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Attorneys for People Injured in Werner Trucking Accidents

Lawyers Representing Injury Victims in Trucking Accidents With Werner Trucks

Werner truck accidentWerner Enterprises is an interstate trucking company that is headquartered in Nebraska and employs over 10,000 drivers and owns roughly 23,000 trailers used to transport materials that include construction equipment, lumber mail, produce, grain, and household goods.

When evaluating the safety record of any company it is important to note that some accidents may be the result of simple human error, but patterns may exist in the data which suggests that improvements can be made to reduce the number of serious truck accidents and fatalities on the road.

The following statistics reveal that Werner Enterprises can still make great strides toward improvement which will make our highways safer.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving a Werner truck, we invite you to contact the trucking accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC for a free review of your legal rights and options for recovery.

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Why Trucking Companies Hire Truckers with Driver Training Certifications

Many new students learning to operate a large tractor-trailer once considered avoiding the high tuition costs in receiving training through a private CDL school. Some trucking companies will hire men and women looking to work in the trucking industry to get paid a low wage while participating in the company's training programs.

Other transport motor carrier companies will hire new drivers with minimal experience and pay them based on their performance. These companies will train their student drivers at or near their nationwide terminals to ensure they receive the skills necessary to transport customers' freight between locations.

Alternatively, private CDL schools provide intense training to become a professional trucker learning how to steer and maneuver the vehicle, control pedal input, change directions, And make quick corrections to avoid trucking accidents.

A private CDL school provides a slower pace of learning with individualized attention. Every student driver passing the class will receive a certification Identifying them as a professional tractor-trailer driver with quality experience behind the wheel.

Many trucking companies recognize that learning how to drive from a professional trainer provides truck drivers with more valuable experience necessary to avoid trucking accidents. Professionally trained drivers also have a lower turnover rate when compared to drivers who acquired their license through paid CDL training.

Werner Enterprises Safety Statistics and Trends

Over a two-year period, 1,188 accidents were reported involving Werner Enterprises trucks, and 387 of the accidents resulted in an injury. Only thirty-six fatalities were reported over this time, but one-third of the truck accidents resulted in injuries requiring medical care of some kind.

The following statistics are also relevant when considering the company's safety record.

  • Regulators performed 19,592 inspections during this period. 234 out of service violations were reported, and there were 352 reports of drivers in violation of service hours requirements. These statistics are concerning when considering the impact that fatigue has on drivers and the likelihood of accidents when drivers have not received adequate rest between shifts.
  • Regulators performed 10,789 inspections on Werner Enterprises vehicles during this time, and 1,553 out of service violations were reported among these investigations. This statistic reveals that 15% of Werner Enterprises vehicles received at the very least, a minor infraction upon inspection.
  • 26 cases in which a driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol were reported. Luckily, when compared to the number of drivers and inspections, this number is low. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is just unacceptable and in an ideal world, this number would be zero.
  • Werner Enterprises has questionable maintenance standards. There were 4,046 instances in which an inspection resulted in a fundamental vehicle maintenance violation or worse. Compared with other trucking companies in the industry, Werner Enterprises is significantly behind its competitors.

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How Liability is Determined in Werner Truck Accident Lawsuits

There are several ways in which fault can be established following a truck accident. The most apparent determination of fault is when the Werner driver makes an error in judgment, is fatigued, or under the influence.

However, the truck driver is not the sole party that can be held responsible. The owner of the vehicle or the truck company itself can be held liable through vicarious liability and whoever is responsible for maintaining the vehicle can be held accountable if maintenance records show that the truck was not serviced properly.

Defective semi-tractors, trailers, and other equipment may also result in an accident. For this reason, it is crucial that you have an accident reconstruction team evaluate the scene of the crash and all relevant evidence to determine the exact cause.

From there, your truck accident attorney will be able to make a precise determination of fault and value your case accordingly.

If you have been in a truck accident, it is vital that you obtain representation from a legal team with resources that will add value to your claim and allow you to receive all of the services that you require during your physical recovery.

Sample Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settlements Involving Werner Trucks

$40,500,000 New Mexico Award

New Mexico jurors ordered Werner Trucking to pay surviving family members of truck accident victim Kathryn Armijo $40.5 million in financial compensation over the death of their loved one. Armijo lost her life in a horrific 2017 truck accident after a truck driver caused a head-on crash with the victim's vehicle after crossing four lanes of traffic on I-10 near Las Cruces, NM.

Jurors found that the trucking company, the trucker, and his trainer's negligent behavior caused the crash with the pickup truck. However, Derek Leathers, Werner president and CEO stated that "the accident that resulted in the tragic loss of [Armijo] was the result of a brief moment of operator error by the Werner driver [... who was] not distracted, fatigue, or impaired in any way. In every sense, it was simply an accident."

The civil lawsuit revealed that the trucker had recently graduated from Roadmaster Drivers School and was working for Werner as a student driver when the accident happened. Court records show that the driver had eight days of experience handling a tractor-trailer when he crashed into Armijo.

$10 million of the jury's award included punitive damages to punish the trucking company. The previous year, Texas jurors ordered Werner to pay $89.7 million to a crash victim's surviving family members.

