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car accident sunglareIf you live in or around Chicago, you are already accustomed to putting up with almost every form of weather that exists while traveling. Sun glare is one of the most frustrating hazards for Chicagoans because regardless of the season, the sun will always rise and set on the city. Summertime is when we encounter the most sun, however, so we need to take special care to guard ourselves from sun glare and recognize how it may impact others on the road— often causing automotive accidents. At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of drivers to travel safely and at fault drivers are liable for the accidents they cause regardless of the cause.

As attorneys who regularly represent people injured in motor vehicle accidents in and around Chicago, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is familiar with the role that sun glare plays in collisions. Despite the fact that some drivers may attribute an accident to rays from from the sun, our job is to pin the responsibility on the driver. If you were involved in a Chicago car accident where sun glare may have played a role, we invite you to discuss your case with our team without any cost or obligation to you.

Common Accident Scenarios Resulting from Sun Glare

Sight is probably the most important sense available to us when we drive and when our sight is impaired, we are immediately placed in a precarious situation. The majority of sun glare accidents happen at intersections; primarily resulting from blinded drivers failing to see traffic control devices or others on the road. These are some of the most common scenarios that create this type of accident.

  • A driver is unable to see a stop sign or traffic light and collides with another vehicle in the intersection. These accidents can be serious or fatal when traveling at higher speeds.
  • The affected driver is unable to see his or her lane position or the road itself. He or she may drift from the lane in a manner similar to how drunk drivers swerve. The result could be as minor as a side swipe accident or as major as a head-on collision when the driver heads into oncoming traffic.
  • Sun glare makes it difficult to locate other cars on the road. This often causes blind spot accidents because when the driver checks his or her blind spot, the glare makes it difficult to locate the other vehicle.
  • The sun impairs the driver’s ability to see the tail lights of the car immediately ahead of his or her vehicle. This becomes problematic when the lead vehicle slows or comes to a stop and may result in a fender bender or rear end collision.
  • The driver makes a left turn into oncoming traffic because he or she does not see the oncoming vehicle(s). The severity of these accidents may vary depending on how fast the other vehicle is traveling and may also lead to multi-car accidents.
  • Pedestrians crossing an intersection are struck because the driver fails to see them. Sun glare may cause drivers to be involved in accidents with bicyclists as well for the same reason.
Rush Hour is When Sun Glare is Worst

Rush hour may frustrate you enough already without the added glare contributed by the sun, but it is noteworthy to recognize that the conditions that present the worst glare occur during the morning and evening rushes each day. It is when the sun is low and toward the horizon that its angle toward the earth makes it a menace to drivers that are traveling east or westbound. Recognizing this may make it easier for you to protect yourself and prevent being involved in accidents of your own. Consider these tips for taking on glare.

  • Try not to drive with a dirty windshield as this amplifies the effects of sun glare and the dirt itself can obstruct your vision. Clean your windows often and always check your windshield fluid level so that you don’t run out in a pinch.
  • Wear sunglasses that are designed specifically to protect your eyes from the sun. Not only will this help you fight the glare, but it is a known fact that UV rays can be harmful to your eyes and that sunglasses will mitigate the toll the sun takes on your sight.
  • Never look directly into the source of the glare such as directly at the sun or a reflective object. This will not only irritate your eyes but it can create temporary spots in your vision that make it difficult for you to see.
  • While sun glare is a common concern during the summer, keep in mind that snow accumulation during the winter can result in winter glare. Snow can be extremely reflective and bright.
  • Treat sun glare as any other common source of obstruction to your vision such as fog, heavy rain or drifting snow. If you are having trouble seeing ahead, slow down so have time to react should a pedestrian or vehicle move into your path.

Do not be afraid to exercise your rights. Regardless of weather or road conditions, drivers are accountable for the accidents that they cause. If you are involved in an accident because the other driver did not see you, you are entitled to compensation to pay for your medical bills and property damage. For more information about laws applying to your case, contact the Chicago car accident lawyers at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to learn more about your legal options.

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