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Skylight Fall Accident Lawyers: Chicago, Illinois

Workers Installing Skylight Roof From Fall Accident AttorneySkylights provide a number of benefits to homeowners and commercial properties including natural light, fresh air, and even energy savings (energy star savings). They let in light, warmth, and a rich sense of environment. However, they also pose a risk and have caused a number of serious and consequential fall accidents especially new and replacement skylights on construction sites.

If you have been involved in a skylight, you should understand the options that are available to you to recover under the law. Our team of skylight accident lawyers can give you a free consultation to review your rights and see what financial compensation might be possible.

Our clients normally have any number of skylights including tubular skylights, Velux skylights, fixed skylights, glass skylights, venting skylights, and even roof windows in hallways, the living room, or other parts of the home.

The following sections review this issue in more detail. Use our contact form to get in touch with us to learn more.

Different Types of Skylights in Buildings across Chicago

Skylights are used in residential and commercial buildings for all sorts of reasons including air circulation, better views, and even roof entry. However, there are really only a few types of skylights in circulation: tubular (with a dome), fixed (with a solid perimeter frame), and ventilated (with a hinge to allow for opening).

Each of these skylights requires the installer to use expert care in installation and maintenance. It can be easy to forget them when they are out of sight and out of mind, but they do need regular attention as well as the curb mounts around them. Otherwise, problems can form over time and that can create serious accidents.

It is critical to understand the type of skylight you have and the manner of installation so that you can better protect yourself against accidents. Those will be discussed in the next section but if you have any of the following sun tunnels you should contact us immediately to learn about how to better protect yourself from injuries:

  • Tubular skylights
  • Venting skylights
  • Velux skylights
  • Velux sun tunnel
  • Fixed skylights
  • Glass skylights

Skylight Accidents and Injuries in Chicago

After reviewing the inherent risks involved in the usage of skylights and solar tubes, it may not come as any surprise to you that many accidents and injuries arise around them each and every year. Thousands of accidents occur annually due to them and many more will in the future if caution is not taken.

Normally, fall accidents and similar incidents happen in the roofing process of the skylight's or building's construction. This transition period often involves substandard safety measures including a lack of lighting, rails, signs, and other preventative measures. In this interim period, many construction workers, other employees, and anyone with roof access are at risk to fall through a skylight and they in fact do even when it is a flat roof.

Yet, even after their construction, skylights remain a source of danger and they continually cause problems. When those harmful events manifest, serious injuries result. Typically, it is not unheard of to see broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal damage, and even death. If you have been involved in a Chicago skylight accident, it is important to seek medical attention quickly to determine the full extent of your injuries.

Illinois Skylight Accident Facts and Figures

  • There are hundreds of thousands of skylights in the United States and many of those are in Chicago.
  • There are dozens of fatal skylight accidents each year.
  • There are thousands of skylight accidents annually.
  • Most skylight accident injuries include broken bones, herniated discs, concussions, and soft tissue damage.
  • Most skylight injuries and fatalities involve employees working at the time of the accident.
  • The total cost of skylight accidents can be as much as tens of thousands of dollars for medical expenses, property damage, and related costs.

Ways to Make Skylight Installation Safer for Chicago Workers

We have compiled a list of things employers and construction companies can do to make skylight installation safer for workers and residents.

  • Cover skylights with a dome or other material.
  • Limit access to the roof through locks, fences, or other devices.
  • Erect signs to alert people to the presence of skylights.
  • Anchor people working in the vicinity of skylights to the roof with a harness.
  • Place handrails near skylights.
  • Inform and instruct people about the presence of skylights and how to avoid accidents.

If you have any questions about how you better prevent skylight accidents, contact our offices. Our team of skylight accident attorneys helps victims of these incidents.

