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Statistics of Abuse and Neglect in Foster Care

Our Team of Lawyers Helps Abused Foster Children!

Sad Siblings Foster CareShocking stories have pushed to the surface about neglect and abuse in foster homes. People want to know just how bad it gets in there. These kids are supposed to be protected. It shocks society when that isn’t the case.

Examining the facts on abused and neglected foster kids reveals the difference between the truth and promise of the system. Our firm has worked on the abused and neglected issues for years. We help children who are broken by the foster system. If you suspect someone is at risk in foster care, don’t wait to act. Reach out today for help! They’re counting on you!

  1. The Foster Care Process
  2. Foster Care Facts
  3. Stopping the Problem of Foster Abuse!
  4. Lawyers That Know the System!

The Foster Care Process

The US has a foster care process similar to other countries. The state takes the place of parents and makes decisions for the child including who will raise the kid. Relatives or adoptive parents are considered first. However, foster parents are often the only option to provide care for the child.

Most states have strict certification standards. Prospective foster parents must meet financial, safety, and wellness checks. Only then can children stay there. Even after those tests, agencies conduct various exams. For the services and costs of care, foster parents are typically given a monthly stipend.

Kids aren’t supposed to stay in foster care long. It’s more of a gateway than a final landing spot. That’s the plan at least. Things don’t always go as planned. Some kids end up staying there longer than imagined. Lots of reasons explain this. Age, fit, and temperament all play a part. The longer the child remains in a dangerous home, the more they’re at risk for abuse. In the next section, we highlight vital facts regarding foster care and abuse.

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Foster Care Facts

We want to give you some general info about foster care. Abuse goes on there, and it’s essential to learn the facts!

  • Tens of thousands of kids get put into foster care each year in the US.
  • In Illinois, more than 1,000 are sent to foster care annually.
  • Many foster children are adopted, but thousands remain in the system anticipating their adoption.
  • Older kids don’t get adopted as much as younger kids
  • Each year, almost 1,000,000 kids suffer from abuse or neglect.
  • Only a fraction of these (around 100,000) get reported.
  • That means many cases of child abuse/neglect go unreported.
  • Most of these instances come from neglect, but 1 in 5 involve physical abuse.
  • In Illinois, hundreds of foster/adoptive parents are reported for abuse/neglect.
  • Abuse affects kids’ social/emotional outlook and self-worth.
  • Child abuse can cause depression and anxiety when kids grow up.
  • Many victims of child abuse have eating disorders.

Here’s the scope of the issue. Now, let’s talk about what you can do to fight the problem!

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Stopping the Problem of Foster Abuse!

After knowledge, action should follow. It’s the next step. It’s what you do when you learn about injustice. In this case, we’re talking about foster care abuse. There are some solid tasks you can complete to fight the problem. Start with these few.

  1. You can always learn more. Research the issue so you can spot the signs.

  2. Find out about the resources your state offers. Each state has an agency that handles this. The federal government works on it too. They will give you info and support.

  3. Contact your local law enforcement and social services to establish a base of contacts. This will help speed up the process should you see foster abuse.

  4. If see foster kids being abused, listen to them. Don’t talk over them. Then, contact the proper authorities. They will handle the matter. You should not intervene. That might make matters worse. Just see it and report it!

Foster care abuse is a real problem that needs to be stopped. Just following this guide though will make our towns safer!

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Lawyers That Know the System!

Each member at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers cares about preventing child abuse. We’ve intimately seen the dangers in the foster system. We’ve taken time to study and learn how to protect kids. We can put that to work for you. Call us today to hear what you can do. Justice and compensation are available. We can craft a path towards both. Take the first step towards healing. Speak with one of our experienced professionals!

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