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Shelby Memorial Hospital Ratings & Violations

Shelby Memorial Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyers Shelby Memorial Hospital is a ‘not for profit’ Medical Center providing cares and services to residents of Shelbyville and Shelby County, Illinois. The 30-certified-bed Hospital is located at:

200 S. Cedar St.
Shelbyville, IL 62565
(217) 774-3961

As a part of the HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital System, Shelby Memorial Hospital provides emergent care and other medical services that include:

  • Inpatient care
  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Imaging
  • Home health
  • Sleep studies
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Surgery
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Laboratory testing

National Ranking

In a comparative analysis involving all medical centers and hospitals throughout the US, Shelby Memorial Hospital maintains an overall “B” score, ranking it in the 51st percentile. The calculated ranking uses publicly available data including patient flow, staff responsiveness, patient satisfaction, cost per patient day, patient length of stay, and reported complications. A low to medium score might indicate a high percentage of medical malpractice, mistakes, and errors occurring at the facility.

The level of urgent and emergency care the hospital provides is crucial to the local community. Data collected by Analytics MD reveals in percentile rankings the level of care that Shelby Memorial Hospital provides. It includes:

  • Incoming Patient Flow (54th percentile) – This measurement ranks the efficiency of how patients are initially evaluated after arriving at the emergency department.
  • Discharged Patient Flow (60th percentile) – This measurement ranks the efficiency of how the medical team provides care to less sick patients who will be released from the emergency department.
  • Admitted Patient Flow (78 percentile) – This measurement ranks the efficiency of how sicker patients receive care from the medical team before being admitted to the facility from the ER room.
  • Frustrated Patients (52nd percentile) – This measurement ranks the level of frustration that patients feel when leaving the emergency department after receiving care.
  • Overall Patient Satisfaction (69th percentile) – This measurement ranks the overall patient experience involving all hospital operations and departments.

Readmission Rates

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) monitors readmission rates were patients who have been discharged from the facility returned to the hospital due to a complication or failure to smoothly transition into a nursing home of the family’s home. The data collected by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and displayed on their Hospital Compare website is crucial because it helps evaluate whether the facility is providing the highest level of care to its patients.

The readmission rates involving Shelby Memorial Hospital between 07/01/2015 and 06/30/2018 involved:

  • Pneumonia Patients Who Were Readmitted to the Hospital within 30 Days after Their Discharge – 16.5 percent, which is slightly lower than the Illinois state average of 17.56 percent.
  • Heart Failure Patients Who Were Readmitted to the Facility within 30 Days after Their Discharge – 20.8 percent which is slightly lower than the Illinois state average of 22.09 percent.

Thirty-Day Mortality Rate

The IDPH also compares 30-day mortality rates for all Illinois facilities to determine if the adverse outcomes and unexpected death could be potentially related to the level of care the facility provides. This information is collected and posted online by HHS Hospital Compare. The 30-day mortality rate for this facility between 07/01/2015 and 06/30/2018 include:

  • Thirty-Day Mortality Rate Involving Pneumonia Patients – 14.9 percent, which is slightly lower than the Illinois state average 16.32 percent.
  • Thirty-Day Mortality Rate Involving Heart Failure Patients – 10.5 percent, which is slightly lower than the Illinois state average of 11.83 percent.

Emergency Department Services

The time and efficiency of providing emergency services to the local community are crucial to their health and survival. The HHS Hospital Compare website collects and posts information involving nationwide emergency departments. Between 10/01/2014 and 09/30/2015, the measurable rates of services provided at the Shelby Memorial Hospital Emergency Department involve:

  • 166 Minutes – The time from when the patient departed the facility after their arrival and receiving care.
  • 40 Minutes – The time it took for the medical team to decide to admit the patient to the emergency department after their arrival.
  • 97 Minutes – The time it took for the patient to be discharged after receiving care after their arrival at the emergency department.
  • 20 Minutes – The amount of time it took for the patient to receive a diagnostic evaluation by a qualified medical professional after arriving at the ER.

Sample Medical Malpractice Claims Involving Shelby Memorial Hospital

Family Complains Hospital was Negligent in New Malpractice Case

Here, a young woman in her young twenties was admitted to Shelby Memorial Hospital. She was pregnant with twins. One of the babies was fine but the other had Potter’s syndrome. The woman was about eight months pregnant. Around this time, she went into labor at Shelby. The baby with Potter’s syndrome was born but did not survive long. Instead of delivering the remaining baby there, doctors decided to have the woman transferred to another medical facility roughly one hour away from Shelby. When the mother finally got there and had the baby delivered, the child had no heartbeat. Staff tried to resuscitate the child but were unsuccessful. This lawsuit was brought as a result of these events. It names facilities and doctors involved in the ordeal. It cites them all with negligence and wrongful death. The complaint seeks compensation for the damages that the defendants’ misconduct caused including pain, suffering, and expenses.

Woman Brings Illinois Claim after Surgical Error and Failed Diagnosis

In this recent Illinois medical controversy, a woman entered Shelby Memorial Hospital. She told the attending staff that she had pain in the lower part of her body on the right side. According to subsequent allegations filed in court, the doctors did not spot, diagnose, or treat her ruptured ovary. This might have been done easier had they recommended and obtained a gynecological consultation, but they did not do that either. Then, the woman complained that they performed a surgery that was not necessary. Consequently, she suffered extraordinary pain, expense, and intangible suffering including lost self-esteem and reduced quality of life. This complaint names the hospital and doctor as responsible for her damages. It states that their combined negligence caused her losses.

Shelbyville Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you suspect your loved one has suffered harm by medical malpractice while a patient at Shelby Memorial Hospital, call Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC. Our Shelbyville team of dedicated knowledgeable attorneys handle victim cases involving medical malpractice that occurs in Illinois medical centers. Let our law firm handle every aspect of your case including filing all the necessary documentation and paperwork in the appropriate courthouse at:

P.O. Box 469
Shelbyville, Illinois 62565
(217) 774-4212

Circuit Court Clerk Susan Arthur

Contact our Shelby County medical malpractice law offices by calling (888) 424-5757 today to schedule your free, comprehensive recompense case review. Make no upfront payment for our legal services because our fees will be paid only after we have one your case at trial or negotiated an acceptable out of court settlement on your behalf.


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