Lawyers Value Wrongful Death Truck Accidents in Illinois

Sadly, even horrendous injuries are not the worst outcome of some truck accidents. Too many of these crashes involve the deaths of drivers and passengers. Here are some Illinois truck accident verdicts and settlements that involve fatalities.

2014; ILLINOIS; $1,250,000 SETTLEMENT:
This case was a complicated collision. The victim, a 61-year-old woman, was driving down an interstate in Kane County when a truck clipped her from behind but the incident did not stop there. Immediately after the truck rear-ended her, her vehicle was sent over the median and slammed into by a semi-truck. She died right after this Ping-Pong collision. 

Representatives of the woman’s estate sued both truck drivers for negligence and wrongful death damages. Specifically, the plaintiffs contended that the first truck driver did not maintain adequate brakes sufficient to avoid rear-ending her and that the second driver did not maintain requisite attention to avoiding hitting her head-on

Neither defendant could conjure a decent explanation so they both sought to settle. The plaintiffs received $1,250,000- $250,000 from the first truck driver and $1,000,000 from the second truck driver.

2013; ILLINOIS; $4,640,000 SETTLEMENT:
This Illinois accident had a lot of drama and a sad ending. A middle-aged man was riding along a highway in Cook County when debris flew into his direction. The debris was actually two tires that fell off a truck driving in the opposite direction. The tires hit his car and killed him instantaneously. 

The man was survived by his wife and children. They sued the truck driver not long after the accident for various damages arising out of his negligent conduct. The lawsuit alleged that the defendant did not properly maintain his vehicle’s tires, did not keep proper control of his vehicle, and did not hold sufficient records of the vehicle (a statutory requirement for trucks of that size). 

At first, the defendant denied any responsibility and claimed that the incident was beyond his control, but eventually he realized that his statutory violations and the decedent’s death spelled defeat at trial. Thus, he was willing to compromise. The plaintiff’s estate received a $4,640,000 settlement.

2011; ILLINOIS; $1,000,000 SETTLEMENT:
A truck driver was proceeding along the 90/94 highway on the south side of Chicago when his vehicle suddenly stalled. The car driver behind him could not respond fast enough and crashed right into him. He died upon impact. The decedent was survived by a wife, two girls, and one boy. 

Representatives of the deceased man sued the truck driver in a wrongful death action under the Illinois Wrongful Death Act. They claimed that the defendant did not sufficiently keep his truck in a proper condition, left it stalled on the highway, and did not give the decedent enough space to slow down and avoid the accident. The defendant could not measurably combat any of these allegations so he agreed to the sizeable settlement amount of $1,000,000.

2011; ILLINOIS; $1,275,000 JURY AWARD:
A truck driver was proceeding along Route 31 in McHenry County when he fell asleep and drifted into the opposite lane. At that exact moment, another car was passing him and the two ran smack into each other. The car driver died at the scene of the accident. The decedent was only 25 years old. 

Apparently, the truck driver was on medication and had foolishly mixed that with alcohol earlier in the day. That combination likely impaired him and led to the accident. The victim’s estate sued the truck driver for damages and the defendant admitted responsibility prior to trial so the only issue in court was the extent of non-economic damages. 

The two sides were far apart: the plaintiffs claimed their damages were approximately $5,000,000 while the defendant contended they were closer to $100,000. The jury decided that $1,275,000 was appropriate-$62,000 for past and future services and $1,212,500 for loss of society.

2005; ILLINOIS; $4,203,743 JURY AWARD:
A woman in her early seventies was driving through the Illinois countryside when she entered an uncontrolled intersection. Without signaling and without yielding to her, a truck driver also entered the crossing and ran right into her broadside. She died from injuries related to the crash almost two months later. 

Her husband brought suit against the driver and the driver’s employer for damages from the crash. He claimed the driver was negligent in the operation of the vehicle and that the employer was negligent in supervising him and entrusting the vehicle to him. 

The defendants denied all liability so the matter proceeded to trial. Even though the woman was relatively old, the jury still awarded her estate a hefty compensation package as you can see below:

  • Medical:
  • Pain and Suffering:
  • Punitive:
  • Total:
  • $503,743
  • $2,000,000
  • $1,700,000
  • $4,203,743

2009; ILLINOIS; $7,250,000 JURY AWARD:
This rear-end collision took the life of a 66-year-old man. He was driving his truck along a Will County interstate highway when a semi-truck hit him from behind and caused him to loose control of his vehicle. He died not long after from injuries related to the crash. 

Representatives of the decedent, including his wife and two kids, sued the other driver and the other driver’s boss for damages. They claimed that the defendants’ negligence caused the victim’s death and that they suffered damages because of it including loss of support and companionship. The defendants refused this rationale and the controversy went to trial where a sympathetic jury award the plaintiffs $7,250,000.

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