$2,400,000 Missouri Award

A 62-two-year-old truck accident victim, Doris Edwards, while traveling on a Missouri road to avoid a collision late at night under poor visibility. The traffic was moving slowly when a Werner 18-wheeler lost control and crashed into the back of one of the cars, starting a large chain-reaction accident.

The truck accident involved numerous vehicles across most lanes of traffic, leaving many victims with severe personal injury and extensive property damage. Doris lost her life.

Her estate's truck accident attorney filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Werner Enterprises and the truck driver claiming that the defendants' negligence that disregarded safety policies caused the fatal crash.

The plaintiff claimed that the accident with the Werner truck driver occurred due to numerous failures. The Werner Enterprises driver didn't apply the brakes fast enough and didn't reasonably pay attention while behind the wheel.

The plaintiff's attorneys argued that the tractor-trailer operator didn't get enough rest before driving. In response, lawyers for the trucking company fought back claiming that it was not an operator mistake or fatigue, but poor visibility that caused the driver to crash into passenger vehicles.

Arguments, motions, and examinations were presented in front of a judge and jury. The plaintiff asked for at least a million in damages.

The jury's verdict awarded the estate more than two million dollars to compensate for the medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of consortium, funeral & burial expenses, and loss of the death. Yet, any amount of money is a paltry substitute after a trucking accident like this.

$6,500,000 Pennsylvania Settlement

A large Werner truck was traveling alongside a Volkswagen passenger vehicle in Pennsylvania when the car cut in front of the big rig. The dangerous move caused the semi-tractor-trailer to clip the Volkswagen, sending it across the street.

The passenger vehicle crashed into another car, bursting into flames. A man behind the wheel of the Volkswagen and another passenger died from burns.

Later, the decedent's estate attorneys file a truck accident case against Werner and the trucker. The suit said that the trucker was negligent by failing to avoid clipping the car. This was true in their opinion despite the fact that the victims cut off the truck.

Court documents reveal that complaint focused on Werner too, claiming that the trucking company should not have given its truckers the messaging system that the truck driver was using when the accident occurred.

The plaintiff's attorneys argued that the accident with a Werner truck was solely responsible for the deaths. Even though the defendants disagreed with the legal theory, they agreed to a negotiated settlement, paying the deceased's estate $6.5 million.

$18,500,000 Indiana Jury Award

This horrific crash resulted in one of the largest awards in truck accident history and changed the victim's life forever. The incident involved a Warner truck crashing into a man's vehicle while he was driving on I-74 in Indiana.

The head-on collision into the man's car threw the vehicle across the road, leaving the victim with significant brain damage, requiring immediate medical care. The man's brain injuries would require a lifetime of support, completely altering his personal life.

The victim's personal injury attorney filed a truck accident lawsuit against Werner trucking companies and the truck driver seeking compensation for his permanent disability. The lawsuit claims that Werner Enterprises was vicariously liable as the trucker's employer

The plaintiff's (injured party) attorneys and the defendant's (Werner truck) lawyers could not negotiate an acceptable settlement, causing the case to go to trial. Both sides presented evidence in front of a judge and jury.

Jurors sided with the plaintiff, stating that Werner truck and the truck driver caused the trucking accident entirely, allowing the plaintiff to receive the full measure of his damages, including the need for lifetime care for his brain injury.

Had the jury found him to be partially responsible, his financial recovery would have been reduced by a specific percentage. For example, if his portion was 50% or more, he would be barred entirely from ever seeking compensation for his damages.

Both sides couldn't agree to settle before trial. The matter was put to a jury. They decided the defendants were to blame. Also, they found the defendants were entirely to blame.

The court ordered Werner Trucking company's insurance company to pay the victim $18,500,000 to compensate for hospital costs, medical bills, lost wages, future lost earning capacity, pain, suffering, and a lifetime support for his permanent disability.

$15,785,257 Wyoming Jury Award

This accident involving a middle-aged man happened on a busy Wyoming road that intersects I-25 and I-80. Just before the accident, a Werner truck driver careening down I-25 clipped the victim's BMW, causing it to spin out of control.

The truck accident left the man with extraordinary injuries. The victim's personal injury attorney filed a civil lawsuit against Werner Trucking Company, citing negligence. The victim's wife was also listed as a plaintiff claiming she experienced damages from the crash indirectly, including lost support and consortium.

Lawsuit documents reveal that the victim suffered a spinal injury that would require years of ongoing expensive care. The victim's expenses involving the accident with the Werner truck driver had already exceeded over $1 million in medical bills.

His attorney claims that the truck accident took his client's thriving career and social life away. However, the lawyers representing Werner truck argued that it was the injured man that was responsible for the trucking accident.

However, jurors sided with the plaintiffs, awarding the driver with spinal cord damage $15,785,257. His wife received $2,284,000 as compensation for her damages.

Almost immediately, attorneys representing Werner Trucking Company appealed the jurors' verdict citing procedural problems. However, the Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court's decision, allowing the award to stand.

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Werner Pays Truck Accident Family Survivors $40.5 Million

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