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What are Pressure Sores?

What Are Pressure Sores Pressures sores are blisters that occur when your skin and the surrounding tissues and bones are injured due to significant and consistent pressure. They are also known as bed sores or decubitus ulcers. If you think you or a loved one has pressure sores, contact your physician right away.

  1. What Are The Stages Of Pressure Sores?
  2. How Can Pressure Sores Affect My Health?
  3. How Do I Prevent Pressure Sores?
  4. Think You Might Have Pressure Sores? Call Our Chicago Offices Today And We Can Begin Investigating Immediately!

What Are The Stages Of Pressure Sores?

By definition, pressure sores don't just happen overnight. The conditions that cause them need time to fester and the actual blisters need time to form. However, once they do arise, they tend to follow similar patterns. Here are the common stages of pressure sores:

  • STAGE 1: Pressure sores in stage 1 generally have not split open or broken the skin yet. They might appear to have a red hue and feel warmer to the touch. Also, the affected area might be more sensitive than normal.

  • STAGE 2: Stage 2 pressure sores are already in an advanced state. Typically, this is when the skin breaks open or ruptures. If it hasn't yet been torn, it might have the look and feel of a blister. During this stage, some skin might be so destroyed that it cannot be saved.

  • STAGE 3: During this stage, the pressure sore has already extended to neighboring parts of the body. It might have even formed a sunken crater or crevice at the site of the sore. By this time, you might see fat but probably not tendons, bones, or other body parts.

  • STAGE 4: At this point, the pressure sore has sunken so far down that you can see tendons, bones, muscles, and other parts of the human body. Damage will be severe and require extensive medical attention, possibly even surgery.

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How Can Pressure Sores Affect My Health?

Part of the struggle we have is convincing people across Illinois that pressure sores-also referred to as bed sores or decubitus ulcers-are more than just blisters. They can have significant complications on your overall health. For instance, they can create infections and allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Also, they can aid in the deterioration of your bones and joints. Finally, they can even lead to cancer. To understand more fully how pressure sores can affect your health, speak with your personal physician.

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How Do I Prevent Pressure Sores?

Many people ask us how they can prevent pressure sores from emerging on themselves or on their loved ones. In fact. there are some simple things you can to stop the spread of this menace. First, spend a lot of time cleaning yourself and keeping your skin as moist as possible. Second, change linens and pillows often. Third, chance your body positions throughout the day. Finally, try to exercise where and when it is appropriate.

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Think You Might Have Pressure Sores? Call Our Chicago Offices Today And We Can Begin Investigating Immediately!

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has worked with many people suffering from pressure sores. We have a long record of making sure that all different kinds of victims obtain relief, legal and otherwise, for these injuries. In an our consultations, we can help you determine if you have pressure sores and then explain the steps you need to take to recover if someone else is to blame for them. Also, we can fight for your rights for no charge until the whole matter is over because we can work on contingency. To hear more, contact our offices. You can call the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC at any time.

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