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Truck Accident Settlements: Sample Trucking Injury Cases

How Much Truck Accident WorthTractor-trailer trucks are frequently at the center of some of the most severe and costly motor vehicle accidents. The insurance companies who insure these vehicles typically defend these cases much more vigorously than your typical automobile accident case as the economic implications from a crash can have a substantial impact on a company’s bottom line.

The trucking accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has represented many people involved in various kinds of commercial truck accidents across Illinois involving motor vehicles such as: car accidents, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and even other truckers.

We understand that while the law is a complex series of institutions, rules, and procedures, the endgame for you is simple-- to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries.

You need recovery. You need the person or company who caused the truck accident to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, disability, disfigurement, and other damages. You can count on the personal injury lawyers at our law firm to stand up for you in the critical hours, days, and weeks after your accident to ensure that your recovery does not vanish.

We are proud of our track record of success with respect to substantial financial recoveries for injured motorists. In many cases our accident lawyers have secured multi-million-dollar recoveries from the insurance companies responsible for insuring commercial vehicles.

For information on specific tractor-trailer truck accident settlement information, please refer to these frequently asked questions below:

  • How Much are Truck Accident Broken Bone Cases Worth?
  • How Much are Truck Accident Brain Injury Cases Worth?
  • How Much are Truck Accident Herniated Disk Cases Worth?
  • How Much are Truck Accident Facial Injury Cases Worth
  • How Much are Truck Accident Wrongful Death Cases Worth?

How Much are Semi-Truck Accident Broken Bone Cases Worth?

Generally, broken bone claims for truck accident cases are worth the sum of your medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. For more information and analysis, see the case summaries below:


In this case, a young woman was walking around the hip Gold Coast section of downtown Chicago when, out of nowhere, a sanitation truck ran over the curb and onto the sidewalk.

A group of people jumped out of the way of the vehicle to safety. However, the girl was not as lucky. She was able to save a child by shoving him, but she could not save herself.

The garbage truck rammed into her, and smashed and broke bones in her legs, hips, and pelvis. If the driver thought he had any case before, then he certainly did not after investigators learned that he was intoxicated at the time of the incident. He and his employer quickly sought to settle and move on from the controversy. The woman received $7,400,000 through an out-of-court settlement.


This story involved a couple of young people horsing around but escalated quickly into a serious accident. A young man tried jumping onto the back of pickup truck, but the driver pulled away before he was completely onboard. The force of the fall fractured his tibia bone, and he sued the driver for negligence.

The lawsuit complained that he should have waited until all people were securely on the truck and that the driver was drinking and driving. The defendant countered that the plaintiff was also drunk and was contributorily negligent by jumping on the back of the pickup when it was apparently unsafe to do so.  The jury awarded the victim $250,000 in damages for his injuries.


A middle-aged man, in this case, was involved in a rear-end accident with a tractor-trailer. The speed and weight of the truck sent the victim's car flying across the highway. He sustained multiple injuries including several broken bones, herniated discs, and a kidney laceration. The man sued the defendant truck driver for negligence as well as the latter's employer because he was driving the truck in the course of his employment.

The suit contended that the defendant should have kept a better lookout, should have kept a more considerable distance from the plaintiff's car and should have taken action to avoid the crash. The defendants quickly and forcefully replied that the plaintiff was at fault for abruptly halting his vehicle.

The defendant also generally denied any responsibility to the extent of the plaintiff's claimed injuries. The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff for $120,965 across the following categories of damages:

  • Medical Costs: $14,965
  • Lost Wages: $70,000
  • Pain and Suffering: $36,000
  • Total: $120,965

How Much are Truck Accident Brain Injury Cases Worth?

Truck accident traumatic brain injury (TBI) claims return large sums of compensation through jury award or settlement because of the extraordinary medical bills and rehab, changed life circumstances, pain and suffering, and other effects of the serious injuries. To see how victims seek recovery after these incidents, read the following case summaries.


In this case, a young woman had stopped at a right light, waiting for the red light to turn green, when a large truck came screeching behind her and could not stop in time to avoid a rear-end accident. The impact from the commercial truck pushed her into the middle of the intersection and wounding her in the process.

She suffered a traumatic brain injury and concussion as well as a neck injury and back injury. The victim sued the truck driver and the driver's employer arguing that the latter was vicariously responsible under the theory of respondeat superior. However, her claim against the company was not supported in court because the trucker was not working that day but was just driving around for personal reasons.

The female victim was successful in resolving the truckers liability case though. The truck driver did not contest liability. He only denied the amount of damages that she asked for in her complaint. A jury found that an appropriate award for the crash, medical bills and her injuries equaled $80,771.


This accident started when a truck driver rear-ended a car that then kicked off a chain-reaction motor vehicle collision involving five other vehicles. The woman in the first car hit sued the truck driver for negligence.

She said that she suffered a traumatic brain injury and neck injury caused by the crash that affected her memory, emotions, and cognitive abilities. Due to these injuries, she alleged she could no longer continue her employment as a store manager.

The defendant truck driver could not deny that he was responsible for the seven-car pileup but denied that the incident affected the plaintiff as much as she claimed. In particular, he refuted the contention that she could not work as a manager of a retail store anymore. The jury found for the plaintiff for $203,806 in the following fashion:

  • Lost Wages: $3,806
  • Pain and Suffering: $20,000
  • Punitive: $180,000
  • Total: $203,806

How Much are Truck Accident Herniated Disk Cases Worth?

