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Springfield Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Springfield, Illinois, is the third and current capital of the State of Illinois and the home of President Abraham Lincoln. It is the sixth most populous city in the state, boasting a population of just over 117,000 people, and its economy is driven primarily by tourism and politics. Tourists come from afar to visit the numerous historical sites located throughout the city and to learn more about the operations of the current state government. President Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States in the city and used the city's capital as the backdrop when announcing Joe Biden as his presidential running mate.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is deeply committed to protecting the rights of those who have been abused and neglected in central Illinois nursing facilities. Our personal injury law firm is experienced in litigating Illinois nursing neglect cases across the state. It can help provide you with the answers you deserve following an episode, or series of mishaps at a Sangamon County nursing home facility. We invite all family members to contact our office for a free case review and legal advice. Let us explain our legal services in your situation and the warning signs that your loved one might be the victim of home neglect.

Central Illinois Senior Living

The city is home to a senior population that exceeds 16,700 residents and comprises 14.3% of the city's total population. Thousands more of its residents are rapidly reaching retirement age, and the city has eighteen nursing facilities to serve the needs of seniors who require assisted living.

Elder abuse has become a concern for many families across the state, and the number of lawsuits that have been filed due to poor care has been rapidly rising over the last ten years. As Sangamon County long-term care facility lawyers, we believe that helping aid in the prevention of abuse is a service of far higher value than litigation so below are the current ratings of the prominent facilities throughout central Illinois as well as the issues they have been cited for over the last three years.

Aperion Care Springfield

525 South Martin Luther King Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62703
Administrator- Jacqueline Liddell

Aperion is a sizeable for-profit nursing chain, and its central Illinois facility has received a meager two-star rating from out of a possible score of five stars. While this facility's quality measures have been deemed to be far above average, its staff received a one-star rating. What can be deduced by these two ratings is that the administrative policies are significant, but the execution is poor.

Understaffing is a common problem in nursing chains and for-profit centers due to the prioritization of profit over the need to provide quality service to everyone. The result of Aperion Care's Springfield facility is that it has failed to pass health inspections. The infractions incurred during these inspections included the failure to accurately control the infestation of bugs, rats or other disease-ridden pests; the inability of staff to detect or adequately treat bed sores; lack of assistance provided to patients with limited mobility and the failure of nursing staff to attend to the needs of every patient.

Bridge Care Suites

3089 Old Jacksonville Road
Springfield, Illinois 62704
Administrator- Lisa Cone

Bridge Care Suites is a for-profit facility that offers 75 beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments. This home has received a four-star rating overall, which is classified as above average when compared with others. The nursing staff and health inspection ratings are both above average, and the primary concern is the poor implementation of quality measures.

Complaints resulting from inadequate quality measures include improper assessment or diagnosis of illnesses such as the flu, pneumonia, and the failure to detect bed sores. 27.3% of the home residents reported moderate or severe pain compared to the national average of 18.3%.

Capitol Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

555 West Carpenter
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Administrator- Jason Young

The Capitol Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center has received the worst ratings possible due to a poor health inspection history, short staff, and weak quality measures. This large for-profit facility has failed on all accounts, and while the facility has not been assessed any fines or penalties in the last three years, it is a senior home abuse lawsuit waiting to occur.

Issues cited against this nursing care center include the improper treatment of bed sores, failure to treat patients with dignity and respect, unsafe handling of food, failure to properly hydrate patients, lack of a disease prevention program, reduced maintenance and housekeeping and inadequate measures taken to vet new employees to ensure they do not have criminal records. This facility also lacks policies that aid in the prevention, detection, and investigation of potential home neglect cases of abuse.

Concordia Village Care Center

4101 West Isles Avenue
Springfield, Illinois 62711
Administrator- Debra Maaks

The Concordia Village Care Center is run by a non-profit religious organization and has received four-star ratings across the board. It is not uncommon at all for non-profit facilities to outperform their for-profit counterparts, and one of the main factors that seem to influence this is the size of each home's staff.

Concordia Village has a staff that is more adequately sized to the needs of residents. Because the facility is a non-profit, the staff won't be reduced to a barebones level to support the bottom line. This nursing center has 64 beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments and has no records of fines or denied government payments in the last three years.

