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Schaumburg car accident lawyer

At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC, our car accident lawyers handle serious car crash cases in the Schaumburg, IL, area and Cook County. Our aggressive case-handling techniques strive to resolve each personal injury case for maximum financial compensation for our clients.

While over 95% of our car accident cases settle before litigation, our law offices are not opposed to filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover economic damages for our client’s injuries.

Regardless of the severity of your injuries or the complexity of your car accident claim, you can count on our Schaumburg car accident attorneys to get the job done.

Contact us at (888) 424-5757 or complete our car accident lawyer intake form for a free consultation of your legal options regarding your Schaumburg car accident. All information you share with our Schaumburg car accident lawyer is protected by attorney-client relationship confidentiality.

Schaumburg, Illinois

The village of Schaumburg, IL, is one of Chicago’s northwestern suburbs. Its already challenging traffic problems are exacerbated by its densely populated community of more than 75,000 residents, prominent local businesses, and its proximity to the downtown metropolitan area.

Schaumburg, IL, is a part of the Chicago area Golden Corridor, a nickname for the gold-mining of economic profits local area communities enjoy. During most daylight hours on business days and weekends, the village’s streets are crowded with commuters heading to work, airports, universities, colleges, hospitals, commuter train stations, and local shopping centers.

Due to the high number of filed claims and lawsuits, Schaumburg car accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC know that the community has a higher-than-average rate of car accidents.

Dangerous Roadways Where Schaumburg, IL Auto Accidents Occur

In the late 1990s, Schaumburg, IL, garnered national attention when State Farm Insurance named the junction of Roswell Road and Golf Road as one of the ten most dangerous intersections in the United States. The crossroad ranked third-worst in the nation.

Little has been done by authorities to change its designation in recent years. More than 200 car accidents still occur at the junction every year. Unfortunately, it is not the only dangerous intersection in the community.

  • In February 2020, a twenty-four-year-old Des Plaines, Illinois, female pedestrian was fatally struck while crossing Interstate 290. Just before the auto accident, a Prius [1] veered off the roadway before crashing into the guardrail and landing in a ditch. Two women got out of the vehicle before crossing Interstate 290 (westbound) when a Toyota Camry struck one of the women.
  • In July 2020, a male Hawthorne Woods resident was killed in a tow-away booth and Interstate 90 (Arlington Heights) in a single-vehicle accident. The man lost control of the vehicle before striking the booth and was pronounced dead of his injuries.
  • In April 2012, a village resident died in a motorcycle accident on the Hanover Park and Schaumburg border. The auto accident occurred near the Wise Road and Irvington Park intersection near the Park Plaza Shopping Center. The police report stated how the motor vehicle accident happened but that no other vehicle appeared involved.
  • In March 2014, two people were accident victims when an SUV collided with a car at an intersection in the city. A Northwest suburban woman died, and a man suffered severe injuries. The car crash happened when the automobile turned left onto northbound Mitchell Boulevard from eastbound Irvington Park Road, closing the intersection for hours as car accident investigators managed the scene.
  • In June 2014, a 52-year-old driver suffered severe injuries after being struck by a vehicle in a hit-and-run event at the corner of Cranbrook Drive and Wise Road. EMT responders transported the victim to the Elk Grove Village Alexian Brothers Medical Center with severe head injuries.
  • A 23-year-old biker died the following month in a deadly motorcycle accident involving an auto accident at the Hartford Drive and Roselle Road intersection. The Hoffman Estates resident was pronounced dead at the car accident scene at midday, and EMT transported the other driver involved in the car accident to the local hospital.
  • A man died after crashing his GMC Yukon Denali SUV into a concrete median on Interstate 290. The driver was pronounced dead at the car accident scene, which remained closed for hours as officers conducted their investigation.

Deadly Schaumburg Car Accidents

Most car accidents are the result of the following:

Drunk Driving

A drunk motorist poses a significant risk to other drivers on the road. Alcohol consumption can rapidly reduce a driver’s capacity to safely operate their car.

Intoxication can:

  • Slow reaction times
  • Impede perception and decision-making
  • Reduce inhibition
  • Increase hostility

Driving While Distracted

Driving when distracted can be equally as risky as being a drunk driver. Distracted driving diverts a driver’s focus from the road and slows their reaction times.

Typical instances of negligence caused by distracted driving include:

  • Using a mobile phone or another portable gadget
  • Drinking or eating
  • Applying make-up
  • Looking at a map
  • Changing the radio or climate controls
  • Reaching inside the passenger compartment
  • Interacting with passengers

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving entails deliberately disregarding the high probability that risky driving practices may result in an accident. Examples of negligent driving practices include:

  • Speeding
  • Swerving through and around heavy traffic

Drowsy Driving

Driving while exhausted can be equally risky as driving while intoxicated in terms of your ability to control a car safely. Feeling sleepy or exhausted might affect a driver’s judgment and reaction times.

A motorist may also experience microsleep, characterized by many brief periods of unconsciousness. When a driver nods off or engages in microsleep, they can lose control of their car, which increases the risk that it will drift off the road, off the lane, or into oncoming traffic.

