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Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. In the worst cases, they can leave you with long-term injuries. The best defense against the threat of injury is to wear a helmet, but even this will not fully protect you from severe injuries if you are involved in an accident.

Were you involved in a motorcycle accident in Waukegan, Illinois? Are you seeking maximum compensation for your damages from the negligent party?

Our personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC are legal advocates for motorcycle accident victims like you.

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Motorcycle collisions have a devastating impact on riders and their families. You need to be prepared with the proper legal support in an accident. Our firm’s Waukegan motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get your life back on track after a severe injury from a crash involving motorcycles or any other vehicle type.

Our team is here to fight for justice when you’ve been injured in an accident that was no fault of your own. Your personal injury lawyer will ensure that all insurance companies pay what they owe and provide total compensation for your internal and visible injuries, medical bills, lost earnings, and pain & suffering.

You don’t have to deal with this alone! Let us do the work so you can focus on recovery!

Waukegan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycling in Waukegan, Illinois

Waukegan motorcycle riders anxious to spend a day enjoying the scenery along Lake Michigan should consider taking the Chicago Botanic Garden and Sheridan Road motorcycle route.

The 11-mile trek begins at Interstate 94 and Lake Cook Road just north of the Chicago Botanic Gardens, traveling east toward the lake. Then, just blocks before the shoreline, the road leisurely turns southward on Sheridan Road past Northwestern University and over Wilmette Harbor and Grosse Point Lighthouse, ending at the Francis Willard House Museum.

Most of the route takes the biker and passengers through the lakeshore suburban neighborhoods surrounded by impressive homes, green parks, and lush trees. With only a few traffic lights and stop signs, the curving roadway makes the adventure fun at a slow urban speed limit of between twenty and thirty miles an hour throughout.

The scenic motorcycle route offers a valuable and stress-free alternative to traveling down Interstate 94. However, the roads can be congested during rush-hour commutes. Because of that, bikers should be aware and drive defensively.

Waukegan Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle collisions are common in the Waukegan area and can be devastating.  When an injury occurs because someone else’s carelessness caused a car accident or other incident, we’re here to help compensate you.

During the aftermath of a motorcycle crash, the victims often deal with the stressful situation of finding compensation while healing.

Unfortunately, filing a motorcycle accident claim directly with the claims adjuster does not always produce the highest compensation based on the extent of injuries and property damage.

However, you have legal rights and numerous opportunities to hold the responsible party financially and legally accountable. Our Waukegan motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of motorcycle accident victims and their families.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys will work with you closely to ensure you understand your legal options as we negotiate with insurance companies and litigate against those who caused your injuries.

Our lawyers have helped numerous riders like you recover compensation for medical bills and can help your family. Our legal team currently represents clients throughout Illinois, including Cook County, DuPage County, Segment County, Peoria County, Lake County, Kane County, McHenry County, Winnebago County, and Will County.

Let our experience work for you. Our attorneys are standing by to answer your questions about this topic. Click here or call (888) 424-5757 to speak with a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney today!

Waukegan Motorcycle Accident News

More Waukegan motorcycle crashes occur during the summer riding season.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation [1], June, July, and August are the busiest months for motorcycle riders in Illinois. During this period, MOVE OVER law enforcement officers will be patrolling more diligently along Interstate 94 with strict attention paid to motorcycles.

Local news outlets reported on June 9th that the man who was clocked at over 120 miles per hour on Interstate 94 in Wadsworth was charged with reckless driving. However, the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office was more lenient after the man claimed he had a reason for driving that fast. He stated, ‘he must have been going fast enough to keep from getting run over by other drivers.’

A driver unable to stay out of a motorcycle rider’s way is an all-too-common excuse for a driver involved in a motorcycle accident.

However, the fact remains that most motorcycles are not wider than the average car, and despite being smaller, they have just as much right to share the road without being forced into dangerous situations by other drivers.

Recent Waukegan Motorcycle Accidents

The Waukegan motorcycle accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC remind bikers of the intrinsic dangers of riding in the Chicagoland area during daylight and nighttime hours.

