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Chicago Backing Up Truck Accident Attorney

backing-up truck accident lawyersBacking and other dangerous maneuvers can be complicated for even the most seasoned of trucker due to restrictions on visibility and the range of motion that the truck and trailer operate.

While most backing accidents involve inanimate objects like docking platforms, poles, and trailers, when motorists, passenger vehicles, or pedestrians are involved, it can be catastrophic.

The Chicago, IL trucking accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represent the injured by ensuring that they recover the compensation they deserve for the cost of their medical expenses, fatal injuries, passenger car damage, lost wages, pain and suffering. 

We help bring legal action against the liable parties (including trucking company, commercial vehicle or big rig operator, insurance company, etc.) for the damage that they caused.

Proper Backing Maneuvers for Large Trucks in Chicago

Truck drivers must handle the  blind spot space behind their trailers, and when they are attempting to back into or out of any area, they need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Any time it is possible, drivers should seek the assistance of a spotter who will help guide their maneuvers and alert them when objects cross the truck's path.

Truck drivers are also trained to do the following.

  • Avoid backing whenever it is possible to do so as it is impossible to detect when people or vehicles enter the path of the trailer unless a spotter is providing guidance.
  • Be aware of the vehicle's blind spots and get adjusted to them. Knowing where visibility is restricted helps drivers avoid putting themselves in situations that are dangerous to others.
  • When parking, consider paths that could be taken to exit the space so that the truck can be positioned to perform the maneuver most efficiently.
  • Perform a complete walk-around of the truck and trailer before backing to determine the amount of space available and whether there are people or vehicles behind the semi. If backing a considerable distance, additional workarounds may be needed just to ensure that nothing has changed.
  • Minimize the amount of turning that needs to be done in reverse by placing the truck into position while moving forward. It is much easier to line up for a docking maneuver while moving forward, for example.
  • Adjust the mirrors so that they offer the greatest amount of visibility and can be used as an aid while backing or cornering.
  • Use flashers, a backup alarm and horn to keep traffic and pedestrians aware of your presence and intent. This effort may prevent them from entering their path accidentally and without being noticed.
  • Take their time while backing and back in the lowest gear or while in idle.

Common Causes of Chicago Truck Backing Accidents

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers recognize that truck drivers never back into motorists, co-workers or pedestrians on purpose. They are still responsible when their mistakes cause injury even when in a tight space like a parking lot, however.

The causes of backing accidents include the following.

  • Driver distractions. Cellphones, text messages, radios and other technology can distract the driver and cause him or her to lose focus on the distance between the truck and an object or whether people or objects may have entered its path.
  • Lack of a spotter -- It is not always possible for drivers to rely on spotters, but whenever one is available, he or she should request assistance. When a spotter is not available, the walk-around method can be used.
  • Swinging the trailer too much while backing -- The path of the trailer is much easier to predict when moving forward, and the most minor of misjudgments can destroy another vehicle or an injury to a motorist or pedestrian.
  • Misjudging the distance between the truck and the destination ---- Common dock accidents often occur because the driver overshot and hit the dock with force.
  • The truck is not equipped with assistive technologies that can reduce the chance of an accident -- Backup cameras and sensors do now allow drivers to see where their trailers are in relation to where they need to go and should be used whenever possible.

Even at low speeds, accidents with trucks can prove devastating. In reality, most of the backing accidents truckers are involved in don't result in any injuries to people because the driver often hits a dock, unattended vehicle or some object in the truck's path.

When a worker is near the dock or a pedestrian or motorist is in the path of the trailer, it is possible for the victim to be crushed beneath the trailer's weight even though it is moving slowly.

Truck Backing Accident Damage in the Chicago Area

There are many, many truck backing crashes in Chicago (as well as the United States generally) and they cause a lot of damage.  They injure people; they destroy property; they tax local resources; and they leave thousands of personal injury victims stranded across Illinois every year.

You may not realize this, but there are places to turn for financial compensation for your personal injuries.  Having a competent Chicago law firm may help expedite that process, and we will discuss that in the following sections.

Relief in Chicago after a Truck Backing Accident

If you are involved in a crash like this, you may be left with serious injuries, sizeable medical bills, a totaled car, missed paychecks, handicap, and other harms and costs.  You can obtain financial compensation for these personal injuries from the insurance company, truck company, truck driver, or other opposing party if you file a lawsuit or insurance claim.

Most claims allow you to proceed for your out-of-pocket expenses, suffering, and other tangible and intangible losses.  The important step is sitting down with your legal advocate and properly identifying and adding up all of the harm from that arose from the incident.

Our team of personal injury attorneys and legal advocates could help you in that process.  We can also assist you in many other ways and you can learn about that in our free, no-obligation consultation.

Truck Accident Attorneys You Can Trust for Backing Injuries

The reality is that even when truck drivers have the best intentions, they are still responsible for their actions and should be expected to account for their mistakes. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can help you recover the compensation you need to recover from your injuries or adjust to a new quality of living if you have been involved in a truck backing-up accident.

We understand the physical, financial and emotional tolls that these accidents can have and how important it is to see you recover the compensation that is justly yours.

Contact us today through our contact form to arrange a free consultation with one of our award-winning Chicago truck accident attorneys so that we can gather all of the information needed to investigate your claim.

We will let you know what legal options are available and how we would proceed with your case to maximize the value of your claim. If we are unable to recover damages on your behalf for any reason at all, you are assured that our services won't cost you a thing.

Chicago Truck Accident Reading for General Information Purposes

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