Herniated disk cases after truck accidents often average tens of thousands of dollars for three reasons: first, medical care to treat them is complicated and costly; second, rehabilitation for these injuries takes patients away from work and family; third, they leave victims with pain and suffering long after the incident. Learn more about the value of herniated disk cases from these summaries.

2016; ILLINOIS; $1,450,000 Herniated Disk Settlement:

In this truck accident dispute, the defendant rear-ended the plaintiff's vehicle with his truck. Then, things got really complicated. Lumber in the rear of the plaintiff's vehicle went flying through the window and hit the plaintiff. That event and the injuries from the truck accident itself caused him tremendous damage.

He herniated a disc, broke a rib, shoulder injury, punctured his lung, and sustained cervical stenosis. The medical care for these harms alone was almost $1 million. Plus, since he could not work right after the crash and then in the future because of rehab, he projected almost another $1 million in damages due to lost income.

To make up for this as well as the suffering and disability that came with it, he sued the truck driver. Soon after that, he was directed to the relevant insurance company because fault was not really contested. The defendant was clearly responsible. At the end of the negotiations, he obtained $1.45 million in compensation for his harms and losses.

2006; ILLINOIS; $975,000 Herniated Disk Settlement:

The woman who filed this case was forty-nine at the time of the events. She brought the claim against Commonwealth Edison for an incident that happened at a busy Chicago intersection. She maintained, and was supported by eyewitness testimony, that the ComEd truck did not yield to her at a stoplight and slammed into her car.

Apparently, the stoplight was not functioning properly due to a recent thunderstorm, but the woman clearly had the right of way. Due to the crash, she suffered a back injury with several herniated disks. Many of those had to be fused together in order to correct the problem. The woman argued that the events cost her $300,000 in hospital bills as well as $180,000 in lost wages.

ComEd did not want to litigate the matter. Quite to the contrary, they quickly moved to settle and end the matter. In the end, the woman obtained $975,000 in damages for her economic and non-economic damages.

How Much are Truck Accident Wrongful Death Cases Worth?

Claims for wrongful death average more than any other because of the tragedy of the loss and impact on the family. As you can see in the case summaries that follow, there is hope for relief in Illinois if your loved one is involved in a similar event.

2019; ILLINOIS; $1,125,000 Wrongful Death Settlement:

The events of this truck accident case arose in Indiana, but the case was actually filed in Cook County, Illinois. A family (husband, wife, and child) was driving down the tollway when a large truck clipped them from behind. Each one of the family members was injured traumatically.

The father broken multiple bones throughout his body. The child suffered scars, a concussion, and neck damage. The mother was damaged most of all. She sustained a brain injury that eventually took her life. Combined, the family incurred over $1 million in medical bills. This was not to mention the pain of the mother's passing as well as their long-term pain, suffering, and other damages.

They sued the trucker's employer but were soon rerouted to the company's various insurance carriers. This lawsuit was not destined to be decided by a jury. Rather, the parties settled for a reported $1.125 million. That sum was to compensate the family for their loved one's wrongful death and all the harm that the trucker and the trucker's employer caused them.

2019; ILLINOIS; $1,000,000 Wrongful Death Settlement:

The victim of this tragic wrongful death truck accident case was just twenty-seven years old. She was driving to her job late at night in the south suburbs of Chicago. She worked as a manager at Walgreens. A trucker made an Illegal U-turn in front of her and caused a crash between the two vehicles.

The young woman suffered a brain injury as well as damage to her spinal cord. Eventually, these wounds were too much for her and she lost her life because of the truck accident. Along the way, her estate had racked up almost $150,000 in medical bills from the events.

This action was brought on her behalf. It sought compensation and relief from the trucker's employer for her untimely death and all the damage it wrought. The insurance company for the logistics company offered the plaintiffs $1 million to settle and they accepted that offer as it represented the insurance policy limits for the tractor-trailer.

2019; ILLINOIS; $15,000,000 Wrongful Death Settlement:

This incident reminds us of a constant danger on the road: sleepiness. A truck driver fell asleep while driving down Interstate 80. When he woke up, he realized he was in the wrong lane and going the wrong direction. He tried to reverse course and mitigate his errors, but it was too late. Another car slammed right into him in a head-on collision.

The driver of that automobile died from the injuries he sustained in the truck crash. Injury lawyers for the man's estate filed this action and sought recompense against the company who employed the trucker.

They sought extraordinary damages for this blatant act of negligence which no doubt caused the early death of the 54-year-old man. In the end, the parties were able to arrange a settlement to resolve the controversy and it was one of the highest sums listed for Illinois truck accidents: $15 million. This amount represents the insurance policy limits for the commercial vehicle.

Do You Have a Loved One Seriously Injured in a Trucking Accident?

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC appreciates the significance a severe injury from a truck crash has both on the accident victim and his or her family. Our attorneys regularly retain the services of experts in the fields of physical medicine, rehabilitation, and economics to ensure the full extent of your injury is conveyed to a jury or insurance company evaluating your case.

Contact our office for a free consultation today and an attorney will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your legal options.

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