Many motorcycle accidents in the Chicago Metropolitan area claim the lives of their victims when passenger vehicle motorists, truckers, and other bikers on the roadway drive inappropriately or while distracted.

  • In July 2020, a motorcyclist from Beach Park lost his life in a motorcycle accident involving semi-truck changing lanes unexpectedly. The Waukegan Police Department indicates that the Freightliner truck driver hit the fifty-eight-year-old motorcycle victim riding on his Harley-Davidson while both were heading northbound. Unfortunately, the biker succumbed to his motorcycle accident injuries at the scene.
  • In July 2014, a 23-year-old motorcycle rider from Chicago died after being struck by a vehicle pulling out of a driveway in Waukegan. The incident occurred in the 3500 block of Sunset Avenue during mid-afternoon. The lone 32-year-old occupant in the automobile was backing her vehicle into oncoming traffic. As a result, she was cited for failing to yield the right of way. The biker wore a helmet during the accident but was pronounced dead at the crash scene.
  • In April 2021, a Mundelein woman was charged with DUI after allegedly striking a local couple riding on their motorcycle, critically injuring the husband and seriously injuring his wife.
  • In January 2021, a Mundelein man was charged with reckless homicide for hitting and killing a motorcycle rider from Gurnee.

Most of these cases were resolved through payments from the other driver’s insurance company after the victims or surviving family members filed the personal injury lawsuit. However, in many cases, the injuries suffered by the victims were catastrophic.

Common Injuries in Lake County Motorcycle Accidents

Our Waukegan motorcycle accident attorneys have handled many cases where our clients have suffered catastrophic injuries when colliding with other motorists, trucks, or stationary objects.

In nearly all these cases, someone else’s negligence and reckless conduct, like distracted driving, led to the injury suffered by the motorcyclist or their passenger.

Typically, the injured rider or passenger will suffer the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Face and head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations (dismemberment)
  • Burns
  • Degloving injuries
  • Total or partial paralysis
  • Paraplegia, quadriplegia, or tetraplegia
  • Cuts, lacerations, and contusions
  • Herniated discs
  • Fractured or broken bones

Waukegan Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Poor road conditions can lead to motorcycle accidents in Waukegan. The city was ranked in the top 18% of Illinois’ most dangerous roads.

According to a report by TRIP, 42% of main roads are in poor condition, while 16% of bridges are “structurally gap or merging cars can cause motorcycle accidents in Waukegan.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 9% of all fatal crashes involved motorcycles during 2019, with most occurring between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Saturdays.

According to statistics maintained by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), the most common causes of motorcycle crashes involve:

  • The failure of another driver to detect, see or recognize bikers moving in traffic
  • A motorist in another vehicle is causing a collision because they spotted the motorcyclists too late to prevent the crash
  • Distracted driving by a motorcyclist, semi-truck driver, or motorist driving a passenger vehicle
  • Operating the motorcycle or another vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The motorcycle is leaving the roadway
  • A head-on collision with a truck or passenger vehicle
  • Other vehicles or motorcycles running traffic control lights or signs
  • A bike is slipping or sliding down to the roadway, causing skids and crashes
  • Operating the vehicle at excessive speed
  • Lack of sufficient training to operate the bike safely and adequately

The highest concentration of motorcycle fatalities per 10,000 registered reports from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) shows that Illinois has more licensed motorcyclists than any other state. The report further shows that nearly 2% of drivers ride motorcycles, or one out of every 50 motorists.

The law demands that all motorcycle riders and passengers wear helmets and protective riding gear to reduce risk.

Additionally, accident victims should contact the Chicago motorcycle accident attorney to recover the compensation they deserve for medical expenses, pain & suffering, lost wages, property damage, and construction defects like guardrails (or lack thereof) that can lead to motorcycle accidents in Waukegan.

Some states, including Illinois, have initiated ignition interlock use to reduce the number of motorcycle fatalities by impaired bikers.

This successful tool separates motorcycles and passenger vehicles [2] from drinking events where motor vehicle operators become impaired. Other states using bike interlocks include Virginia, South Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Florida, and California.

