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Springfield Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Springfield medical malpractice lawyerDid a bad medical outcome by health care providers leave you worse off than you were before you sought treatment for your medication condition or illness? If so, it is entirely within your right to demand compensation from the doctor and hospital responsible for your injuries.

The Springfield medical malpractice abuse attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC work on behalf of clients to maximize the value of their medical malpractice claim to ensure that they can afford the treatment required to be made whole again.

Healthcare Drives Springfield's Economy

Aside from the State of Illinois, the city's largest employers are its two hospitals, and the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is its ninth-largest provider of work. These three institutions alone provide almost 11,000 jobs. This healthcare system serves over 211,000 individuals in Springfield's metropolitan area, including 117,000 residents living within its city limits.

The limited options available to patients in such an extended area are a detractor to quality, however. Less competition reduces the need to compete, and unlike the greater Chicago area, those living in the city's suburbs are forced to choose between only two available options.

Damages You may Seek When Filing a Claim Related to a Springfield, IL Medical Error

Do you suspect that the injuries you have suffered are due to medical negligence, defective medical devices, or a medical error? If so, Illinois law allows you or a family member to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the health care provider or facility responsible for your injuries.

To maximize the value of our clients' cases, an experienced attorney will assess the value of each case by considering the entire economic impact of the victims' injuries. This evaluation requires a review of the victim's medical record, the limits of the insurance company policy, any deviation from the standard of care, and the extent of the plaintiff's medical bills.

The damages we seek may include:

  • The cost of revisionary procedures – If you've received a defective implant, you suffered internal bleeding due to a surgeon's error or your injuries resulted in a medical condition that required additional surgical procedures to correct, and you are entitled to the cost of each procedure.
  • Your hospital bills and the cost of continued medical care Emergency rooms provide responsive care to life-threatening injuries, but at a high cost to the patients. If you require emergency care due to complications related to a medical error, you are entitled to recover compensation in the number of your hospital bills as well as any additional care that is deemed necessary to your recovery.
  • Lost wages and opportunities – When injuries are so debilitating that they leave you unable to support yourself or your family, it is reasonable to expect compensation for the value of your lost income throughout your physical recovery. If your injuries rendered you completely unable to work again, you might also be entitled to compensation due to lowered quality of life and the loss of potential future income.
  • Pain and suffering – There really can never be a value placed on the hardships and suffering that victims must endure when they've been injured due to a doctor's carelessness. Still, you may recover some form of compensation for your pain and suffering at a value determined by a jury.
  • Wrongful death – If your loved one died due to medical negligence, you may file a lawsuit for wrongful death and recover damages for loss of consortium and the value of the economic contributions your loved one made to your family as a breadwinner.

The Areas of Concern for Springfield's Hospitals

Springfield's medical needs are served by two hospitals, which also provide for all of the city's suburbs and outlying towns. The data we have compiled about each hospital can provide a deeper understanding of some of the contributing factors considered in medical malpractice cases. Here is a look at how your local hospitals are performing and where they can make improvements.

Memorial Medical Center

701 North First Street
Springfield, IL 62781

Memorial Medical Center is a level one trauma center providing emergency pediatric treatment and level two perinatal care. 79% of patients surveyed would highly recommend this facility to their friends and families. Still, cited issues include concerns over cleanliness, patient education on health matters, and a high mortality rate among stroke patients.

The facility's readmission rates speak volumes on the efficacy of its treatment for patients experiencing severe conditions or requiring emergency treatment. Mortality rates are often linked to readmission rates as well as patients are far more likely to die when they are released too quickly.

There were 17.3% of patients admitted with pneumonia, 23.1% of patients suffering congestive heart failure, and 17.3% of heart attack patients were readmitted to this facility within thirty days of discharge. Only about 40% of those who were readmitted survived.

Illinois's average stroke fatality rate is 70.96 out of every 1,000 cases, whereas Memorial Medical Center's stroke mortality rate is 96.15 out of 1,000.

There are additional concerns over measures taken to prevent and treat blood clots. 11% of the patients who developed blood clots in the hospital were not provided preventative treatment, and only 80% of patients undergoing surgical procedures received treatment meant to prevent the formation of clots. Finally, only 54% of patients suffering from blood clots were released with medication and proper care instructions for their blood clots.

St. John's Hospital

800 East Carpenter Street
Springfield, IL 62769

St. John's is designated and rated highly as an infant and child-friendly hospital. It is also a level one trauma and pediatric critical care center that provides level three perinatal care. St. John's experiences, birth trauma injury, and obstetric injury rates that are in line with the state average. Its pediatric care excels in every area assessed and is far ahead of state and national averages.

The number of accidental incidents in which patients suffer lacerations and puncture wounds during surgical procedures is twice the state average. 3.43 out of every 1,000 patients were accidentally cut or suffered puncture wounds in unintended areas during operative procedures. Accidentally cutting a patient in the wrong location can result in numerous severe complications and increase the risk of infection following surgery.

Finally, only 54% of the patients surveyed felt that they understood their treatment and how to manage their illnesses or conditions upon discharge. This revelation highlights the need for hospital staff to communicate with and provide better information to their patients so that they may avoid readmission due to a worsening of their conditions, injuries, or illnesses.

Let Us Evaluate Your Central Illinois Medical Malpractice Case While you Still Have Time

Our personal injury attorneys review these types of cases to find establishing patterns of negligence that work in our clients' favor. We've provided the latest medical malpractice information concerning the areas in which central Illinois hospitals and medical professionals have failed.

Call the Springfield medical malpractice attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC for a free review of your legal rights, decisions on medical malpractice laws, our legal fees, and options for financial compensation. We are ready to serve you and your family.

Illinois law limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit, and while the statute of limitations is typically two years, other factors may impact the timeframe you have within to file. Having one of our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys evaluate your case quickly will provide us with ample time to build your case, gather time-sensitive evidence and maximize your chance of success before the expiration of your statute of limitations.

Hiring a Springfield Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have handled thousands of cases involving medical negligence. We have successfully secured the compensation needed for our clients to cover their expenses throughout their physical recovery.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our central Illinois personal injury lawyers so that we can review your case, discuss your legal options and guide you through the steps needed to pursue your claim.

If for any reason, we are unable to collect compensation on your behalf, our services won't cost a thing.

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