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Severity and Types of TBI's

TBI and their severityEvery traumatic brain injury (TBI) is unique. The severity of all types of TBI's is usually indicative of the amount of force making impact with the head. Every traumatic brain injury will cause damage to a single functional area inside the brain, or numerous areas, or the entire brain.

TBI Caused by Concussion

Even a mild concussion has the ability to develop into a serious medical condition causing substantial lifelong impairments or difficulties. Whiplash and other traumatic experiences can lead to significant head injury. Often times, doctors are negligent in their capacity to prescribe brain injury rehabilitation after the patient suffers a concussion.

Concussions can be caused by a variety of factors including:

  • A gunshot wound
  • A direct blow to the head
  • Violent head shaking
  • Whiplash force

Both open-head and closed-head injuries have the ability to produce a concussion, the most typical kind of TBI. Often times, an impact causing pressure will allow brain blood vessels to stretch, while damaging cranial nerves. In some accidents and incidences, the concussion victim does not lose consciousness, but is often dazed by the impact.

Many doctors misdiagnose concussions because the medical condition does not always show up on a CT scan, or other diagnostic imaging test. There may not be swelling, brain bleeding or skull fracture present at the site of impact. However, blood clots can easily form in the brain causing a stroke or fatal outcome. In many incidences, it may take months to years for a concussion to heal completely.

Concussions Caused by Contusion

A contusion is one of the more common types of TBI's, which often results from an impact directly to the head. Many times, contusions lead to bleeding and bruising on the brain. Some victims of large contusions require surgery to have it removed from the brain.

Coup-Contrecoup Concussions

A coup-contrecoup describes a serious contusion that forms at the impact site, in addition to the opposing side of the brain. This is often the result of the brain movement during impact, causing it to slam on the inside of the skull on the opposite side.

Diffuse Axonal

Diffuse axonal injuries are usually the result of a strong rotation or shaking of the head, often a common occurrence when rotational forces happen in a vehicle accident. Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is also referred to as a diffuse axonal injury. Diffuse axonal problems occur during severe movement of the head when the unmoving brain lags behind the forward and backward thrusted skull, which causes the tearing of brain structures.

Many times, a diffuse axonal injury causes extensive tearing of the brain's nerve tissue, often releasing brain chemicals that create additional injury under the skull. Nerve tissue tearing can easily disrupt regular brain function including chemical processes and communication. This severe disturbance of brain tissue often produces permanent or temporary widespread damage to the brain, coma, and at times death. Victims often present numerous functional impairments based on where the tears (shearing) occurred.

Penetration TBI

Penetrating brain injury is usually the result of an impact of an object including knife or bullet, forcing skin, hair, and bone along with the object into the victim's brain. Fast traveling objects can cause extensive damage to a specific area of the brain. Slower moving objects can easily ricochet off the head, and cause a widening area of damage.

Some victims of this type of TBI suffer "through and through" injuries when the object enters and exits the skull after passing through the brain. Firearms, falls, vehicle accidents and attacks can create devastating penetration traumatic brain injuries, causing lifelong permanent damage to the victim.


Nearly all types of TBI's involve skull fractures and hematomas. Epidural hematomas often affect the skull and central nervous system's outer membrane, where pressure buildup can create long-lasting brain damage, and at times death.

Bleeding sub dermal hematomas occur between the central nervous system outer membrane and the skull. Intracerebral hematomas occur when the brain tissue bleeds, often resulting in death.

Getting Help For A Loved One From A Law Firm Who Appreciates These Cases

If you, or a loved one, is suffering losses, pain and injury as a result of the TBI caused by the negligent actions of others, you are likely eligible to receive financial recompense. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC specialize in traumatic brain injury cases and can provide legal options on how to proceed. Call the law firm at (888) 424-5757 to speak with an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney today.

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