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Chicago Teen Driving Accident Lawyer

Teen Driver Car Accidents in Chicago, IL

chicago teenage driving accident attorneys It is a rite of passage for teenagers: getting their drivers' license. In order to secure that privilege, teen drivers must take extensive motor vehicle lessons, obtain insurance, and practice. However, this does not prevent them from causing numerous car accidents.

Teen driving accounts for injuries, damage, and pain and suffering each year. The actual reason can vary: distracted driving, inexperience, driver error. What does not vary: teen driving accidents

Talk to our accident attorneys after a teen driver crashes into you today about a case.

If you or a loved one was involved in an auto accident with a teen driver, contact us for a free consultation with a Chicago teen driving accident lawyer from our law firm.

Our team of accident lawyers can review your personal injury, medical bills, or pain and suffering to see how the teen driving accident caused them.

Each one of our accident attorneys is experienced and can make sure the teen drivers are held responsible for maximum compensation and damages.

We regularly work in Chicago, Illinois but you can contact us all throughout the state for legal claim advice on these cases or similar practice areas.

If you are in a crash today, do not wait. it could jeopardize the trial or let the at fault person get off the hook when the time is right as often happens. Take time to contact a car accident attorney in Chicago IL today.

How We Help if You are Injured in a Car Accident With a Teen Driver

Any crash can seem like it came out of nowhere. You may experience feelings of shock, frustration, and pressure like you never have. When it all comes back to you, and you realize there are certain things to do, that is when we can help.

Of course, focus on your health and listen to your doctors. We can take care of the rest.

How can we help after a car accident with teen drivers? While we could discuss all of that and the different practice areas for hours on a live chat, there are a couple of things to key in on for your case.

First, as you are rushed to the hospital, we can investigate what happened and which teenager was responsible. Also, an accident lawyer will talk to all people involved to understand the road conditions and exact circumstances of the crash.

Second, our law group can initiate communications with the insurance company and motorist. It is critical that you conduct these conversations with counsel because these parties will try to get you to admit it was your fault. An auto accident lawyer can protect your compensation at this stage of the claim.

Third, we can file a case if negotiations prove futile. Car accident lawsuits are complicated and require a thorough understanding of Illinois law and long record of trial experience to win. You can have that with an accident lawyer from our network.

These are just some ways that counsel can help after a car accident. Contact us to learn how else we can assist you!

FAQS About Teen Drivers and Driving Accidents

Below are some frequently asked questions related to car accidents involving teenage drivers who are drivers or occupants. Each Chicago car accident attorney in our office is familiar with the issues involved in these cases and stand ready to assist you.

As with all of our auto accident cases, we work on a contingency fee basis and only receive a legal fee when we are successful in obtaining a financial recovery for you.

Talk to a lawyer today for a free consultation.

What Do You Do When a Teenager Gets Into a Car Accident?

If you are injured in a car accident with a teen driver, you should call 911, call a tow truck, take photos of the area, record notes of what happened on your phone, and follow up for a police report. You should also contact your insurance company to advise them about the accident.

If you have any other questions about the auto accident, talk to our accident lawyers by phone about what to do.

What Causes Teenage Driving Accidents?

Normally, teenagers cause car accidents for the following reasons: inexperience; distraction; drunk driving; texting (distracted driving); recklessness; no seat belts.

If you were involved in an accident with a teen around Chicago IL, contact and speak with our trial lawyers on the phone about your injury case in a free consultation about potential compensation.

What Percentage of Car Accidents are Caused by Teenage Drivers

About one in ten motor vehicle accidents are caused by teen driving in Chicago and the United States as a whole.

However, death and injury has gone down in some areas of teen driving. Contact an attorney to review the law and get help as it relates to teen driving in Chicago through live chat or phone.

What Percentage of 16 to 18 Year Olds who Died in Auto Collisions are Killed in Single Vehicle Accidents?

A little more than forty percent of teenage passenger vehicles died in single car accidents. This is a higher rate of death than older people involved in the same crashes and subsequent cases.

Can You Sue for a Minor Car Accident?

Yes, you may be able to sue the teenager responsible for the auto accident. The law does not differentiate between the age of the driver who causes an accident. The teen driver may also have an insurance policy with an insurance company that may afford you relief as well.

In some situations, where a teen was driving their parent's car, you may be able to recover compensation from the parents or other owner of the vehicle.

Talk to an accident lawyer about cases that can help with your injuries, medical expenses, damages, or even the death of a loved one over the phone today.

How do Teens Cause Accidents in Chicago?

Many times, auto collisions happen from bad luck or happenstance. Yet, in many other circumstances, it is caused through intentional misconduct or unreasonable actions.

