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Chicago Excavation Accident Lawyer

Excavation is a dangerous activity for a number of reasons. Injuries that are suffered in excavation accidents can be severe and, in some cases, may result in death.

When you or a family member has been injured in a construction accident, you are likely facing prohibitive costs, both in terms of medical care and lost wages from missed work.

Trench Collapse / Excavation Injuries

You may be able to receive financial compensation for your injuries in an excavation accident lawsuit. If the case settles or the court rules in your favor, you can be paid damages.

To get this, you will need an experienced excavation accident attorney on your side to fight for you since the party who was responsible for your injuries will not simply admit fault.

The construction accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have a strong track record of recovering compensation for clients with serious injuries related to their construction work.

How Excavation Accidents Happen at Construction Sites

When workers are digging at a construction jobsite, there are all sorts of unknown factors at work that do not become apparent until it is too late. Here is some of what can go wrong in an excavation job:

  • Underground utilities- An excavator can be digging underground and not know the location of underground utilities. This can result in the risk of electrocution or that the excavator could strike something that may cause the excavator to tip over. This occurs when the employer has not properly planned before beginning the excavation because they should have a knowledge of what is underground.
  • Tip overs or strikes- The actual excavator that is in use may be defective. When this happens, numerous people are at risk including the person operating the machine and those is in the vicinity of the excavation. The defect can cause the excavator to tip over or it can cause the excavator to strike someone near the excavator.
  • Collapses- If the area is not properly surveyed or the excavator has not been given proper instructions, there is a risk of a collapse. This can bury the person in the excavator under soil or can cause a wall to collapse on top of the person digging under it. One common type of collapse in this area is a trench collapse.
  • Injuries to Bystanders- Sometimes, it is not only the operator of the excavator who is at risk for injury. Oftentimes, the operator themselves is the one that is negligent and may discharge their load on someone who is in proximity to the excavator.

Protective systems and soil analysis should be used to prevent soil movement in trench walls, trench boxes, and other areas. Otherwise, soil cave ins in the trench wall, excavated soil area, exit trenches, or other areas could happen-especially an unprotected trench.

Trenching and excavation need to be monitored for worker entry situations with occupational safety and health standards in mind.

These should keep in mind heavy equipment, dump truck and raised loads burdens, fall protection, toxic gases per cubic yard (one cubic yard), a cave in, and general trenching issues.

Call us for a free consultation on OSHA standards related to excavation s and trenching. We have a good grasp of OSHA related to excavations and can help ensure elimination of risks.

Normal risks workers face in this regard include toxic fumes, trench falls, low oxygen, no safety materials, and other hazards with excavation and trenching at the site location.

Types of Excavation Injuries Sustained by Construction Workers

Many of the excavation accident cases that our lawyers handle involve serious injuries that give rise to a workers' compensation or personal injury claim. Below are some injuries that our law firm has handled.

  • Crush Injuries - One of the common injuries from excavation accidents is a crush type injury. When people are involved in some sort of a collapse or have the load from an excavator dumped on to them, they may suffered from a broken bone or other serious injuries.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries - In addition, those who are injured run therisk of a traumatic brain injury. This often occurs when an excavator tips or someone is struck by the arm of the excavator. Any type of head injury can cause permanent brain damage which can result in cognitive deficiencies or the loss of bodily function.
  • Paralysis - When one is in an excavator that has tipped over, they may suffer and injury to their head, neck or back that can render them a paraplegic or quadriplegic.
  • Fractures - One who has been injured in an excavator accident can suffer a fracture. In some cases, these injuries are so severe that the person may lose the use of an extremity permanently.
  • Death - If a family member is fatally injured in an excavation accident on a construction site, his or her family may have the legal right to pursue a wrongful death claim against the construction company or contractors working in the area.
  • Harmful Substances - The excavation can release toxins into the environment that those who are working on the site inhale. This can cause long-term health problems and act as a possible carcinogen.

Trench workers and other employees face huge risks and safety dangers within the trenches and excavations even for a competent person. Excavation and trenching requires workers to learn about the trench and excavations they are placed in intimately including all materials.

If they fail to take trenches and trench safety seriously, their health and life could be at risk during the excavating process. Talk to us about OSHA standards today to learn more about trenches, excavating, and what a competent person can do to stay safe in a trench.

Possible Damages Available in an Excavation Accident for a Construction Worker

The more severe injuries that you have suffered, the higher your likely financial award may be in a settlement or jury verdict. Here is some of the damages that an injured party can recover in an excavation accident:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages for both past and future earnings if you or your loved one is unable to return to work
  • Costs of medical bills, both the medical care in the past that was not covered by insurance and future care, which includes any type of home health care of nurses.
  • Mental anguish
  • Punitive damages
  • Possible legal fees
  • Loss of consortium for the deceased person’s spouse in a wrongful death lawsuit

Your state's health administration and OSHA should have rules for how workers are supposed to operate in a trench or in an angle inclined work site. This may include soil classification, training for workers, required equipment and more.

How Much Is My Excavation Injury Case Worth?

Construction workers face many excavation hazards and occupational safety risks at an excavation site and in the construction industry generally. These can include trench collapses; trench walls failure; deficient protective systems; cave ins; loose trench edges; etc.

If any materialize, construction workers can get hurt at the job site, excavation site, or broadly in their excavation work and excavation operations. They can bring a legal claim for the harm and damages that arise.

In fact, personal injury cases are common for trenching accidents and worker fatalities. The case worth of such a case can include money for you pain, medical bills, lost wages and more.

Call us for a free case evaluation about your claim and case worth.

Our lawyers are experts in preventing excavation accidents in a construction project including cave ins as well as trenching and excavation breaches. We can analyze the excavation work to see if the cave ins or other accidents could have been prevented,

Have You or a Loved one Been Injured in an Excavation Accident? Get Legal Help Now

Call the attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC at (888) 424-5757 for your free no-risk consultation for your potential excavation injury lawsuit. We can discuss the facts of your potential case with you.

We can also inform you about the legal process that must be followed for you to receive financial compensation for your injuries. We are only paid if you are successful in achieving some sort of financial recovery for your injuries.

Call us to talk today or visit one of our conveniently located offices. We can look forward to working for you.

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