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What are the Signs of Abuse in Foster Homes?

Our Lawyers Prosecute Abusive Foster Homes!

Sad Child Foster Care Holding HeartKids don’t talk about abuse. If kids are in a foster home, they have more reason to stay silent. Thus, many acts of abuse in foster homes go unnoticed. Further, no one gets punished, which just propels the cycle of violence.

Learn about the signs of abuse in foster homes This will help you stop its rise. Our lawyers work with victims of foster care abuse and know how to identify abuse. You may not because it’s not clear all the time. If you take a few steps, you’ll be better prepared. Read the next sections. They discuss the topic in great detail. Then, call us for more info. We can make sure you get help. We can help hold those accountable that caused your harms.

  1. The Mission of Foster Care Homes
  2. Abuse in Foster Homes
  3. Effects of Foster Care Abuse
  4. Signs of Foster Care Abuse
  5. What Should I do if I see Foster Care Abuse?
  6. Turn to Us if You See Foster Care Abuse!

The Mission of Foster Care Homes

Foster care homes have been around for hundreds of years. They’ve changed their form with time though. They’ve always attempted to do the same thing: take care of kids without parents. Foster care systems take minors and put them into new homes. This transfer should protect them. It should give them everything they need to reach adulthood and prosper.

The government can put the child into the home of a family member. It can also place the child into a certified home. If it chooses the latter, the caregivers are referred to as “foster parents.” The state retains the right to make decisions for the child. Organizations approved by the state select where the kids go. They also provide funds for their upbringing. Most foster children are put into homes without relatives.

Foster care should promote the best interests of the child and include all aspects of nutrition, housing, education, and other areas. Many homes fall short of this mission. They allow foster kids to be abused and neglected. The next section addresses that problem.

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Abuse in Foster Homes

Unfortunately, abuse happens in a lot of foster homes. Foster care is designed to protect and nurture kids. Abuse shouldn’t happen. But it does. When thinking about this fact, remember a few different things.

Who abuses kids in foster homes? Kids face threats from many perpetrators. They’re abused by the foster parents and sometimes by other kids living there too. Also, it can come from the relatives, spouses, or friends of those at home. You need to imagine that anyone can cause damage. Then, the kid might conceal it to avoid further harm.

How are kids abused in foster homes? We see new forms of abuse in foster homes all the time. Some repeat themselves. Kids endure sexual, physical, and mental abuse in large orders. They also suffer psychological abuse. For instance, some foster parents don’t give them (or allow them) proper schooling. This an unfair punishment.

Abuse in foster homes takes many shapes. Now, we want to review the effects of abuse in foster care. That will help you see why we need to stop it.

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Effects of Foster Care Abuse

Foster care abuse causes all sorts of harms. It depends on the victim. It also depends on the type of abuse. We see some patterns though.

Often, kids don’t develop to their fullest extent mentally or exhibit social and other anxieties, which makes it hard for them to cope with work, school, and play. They don’t get along well with others. You might also notice growth stunts if they were physically traumatized.

The full range of effects can spread across a victim’s entire life. It might touch every part of their day. From thinking to feeling, hearing to engaging, foster care abuse damages and disrupts children.

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Signs of Foster Care Abuse

Foster care abuse might be hard to spot. The form follows the kind of harm. You need to predict what type of abuse to know its signs. For example, physical abuse might leave the following signs.

  • Fractured bones.
  • Cuts or scrapes.
  • Swelling and bruising.

You might also see behavioral changes too. Kids might startle easy or jump at your touch. All of these suggest physical abuse. Some signs point to sexual harm. Check for these problems.

  • Genital pain.
  • Bedwetting.
  • Nightmares.
  • Bloody clothing.

Some abuse is intangible. Foster parents might intimidate or emotionally target children. If they do that, kids might show signs of trauma. Here are some we see often.

  • Lack of self-esteem.
  • Headaches.
  • Social anxiety.
  • Bad grades in school.
  • Doesn’t act his/her age.
  • Lack of confidence or assertiveness.

Neglect wreaks tons of damage on foster kids. These signs might mean a child isn’t getting the care he or she needs.

  • Bad teeth.
  • Constant hunger.
  • Bad hygiene.
  • Lots of missed school.
  • Poor or inappropriate clothing.

If you fear a foster kid is being abused, contact our offices. Our team can figure out if he/she is being treated improperly.

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What Should I do if I see Foster Care Abuse?

How can I help a foster child who’s being abused? We get this question from time to time. It might be hard to confront, but you need to know what to do. If the moment presents itself, your actions must be decisive. You can’t let the child down! If they tell you about the abuse, that means they trust you. Here are some things to remember.

  1. SAFETY IS MOST IMPORTANT. If you can help, try to do so. Don’t overstep your boundaries though. Let professionals do their jobs as well. Sometimes just alerting the authorities is all that’s necessary. You don’t want to do anything to risk the safety of the kid.

  2. DON’T DOUBT THE CHILD. Kids don’t take denial well. They clam up. They avoid bringing up the abuse again. They feel as if they’ve done something wrong. Thus, if a kid tells you about abuse, don’t get mad or doubt it. Listen and act appropriately. Try not to judge or scold the kid.

  3. LISTEN AND BE PATIENT. You might feel the need to ask a lot of questions. Your mouth may start running with thoughts and emotions. Stay cool! Let the kid tell you what happened. Don’t put thoughts in the child’s mind. It’ll help you figure out what happened. Then, you can act accordingly.

  4. REAFFIRM THE CHILD. Kids that come forward on foster abuse need to be reaffirmed. Tell them you believe them. Tell them they are courageous. They are in fact both of these things. Children will also respond well to these affirmations.

These simple moves will help you if you find or suspect a kid is being abused in foster care. Remember, always try to get professional advice to ensure the child's health and safety are best secured.

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Turn to Us if You See Foster Care Abuse!

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has years of experience defending kids. We’ve helped children in all kinds of circumstances. We know how to identify foster care abuse and have put the hammer on negligent agencies before. If you think a foster kid is being abused, you cannot wait. The child is counting on you to help. We can guide you through the process. Call us today to see what options might be available!

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