Safety Tips: Waukegan Motorcycle Accidents

Before heading out on the streets, authorities advise motorcyclists to prioritize safety. These traffic safety tips include:

For the motorcyclist:

  • Wear a helmet at all times to reduce the risk of a traumatic brain injury
  • Wear protective riding gear if going out on a long trip, during rain, or other poor weather conditions
  • Drive defensively and keep a safe distance from large vehicles that may cause motorcycle collisions in Waukegan
  • Ride at a speed that is comfortable for the environment, taking into account the cars’ speeds, along with other motorcycles
  • Use riding skills for cornering and braking, allowing plenty of room to exit the road in an emergency
  • Make sure the bike is functioning correctly before taking off on a journey
  • Communicate your intentions clearly to other motorists
  • Ride where you can be seen at all times but not too close to other traffic

For the motorcycle passenger:

  • Wear a helmet and protective riding gear if going out on a long trip, during rain, or other poor weather conditions
  • Know how to wear your seat belt correctly for protection in case of a car accident in Waukegan
  • Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs before getting into the motorcycle with the rider
  • Be sure that the bike is in good working condition and fastened securely

For the car or truck driver:

  • Maintain a safe distance between cars and motorcycles and never tailgate, especially when driving at high speeds near motorcycles
  • Allow plenty of time to stop for the biker if signs indicate an upcoming opening or exit
  • Make sure to look carefully for motorcycles at intersections and when changing lanes
  • Be aware of motorcycle speed limits, as this is not always the same as the speed limit for cars

These tips are not complete or comprehensive. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced Chicago motorcycle accident attorney to know what to do next.

Illinois Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Statistics maintained by the Illinois State Highway Safety Office show 162 motorcycle traffic fatalities in 2017. The number was slightly up from the 154 motorcycle deaths the previous year, increasing over 5% [3].

In addition, many survivors of a motor accident injury suffer broken bones, spinal cord injuries, TBIs (traumatic brain injuries), amputations, and road rash lacerations.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) [4] and the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were more motorcycle fatalities in 2016 than the previous year, a year with an increase of 8% from 2015. Since 2009, there has been a 64% increase in motorcycle fatalities. In total numbers, though, 2012 had the highest number of Illinois deaths at 54, while 2016 had only 50 biker fatalities.

In 2017 in Illinois, 19 accidents ended in 20 fatalities in Lake County; the number was up from 2015 and 2016.

In 2017, 61 people died due to an accident involving a motorcycle and another vehicle in Lake County. In Cook County, there were 80 fatal crashes with motorcycles and other vehicles in 2017 compared to 73 such accidents in 2016.

After Cook, Lake County’s position as the second biggest county in Illinois is significant for motorcycle accident statistics because more cars are on the road to crash into motorcycles.

There were 20 fatalities in Lake County involving a motorcycle and another vehicle or object, up from 16 accidents in 2015.

However, since 2013, this has been the trend in Lake County regarding motorcycle deaths: 2013-16, under 17 fatalities. 2017-22, 20 fatalities. 2018-23, 22 fatalities.

The same trend has occurred for Cook County’s motorcycle crashes from 2014 until 2018 (the latest data available):

  • 2014 – 73 motorcycle deaths
  • 2015 – 77 motorcycle fatalities
  • 2016 – 80 motorcycle fatalities
  • 2017 – 80 motorcycle deaths
  • 2018 – 82 motorcycle fatalities

Tragic accidents involving motorcycles can lead to catastrophic injuries, so if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash due to another’s negligence, contact an experienced Waukegan motorcycle accident lawyer today.

Waukegan Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer for Injury Compensation

Filing a Lake County motorcycle accident claim can ensure you receive maximum compensation when someone else’s negligence caused your accident.

A Waukegan motorcycle accident attorney can seek compensation on your behalf and deal directly with all insurance companies involved in the collision.

Our legal team will thoroughly investigate what happened and how to hold the other driver accountable for their reckless conduct. We can recover damages to ensure you receive funds for the following:

  • Hospital costs and medical bills
  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Lost wages and future lost earnings
  • Pain, suffering, mental anxiety, and grief
  • Funeral & burial expenses in preventable death cases
  • Loss of consortium and companionship in avoidable death cases

Suppose you have lost a loved one in an accident involving a motorcycle. In that case, our Waukegan motorcycle accident attorney can help you file a wrongful death claim with the insurance companies to ensure their negligent actions are held accountable.