Bring a Claim for Financial Compensation After a Skylight Accident in Illinois

To bring a claim for financial compensation after an Illinois skylight accident, you need to demonstrate that the defendant was negligent. This means the defendant 1) breached a 2) duty it owed to you and that 3) caused your 4) damages. Each of these component parts requires factual and legal contentions underpinning them.

Early after filing your case in Chicago, you may enter into settlement negotiations with the defendant. This out-of-court conference can expedite a settlement and short-circuit the rather long trial process but also entails its own risks and hurdles. You should discuss all options for bringing a claim with your attorney including potentially even filing an insurance claim against the relevant insurance company.

Our group of skylight accident lawyers assists construction workers and other victims to obtain the maximum financial compensation Illinois law allows. We have extraordinary experience and commitment to helping people move on from these events and can discuss your right to recover in a free consultation.

Skylight Accident Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below address some of the more commonly encountered situations by individuals and families following a skylight accident in Illinois. Should you have additional questions, we invite you to contact our law office and discuss your case with one of our attorneys.

What OSHA Regulations Govern Construction and Installation of Skylights to Protect Workers?

Recognizing the dangers, the installation and replacement of skylights on residential and commercial properties, OSHA requires each skylight opening hole to be guarded by a screen or fixed railing on all sides to protect workers from falling through the opening. See 29 CFR* 1910.23(a)(4)].

Can Skylight Holes be Used to Dispose of Construction Debris?

In order to use skylight holes to dispose of construction debris, the chute must be completely enclosed and protected by barricading as specified by OSHA regulation 1926.252 (Disposal of waste materials).

Who are Potential Defendants in a Skylight Fall Lawsuit?

After a worker is injured or killed in a skylight fall, they may have legal rights to pursue compensation for their injuries and lost wages from responsible parties. Depending on the circumstances involved, an injured worker may pursue a claim against: the general contractor, sub-contractors, architects, engineers and even the manufacturer of the skylight.

In order to ascertain responsible parties, you should consult with an experienced construction site accident lawyer as soon as feasible to review your options.

How Long do You Have to File a Skylight Fall Case Involving a Serious Injury or Death?

Skylight fall accidents involving an injury or death are governed by time constraints known as statute of limitations. Your case must be filed within the specified time or your case will be forever barred and you will not be able to obtain a recovery. Each circumstance is different, so you should discuss your options with an attorney as soon as feasible to ensure your rights are not compromised.

The Value of Chicago Skylight Accident Cases

The value of any case in Illinois is completely determined by the plaintiff's harms-economic and otherwise. Normally, this is broken down into two main baskets of recovery.

First: the plaintiff's expenses. Skylight accident victims can pursue financial compensation for all of the costs that the incident caused them out of pocket like medical bills, lost wages, personal property damages, etc.

Second: the plaintiff's suffering. Skylight accident victims may seek financial compensation for the pain and other intangible harm the event created like disability, long-term suffering, reduced life quality, etc.

To understand what your Chicago skylight accident case may be worth, speak with one of our personal injury attorneys today.

3 Steps You Need to Take after a Skylight Accident in Chicago

After you are injured in a Chicago skylight accident, you need to take these three steps in order to protect your health and legal rights.

First, seek medical attention. This will make sure you get the help you need and begin to record exactly how the event injured you.

Second, try and write down what you remember from the Chicago skylight accident. This will fight memory loss as the accident gets further and further away in time.

Third, talk to an experienced Chicago skylight accident law firm. Doing this early will help avoid mistakes, speed up your claim, and save you time and money in the long run.

If you have any other questions about what to do after falling from a skylight, use our contact form or call us today. We can help!

Skylight Accident Lawyers That can Work for You in Chicago and Across the Midwest

If you or a family member is injured in a skylight accident, speak with a member of the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers. Our team of legal advocates are committed to pursuing relief and financial compensation for accident victims in the Chicagoland area.

We can bring a case for you on a contingency basis so that you do not have to pay anything unless you are satisfied with the award or settlement. Call us to schedule a free consultation to hear about how we can help. You deserve it!

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