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Accidents with Cars on the Shoulder of the RoadExperiencing an accident with a car parked on the shoulder of the road is an all too common occurrence that can be extremely dangerous, and at times, fatal. In fact, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) Nearly 4 out of every 10 auto accidents involving fatalities, across the nation, involved impact with a parked car along the side of the road.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers helps people injured in Chicago car accidents taking place on the shoulder of the road. Contact our law firm for a free case evaluation and discussion of your rights under Illinois law.

Stalled, Stopped Vehicles Posing a Danger 

Many of these crashes happen to a stalled or stopped vehicle on the roadside experiencing mechanical problems. In some cases, a pedestrian or bicyclist was a victim along the side of the roadway, when oncoming traffic was distracted or unaware.

Fatalities are a common occurrence for most roadside impacts when speed is a factor. Motorist in oncoming cars are usually caught off guard, especially when driving at high freeway speeds, usually when a truck or larger vehicle ahead blocks the view forward. Not surprisingly, individual standing close to a disabled or parked car often suffer severe injuries or die, even on bright sunny days.

Avoiding Roadway Shoulder Accidents

Certain safety guidelines should be followed is an effective way of avoiding roadway shoulder accidents. The roadway shoulder is incredibly dangerous, especially during the nighttime hours, because other motorists on the road are often fatigued, or unable to see anything along the roadside.

In fact, many victims of an accident with car parked on shoulder of road are the result of fatigued motorist seeing lights ahead and thinking it belongs to a vehicle traveling in their same lane. Only once they realize it is a disabled vehicle parked along the shoulder, it is often too late to maneuver out of the way and avoid the accident.

When experiencing a flat tire, it is better to drive the vehicle to the nearest exit when possible. While driving on the tire or rim might cause substantial damage to the car, it is far safer to get far off the roadway before changing the tire or having a changed. Typically, the worst damage to a vehicle driven on a flat tire is a destroyed rim or wheel. It is far better to spend a few hundred dollars purchasing a new wheel and tire than to risk life or limb along the side of the road.

Stopping on the Shoulder

If stopping on the shoulder of the roadway for an emergency is the only option, it is essential to pull the vehicle off the road as far away as possible. Ensure that every passenger inside the vehicle gets out and moves to a safe location away from the roadway and the car. If standing with the car at a guardrail, it is important to wait on the safe side of the rail instead of by the vehicle on the shoulder.

If involved in an accident, pull the vehicle over to the shoulder of the road and get out of the way if possible. Motorists are often killed or injured standing on the roadway shoulder when exchanging information after an accident.

Always avoid the left shoulder, along the median of a split road, and instead move the vehicle toward the right shoulder of possible. Getting out of any active lane of traffic and moving to the shoulder quickly increases motorist and passenger safety. However, it still advisable to get out of the vehicle to a safe location once the vehicle has stopped. Attempt to make the vehicle as visible as possible as a way to warn other drivers that the car is parked along the roadway. This includes using flares and reflective material along with the car flashing hazard lights.

Legal Options Available In The Wake Of A Chicago Road Shoulder Accident

In many cases, victims of serious injury caused by an accident with car parked on shoulder of road are entitled to financial compensation. Through aggressive representation, the Chicago accident attorneys at  Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers can provide legal counsel for victims of injury including burns, paralysis, brain damage, broken bones, and other injuries as a result of a car accident.

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