Contact us today for your free case review. Let us fight for your legal rights and justice so you can focus on regaining

Are You Partially At Fault for Causing the Accident? You can Still Receive Financial Compensation

Every motorcycle rider has the same rights as all other drivers and travelers on the roadway. In many motorcycle accident cases, it is known that the motorcycle rider was partially at fault and still collects compensation for injuries and other damages.

It doesn’t matter if you were partly responsible; you can still receive financial compensation.

For example: If a driver makes an illegal turn in front of your path, causing your motorcycle to collide with their vehicle, it is 100% their fault.

However, you must prove that their “fault” was the leading cause of your motorcycle accident. It is essential to any injury claim and protects future victims from unnecessary liability.

If you were partly responsible for the accident, contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Waukegan today to learn about your rights.

When Claims Adjusters Use Unfair Biker Stereotypes to Determine the Motorcycle Accident Case’s Value

According to data, claims adjusters offer motorcycle riders the lowest financial compensation to resolve their accident claim, far lower than truckers and motorists involved in crashes.

Waukegan motorcycle accident attorneys have seen their fair share of insurance companies’ unfair biker stereotypes. They attempt to justify offering a low claim value by depicting motorcycle riders as “speed demons,” “reckless,” and “hard-headed.”

However, no data proves that motorcyclists tend to be more reckless than people in any other personal vehicle. Furthermore, motorcycle riders are more likely to wear a helmet and other protective gear than those in cars.

These unfair biker stereotypes result in claims adjusters using statistics that show that bikers have a less than 1% chance of becoming a millionaire after an accident. In reality, motorcyclists are typically very safe drivers with the right to receive financial compensation if another driver’s negligence caused their accident.

Wrongful Death Claims

Did you lose a loved one in a motorcycle accident? Are you seeking financial compensation?

You have legal rights to file a personal injury lawsuit against any negligent party responsible for the death or injuries suffered by your loved one.

All qualifying family members may file an avoidable death claim, including spouses, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, and grandparents.

If you have additional questions about who can file a claim for the preventable death of a loved one involved in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced Waukegan motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Refusal to Settle with Low Insurance Bids

When an insurance adjuster denies your claim, it can be tremendously frustrating. However, do not allow this to discourage you from pursuing compensation for the pain and suffering your family has endured due to another’s negligence.

If you refuse a reasonable offer of financial compensation, their refusal to settle may result in you paying more out of pocket if the case goes to trial.

Regarding your claim, it is vital to only settle for an offer you are happy with and deserve. However, if the insurance company does not allow this luxury, contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Waukegan today to learn more about your legal rights.

Waukegan Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC offers free legal consultation to victims of motorcycle crashes in Illinois. If you, or a loved one, have suffered severe injuries in a Waukegan motorcycle collision, our team of legal experts can help you get your life financially back on track.

Every lawyer in our law firm remains committed to fighting aggressively on your behalf to negotiate fair financial compensation or take your lawsuit to trial. In addition, our law firm will file a claim or lawsuit against every individual or entity at fault for causing your motorcycle/auto accident with serious injuries.

We accept all motorcycle injury cases on a contingency fee agreement, meaning you do not need to pay anything upfront. Our legal fees are only paid after we resolve your case successfully. Call our legal team at (888) 424-5757 to schedule a free consultation today.

During your initial consultation, our personal injury attorneys will discuss filing a personal injury claim against an insurance company, postponing your medical bills, and pain for funeral expenses in a wrongful death lawsuit, if applicable.

Contact us now! A Waukegan motorcycle accident lawyer will evaluate your claim, review the evidence, consider your medical needs, and provide various options to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer from our law offices for more information on filing a motor accident injury claim, our car accident lawyer profiles, the law office’s location in the Chicago area, and submitting a claim in Waukegan.

Resources: [1] Illinois Department of Transportation, [2] GHSA, [3] Insurance Information Institute, [4] NHTSA

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