Heritage Health-Springfield

900 North Rutledge
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Administrator- Daniel Krug

Heritage Health-Springfield is a significant for-profit nursing center that offers 177 Medicare and Medicaid qualifying beds. More extensive facilities typically have higher incident rates due to the inability to meet the needs of every single patient. This home has received a rating of three stars, which makes it average at best, and it could stand to make improvements to the number of staff members it employs and to address some critical concerns cited in its health inspections.

The main concerns referenced were inadequate measures taken to prevent and treat bed sores, medication errors, and the failure to meet the nutritional needs of individual patients. The facility has not received any fines or been denied any government payments over the last three years.

Lewis Memorial Christian Village

3400 West Washington
Springfield, Illinois 62711
Administrator- Cynthia Schaaf

This non-profit nursing center is part of a continuing care retirement community and provides 155 beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments. Its staff, health inspection record, and quality measures have all received four-star ratings. Its overall rating is above average.

Where this facility could stand to make improvements is in the proper supervision of patients at risk of falls and making sure that walking areas are free of environmental hazards such as liquids or obstacles that can cause falls. Lewis Memorial Christian Village has not been subject to any fines or been denied any government payments over the last three years.

Regency Care

2120 West Washington Street
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Administrator- Anthony Twardowski

Springfield nursing home abuse lawyerRegency Care is a for-profit center with 95 Medicare and Medicaid beds that is on alert for a history of neglect and abuse. This nursing care facility has been fined and declined government payments due to its infractions, and it is recommended that you avoid placing your loved one here.

The complaints against this facility include the development of bed sores, unsanitary living quarters, violations of patients' rights, lack of an infection control program, and nutritional deficiencies. Much of the blame for these issues rests on the fact that the home has a short staff, and employees are unable to keep up with the demands placed upon them.

St. John Hospital Long Term Care Unit

800 East Carpenter, 11th Floor
Springfield, IL 62702
(877) 252-4469

This small, non-profit nursing care facility exists within a hospital. It has only 37 beds, which qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments but boasts a five-star staff rating and near impeccable health inspection history. Its four-star rating overall is the result of quality measure deficiencies that the facility must address. The primary concern is pain management, and over 55% of St. John's patients have reported experiencing moderate to severe pain.

Improvements in this area could easily elevate this facility to a five-star rating.

No fines have been assessed against this facility for the past three years, and it has not been declined any government payments.

Detecting and Responding to Nursing Care Abuse or Neglect at a Central Illinois Facility

If your loved one is the victim of abuse, he or she may be too ashamed or afraid to let you know of the abuse he or she is experiencing. If he or she begins to withdraw from contact with others, experiences sudden mood swings, shows physical symptoms of being restrained or assaulted or develops bed sores, it is vital to contact an Illinois nursing lawyer right away and create a plan to move your loved one out of his or her negative environment. The following scenarios are all worthy of investigation and indicative of the complaints most common for the central Illinois area.

  • Your loved one develops bed sores. Patients who have problems moving on their own are at the highest risk of developing bedsores. Regardless of what a nursing facility's management may tell you, these sores are easily prevented and a sign of neglect on the part of the home's staff. Moving a patient one every one to two hours is a sufficient measure to prevent bedsores.
  • Your loved one exhibits symptoms of malnutrition or dehydration. These symptoms include lethargy, changes in mood, multiple infections over a short time, low body temperature, dizziness, fainting, and excessive thirst.
  • Your loved one suffers from mysterious infections. There are numerous ways that bacteria can spread between patients within a nursing facility, and every facility must execute plans to prevent the spread of bacterial infections and other diseases. Unsanitary living conditions, poor hygiene, and the improper treatment of wounds such as bedsores can all be causes of an infection.
  • Your loved one is the victim of physical or emotional abuse. The signs of physical or sexual assaults can be easier to detect than emotional abuse. Marks on the wrists, ankles, or near the genitals are the most apparent symptoms of abuse along with broken bones. Still, sudden changes in mood, erratic behavior, and remaining silent in the presence of caregivers can all be indicators that you need to investigate the situation further.

