantly. He sustained burns all over his body, severe eye damage, and an injury to his left leg that required a below-the-knee amputation. He brought claims against the power company, rig manufacturer, and his employer for these injuries. The combined group of defendants paid a total of $1,800,000 to him for this incident with about $300,000 of that coming from his employer for workers’ compensation charges.

2014; Massachusetts; $400,000 Settlement:
Here, a painter was painting on his employer’s property. He went to move his ladder when he accidentally stepped on a live wire. The charge sent him instantly into cardiac arrest and gave him pretty serious burns. After his condition stabilized, he still needed various surgeries including skin grafts and amputations for two of his toes. He brought a workers’ compensation claim against his employer to recover compensation for the injuries that he received while on the job. The employer quickly denied the extent and permanency of these harms. However, once the plaintiff’s health was completely assessed, they decided to enter into a confidential settlement for $400,000.

2005; Illinois; $2,350,000 Settlement:
This accident took place in a machine parts factory. A man in his middle forties was working on a machine when he stepped away from it for a moment. During that pause, a piece of steel whipped out of the machine and severed his arm right above the elbow. The incident required him to have an amputation. In the subsequent suit and claim, he alleged medical bills of almost $100,000 and lost wages of almost $150,000. He sued the manufacturer as well as his employer and argued that they were negligent in the design of the machine, warnings of the machine, training him, and supervising him. He also sought money under workers’ compensation. The defendants replied that his injuries were exaggerated. Also, they said that he was contributorily negligent by stepping away from the machine without turning it off and not following the machine’s instructions. Prior to trial, all sides settled for $2,350,000 that included a $596,815 workers’ compensation lien.

2004; Illinois; $230,000 Settlement:
A 37-year-old female punch press operator was pulling out and cleaning modules from a machine when it suddenly fell down on her hand without any warning. She lost three fingers because of the accident. In due time, she brought claims against the press machine’s manufacturer as well as his employer. The two combined to give him a settlement of almost a quarter million dollars and of that figure about one third of it was for workers’ compensation.

2013; Massachusetts; $600,000 Settlement:
The employee in this case was 49 years old. He was working on a roof and accidentally fell off of it. The fall gave him a calcaneal fracture in his foot but that was just the start of his problems. He also developed an infection that threatened his heart, an addiction to the prescription medication they treated him with, and doctors said his foot might have to be amputated. He brought a workers’ compensation claim against his employer but the latter denied that he could not return to work or that his injuries were as severe as he claimed. To settle the matter, they offered $600,000 and the man accepted thereby dismissing any chance of trial.

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