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Table Saw Injuries

Table saws are incredibly dangerous machines capable of causing serious injuries in an instant as the result of even the slightest misstep by the operator.

Thousands of people suffer from devastating injuries every year after losing fingers or hands while using a power saw. Many of these workplace incidents and harms are due to design flaws and could be prevented entirely with the implementation of saw stop technology.

Many table saw manufacturers have refused to implement this safety feature technology in their products, and this decision may make them liable for any injuries caused since the existence of SawStop technology.

The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC, helps people who have suffered serious injuries with table saws due to a design flaw. 

Our Chicago construction accident attorneys are experienced in the field of product liability law and are committed to holding manufacturers accountable when their machines cause an injury. 

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What is SawStop on Table Saws?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, available safety technology (SawStop) could revolutionize the power tool industry for more than a decade if tool manufacturers would use the flesh-sensing technology in their designs on table saws sold worldwide. Instead, not all table saws show certain safety features to ensure consumer safety.

This flesh-sensing safety technology uses sensors in the blade mechanism that senses electrical signal conductivity. 

The Consumer Products Safety Commission states that SawStop and other flesh sensing technology will completely stop the movement of a saw blade within 1/200th of a second of being triggered.

The safety device works because the human body is much friendlier to electrical currents than the materials that power saws and table saws cut— primarily wood.

Wood is an extremely poor conductor of electrical current. However, humans are capable of having currents passed through bone, muscle, and tissue. When SawStop senses that human flesh has made contact with the blade, it shuts the device off.

How Saw Stop Technology Impacts an Injury Lawsuit Involving Table Saws?

Negligence is defined as any action or inaction that causes damage to another person or entity, regardless of intent. Willful negligence is generally considered to be worthy of much more severe punishment than negligence that occurs due to human error or poor judgment.

How this relates to table saw injuries in the past ten years is that the refusal of the major table saw manufacturers to install a device that they are fully aware will improve its safety is a willful refusal to address a major safety concern.

Since the technology exists to save countless limbs and lives, power saw companies must be held accountable for their refusal to incorporate its use.

The personal injury attorneys can file an injury lawsuit for injured victims and their loved ones (wrongful death lawsuit) for their harms (lacerations, medical expenses, etc.) and other damages.

Sample Settlements & Verdicts Involving Table Saw Injuries

$445,000 Settlement; Cook County, Illinois:

Here, a carpenter in his late thirties sued a couple of equipment manufacturers, Delta and Marathon, as well as some other companies after he had an accident with his table saw. The tool cut into his thumb and three fingers, causing severe lacerations, nerve damage, and permanent injury.

He needed the former amputated and racked up over $20,000 in medical bills. He also lost almost $100,000 in lost wages due to missed work because of the accident, resulting in a settlement of $445,000 for his injuries.

$638,593 Verdict:

The 40-year-old plaintiff in this Illinois personal injury cause of action was a construction worker operating a new Makita table power saw when the material kicked back, injuring several of his fingers. His injuries required multiple surgeries and rehab costing almost $60,000.

Unlike many tables that saw injury lawsuits, the company did not attest to any of these allegations of a defective product. However, the jury awarded the man nearly $700,000 for his damages.

$68,278 Verdict:

The victim in this Ryobi table saw the accident was just thirty at the time of the events. He worked as a Chicago cop but was using his saw on a day off.

As he tried to pivot and dado, the wood moved, and the saw's spinning blade went into his left hand, breaking his index finger and ring finger. He needed extensive medical work (almost $10,000 worth) and missed substantial time from work over three months.

He sued the saw manufacturer and claimed it was unsafe and defective. Like many injury cases, the jury found for the plaintiff, awarding him $68,278 in financial compensation.

Table Saw Injury Law FAQs

Here, we provide answers to frequently asked questions from construction workers and other people who were injured (who had loved ones injured) by a table saw.

How Dangerous is a Table Saw?

Table saws built without safety technology are probably the most dangerous woodworking tool used on construction sites and cause nearly 100,000 injuries every single year in the United States. It includes most types of saws like circular saws and chainsaws.

How Can You Prevent Table Saw Accidents?

You can avoid table saw injuries and accidents in Chicago and other states in the United States by wearing protective equipment, blocking kickback, adjusting blade height, using a splitter or riving knife, and positioning it safer.

What Can You Not Do with a Table Saw?

You should never use a table saw for free-hand cuts. Instead, keep the saw components in place and guide the blade with the fence or gauge as you cut the item to avoid a saw injury, finger amputation, nerve damage, or laceration to body parts.

How Fast is the Table Saw Kickback?

Many table saws typically used by construction workers and other people in Illinois normally revolve around their axis at a rate of 4,8000 times per minute, almost 150 miles per hour. Many table saws sold without safety features or SawStop safety technology could cause severe injuries due to the incredibly fast and strong kickback rate!

Why Does My Power Saw Kickback?

Kickback occurs when table saws pick up and throwback items stuck between the blade and rip fence like wood or something else. Due to the extraordinary speed of power saws and lack of safety features, kickbacks can cause life-changing table saw injuries like a head wound, eye loss, broken bones, and even death.


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