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Truck Tire Blowout Accident Attorneys

Truck Tire Blowout It is too common an occurrence that truck tires are overlooked by drivers and maintenance crews before the driver is allowed to take to the road.

Truck tire blowouts can cause truck drivers to lose control of the vehicle while traveling at high speeds and shredded tires or blow brakes can cause unimaginable damage to other vehicles around the accident scene.

Tire blowout accidents are easily one of the most preventable types of accidents that occur on the road because a simple visual inspection and regular testing of tire pressure can allow drivers to detect when a tire has reached its last leg and needs to be replaced.

The experienced group of Chicago truck accident lawyers at our law firm assist personal injury victims after blown tire incidents to help them recover financial compensation for their medical bills as well as other losses in a truck crash case. We work with insurance companies, truck companies, and other involved parties to ensure you get what your legal rights require after the commercial truck accident or similar car accident because that is the most important thing.

Federal Truck Tire Regulations

Federal mandates (from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) require truck drivers and truck companies to maintain trucks (especially tractor-trailers, tow trucks, dump trucks, or other commercial vehicles) with tires that are safe and do not pose a hazard to others on the road in the first place, but these regulations are often ignored or not taken as seriously as they should be.

The requirements for steering wheel and tire inspection require truck drivers, truck companies, insurance companies, and maintenance workers to make sure that tires meet the following conditions before being allowed on the road.

  • There may be no visible defects on the tread of the tire such as belt material or body ply. The presence of these abnormalities is an indication that the tire is worn and in need of replacement. Improper tire maintenance, including air pressure checks, is a common cause of truck accidents and is the reason why so many victims of truck accidents sustain serious harms including brain injuries.
  • Tires must be manufactured by the tire manufacturer specially to bear the weight of the load being transported. More massive loads place additional stress on tires and tires designed for heavier loads must be used when appropriate and checked with a tire pressure monitoring system.
  • Proper tire pressure must be checked and maintained at appropriate levels. When tires are under or overinflated, they do not wear properly and are more prone to blowouts or flat tires-especially the rear tires.
  • Tread level must be monitored, and bald tires must be replaced. In many cases, a simple visual check will reveal that a tire is bald or has little tread remaining, but drivers are in a hurry to get back on the road and assume that the tire will not explode or flatten. By continually putting off a tire replacement, they are putting their lives and the lives of others in jeopardy.

Accidents Caused by Chicago Tire Blowouts on Semi-Trucks

When truck tires blowout, it results in the violent separation of material from the tire and the evidence of blowouts is often strewn across our highways and visible to drivers long after the blowout has occurred. Imagine being in the vicinity of the tire when it blows out and the truck driver loses control of the vehicle and you can understand the dangers presented to others.

The tread of the tire can impact other vehicles and cause motorists to lose control of their vehicles and crash. Also, the truck itself may become uncontrollable and overturn or be thrown into the path of oncoming traffic.

The mass and force behind large commercial trucks make them capable of incredible destruction, and the victims of these accidents often suffer severe injuries. If lucky enough to survive the crash, victims are commonly affected by their injuries for the rest of their lives as common injuries from truck accidents include traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, deep lacerations and amputations, paralysis and shattered bones.

It is tragic for anyone to need to endure these injuries over an issue that is entirely preventable if drivers and maintenance staff would merely do their jobs and inspect their tires before driving. Yet, a truck accident case may offer a way to move beyond these avoidable events.

Important Facts about Chicago Tire Blowout Accidents

  • Tire blowouts cause over 10,000 accidents each year.
  • Tire blowout crashes causes hundreds of fatalities annually.
  • Roadway conditions, tire leaks, overloaded rigs, and faulty maintenance are the main causes of tire blowout truck accidents.
  • Driver error or distraction of the victim is rarely the cause of tire blowout truck accidents.
  • Tire blowouts costs thousands of dollars to clean up, tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and much more in societal and financial losses.

Damage after a Truck Tire Blowout Accident in Chicago

Partially because of the size of the trucks involved and partially because of the speed they drive at on roads and highways, there tends to be a lot of damage, personal injury, and property destruction involved in these crashes across Chicago and the United States generally. The unexpected nature of the incidents leaves victims little time to prepare or react.

Consequently, they ordinarily suffer extreme personal injuries such as broken bones, herniated discs, and concussions. These require a lot of medical care and in turn, medical expenses.

Also, one must account for the property damage and time away from work. These will add on to the total damage of the blowout accident.

To go over what damage you sustained in a large truck accident, consult a personal injury attorney or truck accident law firm today. They can also show you what financial compensation may be available!

Financial Compensation after a Chicago Truck Tire Blowout Crash

After a blowout accident, there are actually a number of sources of relief and recovery available to you in the legal process. Normally, they will require you to either file a claim with the insurance company or a lawsuit based in negligence or wrongful death.

A team of experience Chicago truck accident lawyers can help in this regard by executing the following tasks, all critical to your recovery:

  • Investigation
  • Interviews
  • Legal drafting
  • Depositions
  • Trial presentation
  • Settlement negotiations

Should you be successful in your claim, you may receive damages for your immediate pain, long-term suffering, medical expenses, job losses, and other intangible effects in a successful verdict. Speak with our Chicago truck accident lawyers today to figure what recovery might be available to you from the insurance company or other party!

Trusted Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers

The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represent people just like you who have been injured due to the negligent actions of other people or corporations. If you or a loved one has been hurt, we would love to help you on the road to physical, emotional and financial recovery and have access to a network of professionals who will be able to address your medical and legal concerns.

Contact us today through our contact form to arrange a free consultation at one of our offices or a location of your choosing— we are happy to travel to you.

We will collect all of the information we need to perform our investigation and to determine the value of your case and what you might expect from the process of litigation as a whole. Once we have done so, we will be able to offer you the best advice on how to proceed with your case and make the first step. Because your best interests are our interests, we will never require payment from you until we have collected recompense on your behalf.

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