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Ryder Integrated Trucking Accident Lawyers

Ryder Systems Truck Accident

Ryder Integrated Truck LogoColliding with a large commercial vehicle could create catastrophic injuries, extensive property damage, or preventable death. Many people injured in truck accidents, through their accident lawyers, will file civil lawsuits seeking compensation from the trucker and company that caused their damages.

The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represent individuals and families in semi-truck accidents. Were you or a family member injured in a truck accident involving a Ryder System Inc truck? Contact our truck accident lawyers at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) or contact form to schedule a free consultation.


Ryder Integrated Logistics operates out of Miami, Florida providing shipping and supply chain management solutions all across North America. Through the combination of truckers, large commercial vehicles, routing, fleet maintenance management, and scheduling services, the company offers transportation solutions for businesses not wanting to invest in their own shipping fleet.

The company offers a turnkey solution for businesses interested in having ongoing access to truck drivers and their vehicles. Leasing commercial vehicles staffed with drivers allows companies to adapt to any change in shipping demands and focus on generating profits without the need of worrying about fluctuating delivery needs.

Fleet managers working for Ryder Integrated Logistics manage over 650 different dedicated fleets in the United States and Canada with services involving vehicles and drivers. They offer various trucking solutions in the trucking industry by providing specialized equipment, complex routes, and specific product handling needs.

Ryder provides reliable services for companies managing in-house shipping, without taking on the considerable expense of maintaining trucks, safety programs, supply chain, transportation management, fleet maintenance, driver management, route design, warehousing, and licensing. Their fleet management business is a leader in the transportation industry.

In 1952, Ryder acquired Great Southern Trucking Company, a significantly larger transport business, re-branding the trucking fleet the "Big R." As of early 2014, the company employs more than 6900 drivers operating over 4200 vehicles.


Businesses enjoy outsourcing all of their logistic complexities and transportation requirements to Ryder Integrated Logistics as a way to run their own businesses through a safe and financially lean process.

Contact information for Ryder logistics include:

Ryder Headquarters
11690 NW 105th Street
Miami, FL 33178
Phone: (305) 500-3726

SAFER Statistics for Ryder Fleet Trucks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) under the U.S. DOT maintains safety and fitness records on all trucking companies transporting goods and products throughout the United States. The SAFER (Safety and Fitness Electronic Records) system compiles safety statistics and profiles on truckers and trucking businesses.

Within the last 24 months, drivers operating Ryder Integrated Logistics fleet trucks have been involved in 232 accidents. These crashes have involved 74 injuries and seven fatalities. In addition to maintaining the statistics, the Department of Transportation routinely inspects vehicles and drivers.

During the same period, 440 of the 4251 trucks managed by Ryder Integrated Logistics were taken out of service following an inspection. This statistic represents 10.4 percent of the total number of fleet vehicles operated by an in-house driver.

However, this number is approximately half of the 20.72 percent national average of all trucks removed from the roadways. Also, DOT inspectors also removed 118 of the 6908 drivers working for Ryder System Inc, or 1.7 percent of all their truckers.

This number is far less than the 5.51 percent average across the nation of drivers removed from their duties after inspection.

Possible Causes of Ryder System Inc Truck Crashes

The truck driving business often places heavy demands on drivers working on tight schedules and harsh delivery constraints. Attempting to get the load delivered on time can make Ryder truck drivers tense, irritable, tired, and fatigued.

As a result, many make dangerous driving decisions on the roadways, placing other motorists and their co-workers at risk.

Other factors often involved in serious truck accidents include driving while impaired (alcohol and drugs), mechanical failure due to defective parts (worn tires, failing brake pads), excessive speed, improper cargo loading, shifting cargo during transport, overweight vehicles, and reckless driving.

Serious Injuries Sustained By People In Semi-Truck Crashes

Often, it is crucial for other motorists on the road to detect when large commercial truck drivers are negligent behind the wheel, or the vehicles are experiencing mechanical failure.

Without the ability to avoid the large commercial vehicle, victims involved in a Ryder Integrated Logistics truck accident often sustain severe injuries and lifelong disabilities, including:

  • Whiplash
  • Burning or scarring
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Internal organ damage
  • Disfigurement
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Injuries to bones, neck, back, muscle, and joints
  • Permanent and temporary disabilities
  • Wrongful death

Sample Truck Accidents and Settlements Involving Ryder Integrated Logistics

Our law firm represents many victims injured in truck accidents where the trucking companies failed to offer sufficient compensation. Below is a small number of Ryder accident cases that were resolved through negotiated settlements or at trial.

Any victims involved in commercial truck crashes seeking additional information should contact our law firm today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) to discuss resolving their compensation case. Cases involving people suffering severe injuries and extensive property damage include:

$3,200,000 Pennsylvania Settlement

A deceased woman's estate filed a civil suit in a Ryder systems truck accident case after she passed away in a New Haven truck accident. At the time of the crash, the victim was driving through rural areas with her boyfriend, leaving her young child at home who had looked to her mother as her sole support.

