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Schneider Truck Accident Lawyers

Schneider TruckingSchneider National Carriers, Inc. is a leading provider of cargo shipments and logistics services. The company offers an extensive portfolio of trucking solutions including van truckloads, regional deliveries, dedicated services, bulk transport, intermodal services, logistics and supply chain management. In business for over 78 years, Schneider maintains its headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With annual revenues of over $3 billion, company services extend all throughout North America and to many global destinations.

With close proximity to Chicago, Scheider National regularly uses Illinois roads and highways. As leaders in Illinois trucking accident cases, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is committed to providing the most aggressive representation for people injured in crashes with semi-trucks. If you, or a family member, were injured in a collision with a Schneider truck, contact our office today for a free review of your case with an experienced attorney.

Fleet Size, Drivers & Accidents Involving Schneider

Schneider National Carriers employs over 16,000 drivers operating more than 9,200 large commercial trucks across Canada and the United States. Truckers for the company in northern America travel millions of miles every year. Much of the travel is on freeways, highways, toll roads, main thoroughfares and side roads in the rural countryside and major cities including the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Statistics from early 2014 by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) state that routine inspections by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) have necessitated the removal of 1190 vehicles from Schneider's fleet of 9,262 trucks in the previous 24 months. Also, 122 of the 16,047 drivers have been let go during the same time.

These numbers represent 12.8 percent of the total number of Schneider's vehicles removed from service, as compared to 20.72 percent of the national average. The statistics also indicate that 0.8 percent of the total number of drivers (122 out of 16,047) removed is much lower than the national average of 5.51 percent.

Serious Commercial Truck Accidents

Like all large commercial trucking companies, Schneider has been involved in catastrophic accidents. In the 24 months before February 2014, many company drivers were involved in a Schneider truck accident. Of the 875 total collisions on record, there were 258 injured victims, along with 22 fatalities.

Unfortunately, because of the sheer weight and size of large commercial trucks, including those operated by Schneider, any accident with a passenger vehicle can have a devastating outcome. Commercial vehicles including 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and cargo vans weigh tens of thousands of pounds. Through reckless action including dangerous driving, road hazards or poorly maintained vehicles, even a simple collision can cause a life-threatening injury or instant death.

Collisions Involving Schneider National Trucks

Schneider National Carriers is known for operating their vehicles in a very safe manner, and keep their fleet of trucks well maintained. Even so, many of their drivers work on extremely demanding schedules, with tight constraints for delivering cargo all across the nation. These demands for getting the freight transported on time often cause the trucker to make poor driving decisions. Other times, maintenance crews, mechanics, dispatchers, and management are negligent in their actions, which causes the accident. The most common causes of a Schneider truck accident involved:

  • Driving While Fatigued – Truckers who drive the legal “hours of service” every day can become overly tired or fatigued, which often leads to an increased potential of a devastating accident caused by dangerous driving decisions.

  • Driving While Distracted – A trucker can become easily distracted by texting, talking on a smartphone, checking locations on a GPS device, speaking to passengers, or becoming listless behind the wheel.

  • Improperly Trained Drivers – Without proper training, drivers are often inexperienced at making instant decisions or reacting to an unexpected event on the roadway.

  • Mechanical Failures – Often, commercial vehicles have mechanical failures from defective tires, axles, braking systems, brake pads and other components on the truck. Without routine maintenance, the vehicle can break down or blow a tire, leading to an accident with other motorists. Mechanical failures are one of the leading causes of accidents on the road.

  • Improperly Loaded Cargo – When cargo is not loaded correctly, truck movement can cause the entire load to shift while being transported, or cause the commercial truck to become difficult to maneuver or stop.