You may have seen this yourself on the roads. These are some of the most frequent ways that young drivers cause mishap on the streets:

  • Distraction. This situation often arises when more than one person is in the car and they are talking back and forth but not keeping an eye on the road.
  • Texting. Sometimes the young motorists cannot wait to get to the party and must talk to the people before they get there.
  • Inexperience. Sometimes drivers are thrown into situations they have never been before and respond poorly like with heavy snow or wet road conditions.
  • Intoxication. Drinking and driving affects every demographic but can be particularly dangerous with persons that have little experience holding their liquor as well as controlling their vehicle.
  • Fatigue. We all get tired and so do teens. When they do, they cause accidents at even higher rates.

Get The Facts on Teenage Driving Dangers

To give you a real idea of the size and scope of this problem, consider these facts:

  1. Thousands of teens die each year in crashes.
  2. Hundreds of thousands of them need medical treatment in hospitals annually.
  3. These incidents take a tremendous financial toll-tens of billions in medical bills alone.
  4. Boys are twice as likely to get injured in car accidents then girls are.
  5. Almost half of all teens killed in auto wrecks were not wearing a seatbelt.

Applicable Law and Analysis Surrounding Teen Auto Accidents

You should understand the laws that hold people accountable for an auto accident, both young and old. In Illinois and other states, there are laws of negligence. These give victims a cause of action if a defendant's unreasonable conduct caused their injuries.

What is unreasonable conduct? This can be many things including speeding, drinking and driving, texting while driving, or any other kind of conduct not proper for the circumstances.

What kind of injuries will a court recognize? The law accepts every economic and non-economic form of damage that an event caused someone in their negligence cause of action. Typically, this means medical bills, pain, suffering, property damage, disability, scarring, and similar losses.

Speak to an experienced lawyer about your accident and the specific case you should file. You deserve maximum compensation that the law allows.

Teenage Auto Crash Claims and Cases

Below are some sample settlements and verdicts related to teen driving accidents in the Chicago area. While these cases can be useful information, we caution you from refraining from drawing too much comparison to your situation.

All cases are truly unique and the circumstances involved in each claim can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

Consequently, after reviewing this information, we invite you to call or contact an experienced car accident attorney in our law firm who can discuss your case with you and what your legal options for a recovery may be.

$250,500 Settlement; Chicago IL Teenage Car Accident Case; 2019:

This unfortunate accident involved a teenage boy and an elderly woman. She was eight-two years old at the time of the collision. He was driving down 151st street in Orland Park. As he attempted to drive through the intersection, the light changed from green to yellow. He hustled to make a left turn but the light turned to red first. At this exact moment, the elderly woman was coming from the other direction and they crashed.

The accident was his fault because he failed to yield to her. Due to the event, she fractured a bone, suffered various personal injuries, and also experienced a stroke which precipitated her death. Lawyers for the woman's estate brought this action against the teenage driver for negligence and wrongful death.

Luckily, the boy was insured so the insurance company was able to give the plaintiffs $250,000 in settlement compensation. The boy threw in another $500 to add to the financial compensation.

$2,750,000 Settlement; Lake County, Illinois Teen Drunk Driving Lawsuit; 2015:

A pair of teenagers left a party in Lake County, Illinois drunk. They were driving down Route 43 when the teen driver lost control of the vehicle. The teenage passenger was paralyzed as a result of the incident.

He had over $1 million in medical damages plus a lifetime of pain, suffering, and cost of living increases. Apparently, parents of the home where the party occurred knew about the underage drinking but took no steps to stop it.

Due to that effort, attorneys for the injured boy brought a dram shop action against the family. They claimed the parents were negligent (negligent entrustment) and responsible for the drinking, intoxicated driving, and subsequent catastrophic injuries.

Lawyers for the family's insurance company settled for $2.5 million. The plaintiffs also settled with the driver for an additional $250,000.

$2,000,000 Settlement; Lake County Illinois Teenage Car Accident Case

A teenager rear-ended a middle-aged man in this case. The boy was a delivery driver at a local department store. The man was an elevator repairman. He suffered a brain injury which led to memory loss and cognitive impairment.

The man also fractured his spine. In his subsequent suit, he claimed over $100,000 in medical expenses and over $400,000 in lost wages.

The insurance company for the boy settled with the plaintiff for $2 million.

$232,5000 Settlement; Chicago IL Teen Driving Accident Claim

Three teenagers were driving down the highway in suburban Cook County when the driver lost control of the motor vehicle. They were all sixteen at the time of the crash.

The two passengers were actually sisters and unrelated to the driver. The sisters both suffered multiple personal injuries totaling almost $30,000 in medical expenses. They sued the driver. Since she did not have any funds, the pair ended up dealing with that girl’s insurance carrier, State Farm Insurance.

That company was willing to cooperate and entered into settlement negotiations. Together, they obtained $232,5000 in financial compensation. Of that total sum, one of the girl’s received $225,000 and the other recovered the rest, $7,500.

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This can help make up for the personal injury, medical bills, and pain and suffering that the car accident caused you.

No accident should devastate your life this much. We can negotiate with the teen drivers or insurance company that is giving you a hard time. Plus, we work on contingency so you do not pay one dollar until we win for you! Contact us for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer today. Your recovery should not wait.

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