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Truck Rollover Accident Attorneys

Rollover Truck Large trucks are unable to accelerate or come to a stop quickly due to their size and weight, but sudden maneuvers are dangerous due to their higher center of gravity. Negligent truck drivers who fail to consider the limitations of their trucks can roll their vehicles over by not preparing adequately for a turn, and the results are often catastrophic. The Chicago truck accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are aggressive in their pursuit of the compensation victims are entitled to for their financial losses and physical and emotional suffering.

If you were injured in a truck rollover accident in Illinois, contact our office for a free evaluation of your case and discussion of your legal options for recovery. Our attorneys have experience representing people from across the state in all types of commercial vehicle crashes and are ready to assist you and your family.

The Most Common Causes of Truck Rollover

Most truck rollovers occur because the truck undergoes a maneuver that causes its weight to shift dramatically beyond what its center of gravity will accommodate. This could be for a myriad of reasons which include mechanical failure, human error or the influence of weather, substance abuse, distractions or fatigue. Here are the most common reasons that trucks experience a rollover.

  • The driver is speeding or traveling too fast for weather conditions. Speed isn’t only a factor in many accidents as a cause, but can also impact the severity of injuries that are suffered.

  • The driver turns too quickly or swerves to avoid an object. In both cases, it can be possible to shift the weight of the truck too far in the maneuver and lose control.

  • Distractions result in poor decision making and delayed reaction time. Mobile technology is the cause of distraction for all motorists and data has shown that most accidents on the road involve one or more distracted motorists. Truck drivers are no exception, and their choice to drive with distractions can have catastrophic consequences.

  • Drivers operate their trucks while fatigued. Sleepiness behind the wheel can mimic drunkenness and drivers who have not received adequate rest may be slower to react, experience problems with vision and make poor decisions.

  • The truck is loaded improperly or the load shifts. It is critical that trailers are loaded evenly to reduce the chance that the driver will lose control of his load or experience a rollover event.

  • Mechanical failure results in loss of control. Truck drivers may find themselves unable to prevent an imminent rollover accident if they experience the sudden loss of steering or braking, or if one of their tires blows out at higher speeds.

  • The influence of drugs or alcohol. The choice to drive while under the influence of any substance can easily end another person’s life. Even over the counter medications such as allergy or cold medicine can impact a driver’s ability to operate machinery, so it is essential for drivers to understand how drugs affect their driving skills and choose not to drive if they are compromised.

Negative Impacts of Truck Rollovers

Truck rollover accidents are a danger to other motorists and the truck drivers themselves. These accidents rarely have happy endings and those who are involved are at a risk of debilitating injuries or death. The impacts of rollover events include the following.

  • Multiple-collision events. Truck rollovers on the highway may impact more than one other vehicle on the road and have the potential to cause pileups due to chain reactions. Motorists can find themselves involved in the accident as they veer off the road in an attempt to avoid the pileup or when their vehicle is forced into others from the massive force of impact.

  • Head-on collisions and accidents involving motorists in opposing lanes. Head-on collisions are lethal— even more so when a truck is involved. When a truck rolls over, there is little that the truck driver can do to determine its trajectory and it may careen into oncoming traffic or force other vehicles across the median in a multiple-collision accident.

  • Driver injuries. The focus is often placed on the other victims of truck rollover accidents, and it is easy to forget that truck drivers may be severely injured in these types of accidents.

  • Vehicles crushed beneath the weight of a rolling truck. It is possible for a truck to continue rolling at high velocity and crush other vehicles in its wake until it comes to a stop. The occupants inside of this car can be killed or maimed for life with permanent injuries.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is an award-winning personal injury law firm serving the needs of Chicago’s drivers. Our attorneys have helped thousands of clients recover the compensation they needed to pay for their medical expenses and adjust to life after a catastrophic accident. If you have been injured in a truck rollover accident, we can help you.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our qualified and experienced Chicago truck accident attorneys to learn more about your rights and review your legal options with an attorney who specializes in cases similar to your own. If we are unable to help you recoup compensation, you are guaranteed that our services will not cost you a thing.

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