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United Van LinesUnited Van Lines was founded as Return Loads Service, Inc. in 1928, in Cleveland Ohio. Its original business focused on return cargo shipments for other independent moving companies that were transporting goods between cities. As other moving companies providing the same services appeared across the nation, the Cleveland-based company adopted “United Van Service” as their new name.

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The Birth of a National Moving Company

The company struggled through the Great Depression and by 1933, dissolved United Van Service. Soon afterward, the original owners incorporated a new entity called United Van Lines and moved their headquarters in 1941 to St. Louis, Missouri. Today, the company holds the leading moving van lines market share and generates billions in revenue every year.

As of February 2014, United Van Lines controls 3243 moving trucks and 5539 drivers. The company’s primary business is focused on transporting domestic household goods and commercial/office products across northern America.

High Accident Rates Involving United Van Lines Trucks

Unfortunately, due to the excessive number of miles traveled each year by its thousands of trucks, many drivers working for the company have been involved in a United Van Lines truck accident. Within the last 24 months, the company and drivers have been involved in 116 collisions with victims suffering 26 injuries, and a single fatality.

As a way to maximize safety on the nation’s highways, the U.S. DOT through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) performs routine inspections on vehicles and drivers. Out of the total number of trucks in the United Van Lines’ fleet, 430 out of the over 3200 have been removed from service after inspection. Also, 219 of the more than 5500 drivers have also been removed from driving the nation’s roads.

These numbers represent lower than national averages. In fact, the 430 vehicles removed from service represent 13.3 percent of the total fleet, compared the national average of 20.72 percent. Also, only 4.0 percent of all of their drivers (219 out of 5539) no longer operate United Van Lines trucks, compared to 5.51 percent of the national average of truckers taken off the roadway during the same period.

Severe Accident Causes Associated With United Van Lines Collisions

While United Van Lines is recognized for their safe driving and well-maintained vehicle fleet, accidents still occur. The company’s moving van drivers are often subjected to demanding delivery constraints, where pickup and deliveries are held to a tight schedule. These constraints often result in extended workdays, causing many drivers and crews to work long hours loading/unloading cargo and driving within the regulated “hours of service.” Truckers easily become stressed, tired and fatigued, leading to catastrophic accidents with severe injuries and fatalities. Other causes of severe accidents include:

  • Distracted Driving – Moving van truckers can easily become distracted driving the long heavy rigs on side roads, roadways, and highways. Distractions can come from passengers in the cab, texting, talking on the phone or eating behind the wheel.
  • Improperly Loaded Cargo – It is essential to load the truck correctly to avoid shifting cargo during the transport and position heavier items evenly across the entire load. Shifting loads can make it more difficult to stop a heavy truck on downhill slopes, or handle safe maneuvering on winding roads or when changing lanes.
  • Improper Driving Habits – Truckers who fail to obey traffic rules, perform erratic lane changes, turn without signaling, or pass inappropriately can cause serious accidents.
  • Driving Too Fast – Speeding in a truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds can make it nearly impossible to stop in time when necessary. Also, excessive speed makes the vehicle unmanageable, where the trucker can quickly lose control.

Legal Remedies Available To People Injured In Accidents With United Van Lines Vehicles

Commercial moving company accidents are often the result of hidden violations or inadequate training where the motor carrier neglected to follow safety rules. As a result, delayed maintenance, defective parts, improper repair, negligent driving and inadequate supervision can cause accidents involving injuries and fatalities. Often, victims will hire a United Van Lines truck accident attorney to handle a claim for financial recompense.

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