The Ryder trucker lost control of the vehicle on a narrow, winding, country road, flipping the truck onto its side. The victim's car collided with the rollover vehicle. Witnesses at the scene of the accident later stated that the victim suffered greatly before passing away.

Medical records show that the victim's leg was broken into several pieces, leading to unbearable pain. At her death, the victim left her child alone.

The law firm representing her estate filed a civil suit against the truck rental company and provided evidence including a video reenactment of the accident route.

The plaintiff's attorney showed how the Ryder truck driver was overworked and exhausted leading to his negligence. Lawsuit documents show that the trucking company was also irresponsible and negligent as the basis of their suit seeking substantial compensation for damages due to the victim's pain before dying.

The case was resolved for $3.2 million to cover the estate's losses and the decedent's child's future needs.

$1,400,000 Missouri Jury Award

A male driver who rented a Ryder commercial vehicle was hauling items across the Midwest when he failed to apply the brakes in time to avoid rear-ending a school bus. Emergency medical technicians arrived at the scene of the accident and transported the male driver to the hospital before passing away from his injuries.

The decedent was survived by his wife and children who filed a civil suit against Ryder in a couple of states. The court documents show that the business was negligent when renting the vehicle to the driver due to its poor condition.

The suit claims that the Ryder truck's brakes failed to work properly, leading to the man's death. The grieving plaintiffs (wife and children) filed for extensive expenses and losses including hospitalization costs, funeral and burial expenses, loss of support, loss of consortium, grieving, pain, and suffering.

Attorneys working for the defendant (truck company) attempted to twist and turn the facts to transfer liability to the victim. Both the plaintiffs and the defendant were unable to reach a negotiated settlement, leading the case to trial.

The plaintiff's lawyer presented evidence in front of a judge and jury to identify the extent of the victims' losses. The trial jurors sided with the plaintiffs an award at the family $1.4 million paid out by the defendant's insurance carrier.

There may be other hearings, settlements, or trials involving the same family seeking additional compensation from various defendants in other states based on other issues stemming from the same crash.

$2,800,000 Missouri Jury Award

A large Ryder vehicle traveling around 60 mph (above the speed limit) approached the victim behind who was traveling atop his tractor on Highway 13, unable to accelerate much faster. The Ryder truck rear-ended the man bumping him off the tractor in landing on the ground.

The accident victim suffered burns, scratches, and spinal cord damage. His injury rendered him unable to work at his farm as before and damaged his confidence and self-esteem. The victim filed a civil lawsuit against Ryder truck, claiming the driver and Ryder transport's negligence as the cause of the accident.

The plaintiff argued that both the trucker and Ryder Trucking Company should have taken steps to avoid the incident. The defendants responded that the victim had pre-existing conditions that caused him harm, and claimed the plaintiff exaggerated his lost future earning capacity, believing he could return to work if he so chose.


Both the plaintiff and the defendants failed to reach an agreement, leading to a civil trial. The trial jurors sided with the plaintiff, awarding him $2.8 million for hospital bills, property damage, pain-and-suffering.


Tragic Texas Crash Involving Ryder Truck

A Ryder truck in Texas smashed into bystanders, including a newly engaged couple, who were helping victims of an earlier crash. All the bystanders were killed.

The decedent's residents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Ryder and the trucker behind the wheel seeking over $1 million and damage, claiming that both defendants were responsible for the deaths.

The plaintiffs were seeking financial compensation for the decedent's pain before dying, and other expenses including hospitalization costs, emergency room expenses, lost wages, suffering, pain, mental anguish, and funeral/burial costs.

Other damages included the plaintiffs' grieving, lost companionship, loss of consortium, or similar sufferings. To date, the catastrophic Ryder Integrated Logistics truck accident has yet to be resolved through a negotiated agreement or a jury trial.

Skilled attorneys have been hired by both the plaintiff and the defendants to resolve the Ryder systems truck accident.

Hiring an Attorney to Represent You for an Injury Claim Arising out of a Ryder Truck Accident

The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC provide legal representation to victims hurt in catastrophic trucking accidents. The highly seasoned truck accident attorneys have years of experience in litigation and negotiation with national trucking companies and their insurers.

Each commercial truck accident lawyer accepts personal injury cases on contingency and is paid only after obtaining monetary compensation for their client. Contact us at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) to schedule a free consultation to discuss the case.

Our law firm accepts all personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits through contingency fee agreements. This arrangement postpones any payment upfront fees until after the case is resolved.

All information you share with our lawyers remains confidential through an attorney-client relationship. We currently represent clients throughout the U.S. in numerous practice areas including medical malpractice, catastrophic accidents involving trucking companies, nursing home abuse, premises liability, defective drugs, product liability, and wrongful death.


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