Refusal to Yield

When a motorist must be expected to surrender, the right of way to another vehicle is determined by traffic legislation. A driver dramatically increases the chance of a car accident when they disregard the right-of-way. Frequent failures to yield result in:

  • Left-turn accidents
  • Spinout car crashes
  • Intersection accidents
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Off-ramp or on-ramp accidents

Dangerous Lane Changes

When drivers change lanes without signaling or checking their mirrors in blind zones, they make an unsafe lane change. When they conduct a dangerous lane change, a driver runs the danger of causing a car accident with the car already in the lane.

Following Too Closely or Tailgating

A driver faces the danger of being unable to slow down properly or stop if the vehicle in front of them brakes quickly if they follows behind another car too closely. Most rear-end collisions are caused by or partly caused by tailgating. Tailgating can cause rear-end incidents at an intersection or in gridlocked traffic.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive or irrational driving endangers everyone, including the driver. An aggressive motorist may even purposefully cause a car accident in specific circumstances. Common road rage/aggressive driving behaviors include:

  • Hitting the brakes when being tailgated
  • Swerving quickly through the traffic
  • Intentional speeding

Wrong-Way Driving

A driver driving on the wrong side of the road is one of the most dangerous causes of auto accidents. Impaired drivers cause two out of three wrong-way car accidents; these drivers often have blood-alcohol levels more than twice the legal limit.

Inexperienced Drivers

Unfortunately, drivers with little experience have some of the highest car accident rates, so their insurance company usually charges more for coverage.

Inexperienced drivers may still need to learn the rules of the road and traffic regulations [2]. They might need to learn how to drive safely and may quickly become overwhelmed.

Poor Road Conditions

To escape a road hazard, a driver may lose control or collide with another vehicle due to poor road conditions, including potholes, black ice, or debris. Roads with poor design make it difficult for cars to travel safely alongside other drivers, which raises the possibility of a car accident.

Defective Car Parts

If a driver cannot safely stop their vehicle outside the traffic lane due to a mechanical failure that occurs while the automobile is in motion, this could result in a car accident.

Schaumburg car accident causes

Common Car Accident Injuries

The most common injuries motorcyclists suffer are classified into soft tissue and complex injuries. Soft tissue injuries often involve:

  • Lacerations
  • Contusions
  • Abrasions
  • Strained muscles
  • Whiplash

Complex injuries are classified as:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Head injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Burns that the motorcycle manifold, exhaust, or engine may cause
  • Broken bones in the face, hands, legs, pelvis, and wrists

Spinal cord injuries often lead to permanent disability, which involves extensive emotional trauma and a long road to recovery, including growing medical bills. A specialized Schaumburg, IL, car accident lawyer can help you ascertain your legal rights and hold the other driver accountable.

Schaumburg car accident injuries

Filing an Injury Claim For a Schaumburg Car Accident

Vehicle accidents are common in the Chicagoland area on highways and side streets. Every motorist faces daily challenges, frustrations, and delays from road construction in traffic jams. Overcrowded, congested roadways often lead to automobile accidents with injuries and fatalities.

If you have suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one from a collision or accident in Will and Cook County, you will likely need to file a claim for total compensation. Having a Schaumburg car accident attorney to present your legal options and ensure your insurance claim has all the necessary documents is essential.

Your personal injury lawyer can ensure you receive full financial recovery for all your losses, damages, and injuries, mainly if the car wreck was caused by another driver’s reckless, negligent, or intentional actions.

Your Schaumburg car accident lawyer will gather evidence, talk to expert witnesses, consult your medical records, and talk to the insurance company on your behalf to make an adequate insurance claim and, if necessary, take legal action to recover full damages.

Our personal injury lawyers typically build rock-solid lawsuits on legal theory and the evidence and details involving the victim’s damages from car crashes against the negligent Illinois drivers that caused their injuries.

Hiring a Schaumburg Personal Injury Lawyer to Represent You for Personal Injuries

Sometimes car accident victims are reluctant to hire a car accident lawyer. However, having an experienced Illinois auto accident attorney could ensure you receive full and fair compensation to ensure you can cover your damages.

Legal representation from a competent Schaumburg car accident lawyer can ensure that you receive the full compensation to pay for all of your medical bills, lost wages, hospitalization, ambulance transportation, physical therapy, rehabilitation, lost earnings, loss of future earned income, disfigurement, disability, pain, and suffering.

Contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC at (888) 424-5757 or use the contact form for immediate legal advice from a specialized car accident lawyer on our team. Our personal injury law firm works exclusively on wrongful death lawsuits and personal injury claims. Our Schaumburg car accident lawyers provide the highest level of legal representation.

Our experience and comprehensive understanding of Illinois tort law ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Our car accident lawyer law firm provides a speedy investigation of the plaintiff’s accident and gathers all evidence to build a solid case for compensation from the defendant. Your car accident lawyer will speak directly to the insurance company on your behalf.

Contingency Fee Agreement

You are not required to provide upfront payments for our legal help, as we work on a contingency fee basis. We only get our fees if we negotiate an acceptable out-of-court settlement for your economic damages or obtain a jury award if the case goes to trial.

Resources: [1] Chicago Sun Times, [2] NHTSA

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