Lawyers Committed to Protecting the Rights of Central Illinois Nursing Care Patients

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC believes that the most critical step to take following the suspicion that your loved one is the victim of abuse is to confirm the abuse and remove him or her from the harmful environment. Our Illinois elder home abuse lawyers would be happy to help you with the transition that must occur when moving your loved one out of an inadequate care facility and into one that will provide the quality care he or she deserves. Finally, we would be happy to fight on behalf of your loved one to ensure that the people responsible for his or her injuries pay for what they have done.

Our associates law firm has successfully recovered compensation for hundreds of victims of elder home negligence and helped them recover from the physical and emotional trauma they have endured. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with Sangamon County home abuse attorneys to learn what steps you should take to protect your loved one and what legal options are available to you. Should we be unable to collect compensation for you, our time and services will cost nothing.

A Brief History of Springfield, Illinois

The city had very humble beginnings as the settlement of Senator John C. Calhoun from South Carolina and was founded as Calhoun in 1818. The first cabin was built along the Sangamon River, and the settlement attracted settlers from Kentucky, Virginia, and the Carolinas due to its rich and fertile soil.

By the end of the Black Hawk War, John C. Calhoun had become a figure of disdain rather than a hero, and the city sought to rename itself after Springfield, Massachusetts, which was a thriving and prosperous industrial center in the east at that time. The name was officially changed in 1832.

In 1831, Abraham Lincoln first arrived in the city, but he did not set up his residence within the city until 1837. He led the effort to establish the city as the third capital of the State of Illinois and succeeded in 1839, only two years later.

Abraham Lincoln went to law school and spent 24 years of his political career in the city. He left upon being elected the sixteenth President of the United States and gave his Lyceum Address in the city just before departing. Historians maintain that this speech was and should always be considered a classic speech in American oratory.

The area was a strategic and political asset throughout the Civil War, mostly due in part to President Lincoln's roots there. Ulysses S. Grant trained Union Infantry regiments, and the Illinois regiments trained there were responsible for numerous victories in 1861 and 1862. Railroads were built through the city to help support the war effort through the movement of supplies and forces via rail, and the city welcomed commerce and industry. It is said that the first recorded death in the Civil War was of Colonel Ellsworth, who was a resident of the city.

Camp Butler was constructed seven miles from the city and served as an additional training facility while doubling as a prison for Confederate soldiers until the end of the war. The camp drew many tourists, but they began to grow weary of the war as they saw firsthand what the soldiers were going through. Many of the locals and visitors would get into altercations, which made it difficult to maintain order.

Once the war ended, the area remained relevant because it had the infrastructure needed to operate as a transportation hub and industrial center. By 1900, the city was deeply involved in the coal mining industry, which created additional jobs and attracted new residents.

August 14, 1908, marked a dark day in the city's history as race riots broke out following the accusation that a black man had raped a white woman. Also, a white worker was allegedly murdered by a black man, and the city felt that its government was too corrupt to resolve the matters to the satisfaction of the population. The white population attacked the black areas of the city, and the riots lasted until the Governor called in the state militia.

The Culture and Literary Tradition of Central Illinois

In addition to being a center of political activity, the city has been home to numerous individuals who have made academic, literary, and social contributions throughout history. The acclaimed poet Vachel Lindsay and astronomer Seth Barnes Nicholson were both born there, and it was home to the labor activist John L. Lewis.

The Illinois State Library's Gwendolyn Brooks Building displays the names of thirty-five prominent Illinoisan authors, and the building itself maintains the works of the countless writers. The latter had lived in the city, including Edgar Lee Masters, Virginia Eiffert, John Hay, and William Maxwell.

The city is also home to the Hoogland Center for the Arts, which is home to the Springfield Theatre Centre, Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Springfield Municipal Opera and the Springfield Ballet Company. The University of Illinois at Springfield provides an additional venue for musicians and performers.

Economy and Demographics

The city's population is composed primarily of white professionals— over 75% of the population is white. The state government is by and large the city's primary employer and provides jobs to over 17,500 people. Healthcare and education make up a significant portion of the economy as well, and the Memorial Medical Center employs almost 6,000 workers. St. John's Hospital contributes another 3,200 jobs to healthcare professionals.

The University of Illinois at Springfield and Southern Illinois University School are the primary employers of those working in higher education, and the Springfield Public School system provides opportunities to thousands of young teachers. The city's political roots and academic institutions allowed the city to diversify its economy during the recession when many jobs centered in the industry began to go away.

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