Sample Settlements and Verdicts for Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Lawsuits Involving Schneider Trucks

$8,300,000 ILLINOIS AWARD.
This drama unfolded on a stormy night. The setting was Joliet, Illinois. A woman drove her two kids home -one 10 years old and the other 18. She pulled up to an intersection, but the lights were out. Thankfully, cops had set up stop signs to guide traffic. She obeyed the stop direction and proceeded. Then, out of nowhere, a Schneider truck broadsided her car. The crash sent them flying over the road. The woman seemed very injured. Her kids were okay. However, the luck didn't last long. She eventually passed away. Her two kids and other distant relatives survived her. A few years after this crash, the matter ended up in a Will County courtroom. The estate for the woman actually sued the city as well as Schneider. It claimed both were negligent and caused the death of the woman. Further, that conduct caused the children to suffer damages too. The city was eventually dismissed. For its part, Schneider tried to show that the woman was driving while intoxicated. It implied that she was at least partially to blame. The plaintiffs responded to this allegation with the theory that the truck driver's mistakes superseded any negligence of hers. It was the main source of the crash the plaintiffs maintained. The jury bought this line. The estate was awarded $8.3 million. This was to be directed to the children and any relatives that could take. It could provide for any expenses that arose from the crash (i.e. funeral/burial). Also, it would give support for the two kids. They lost a lot in tangible and intangible ways due to her death. This was meant to compensate for that loss.

The two victims here were from India. They were a couple that had been married for some time. They were travelling in America to a reunion party. They were driving a Camry along highway 10 when a Schneider truck approach. It attempted to pass their car. It picked up speed and the swung back into their lane. However, it didn't go far enough. It hit the Camry on the side. The force of this collision sent the Camry flying around the road. It passed three lanes and came to rest near a ditch. The woman had a real serious spinal injury. She fractured her spine by the C5 point. Doctors found her paralyzed when she was brought into the ER. The man sustained serious injuries too. Although, they weren't as bad as hers. She had nearly ten times the number of medical bills that he did. At trial, they sought damages from Schneider for the pain, cost, and trauma of the event. The wife would need constant care for the rest of her life. She was forever disabled and in a major way. Both of them suffered a total change in life quality and relationship. Schneider tried to fix blame on the Camry driver. Then, it critiqued whether the woman's medical bills were as high as they claimed. In the end, these maneuvers were in vain. A jury awarded them a staggering amount. Here's how the award was partitioned.

  • Past/Future Medical: $5,286,263.
  • Past/Future Suffering: $30,000,000.
  • Lost Consortium: $1,000,000.
  • Lost Earnings: $98,917.
  • Lost Household Services: $97,425.

This crash was on the more complicated side. A man was driving his RV down a Missouri highway. A Schneider truck quickly cut him off. Then, just as fast, darted back into his own lane. Yet, this prevented the RV driver from seeing a state van just ahead. He couldn't stop to avoid a crash. A passenger in the RV was wounded badly. She was rushed to an ER. After battling injuries for many months, she eventually died. Her estate reached a private settlement with Schneider. The crash left the RV driver injured as well. He sued Schneider and the state. He contended they both were negligent and caused his injuries. Schneider demurred because its driver was clearly at fault. The state employed a more successful defense. It said the arcane rule that required its drivers to use the shoulders did not lead to his harms. In its view, Schneider was solely responsible. This idea was hard to dismiss. It possibly explains the jury's award. It's significant but below the average. This is especially true when you factor in the death.

This incident happened in the quiet town of Park Forest, Illinois. It arose just next to a very familiar spot: Sears. An older woman was walking around the building when she got hit by a Schneider truck. She was almost 75 at the time of the crash. The driver was just exiting Sears. He had made a delivery prior to hitting her. Reports do not suggest right-of-way status. However, the results were dire. She passed away not long after the event. She was survived by several children. They brought an action against the trucking company. They alleged its negligence caused her death. This death then gave them great damage, both emotional and financial. Schneider didn't want the matter decided by a jury. It preferred settlement to award. The family received $1,012,000. That was supposed to compensate for things like costs, lost companionship, and the like.

Legal Representation for Individuals & Families Involved in a Crash With a Schneider Truck

Victims of serious large commercial truck accidents suffering injuries or death are often denied monetary compensation. As a result, the victim will hire personal injury attorneys specializing in truck collisions. These semi-truck collision lawyers handle claims on behalf of their client and provide years of litigation and negotiation experience to obtain financial recompense.

Contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC at (888) 424-5757 for a free, confidential consultation to discuss the details of the accident involving a commercial vehicle. Our skilled attorneys assist clients in securing equitable restitution for the injuries, damages, pain and suffering the victim has endured.

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