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Rockford Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Rockford, Illinois is the third-largest city in the state, and its position near the Illinois-Wisconsin border and between Galena and Chicago has made it a strategically located city with deep roots in the manufacturing and transportation industries. Its population of over 150,000 has dwindled in recent years, allowing Aurora to surpass the city in population.

This economically diverse city provides a home to the operations of numerous companies in the automobile manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare industries, and its airport supports the operations of UPS's second-largest air hub in the world.

When it comes to assisting people who have been abused and neglected in Rockford nursing facilities, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC knows the facilities, the owners, and the medicine involved in many of these cases. Contact our Illinois personal injury lawyers for a free case review where we can discuss your specific situation and legal options without any cost or obligation to you.

Senior Demographics for Rockford, Illinois

The senior community represents a significant portion of Rockford's population, and the city is home to over 21,000 residents who are 65 years or older. An additional 5,000 residents are between the ages of 60-64 and nearing retirement. Retirees or those nearing retirement comprise 17.6 % of the population. There are over twenty nursing facilities located throughout northeast Illinois to serve the needs of this significant segment of the public.

Competition often breeds quality as competitors must provide the best service possible to attract patients into their homes. Still, it also makes the process of finding the right home for your loved ones more difficult and frustrating. Illinois has witnessed an epidemic in recent years of home abuse cases, many resulting in lawsuits. Many people who must place their loved ones in the care of a nursing facility have warranted concerns about the reputations of the homes they are considering.

Negligence exists in multiple forms and is not always the result of direct physical abuse. There are numerous factors to consider that may be symptoms of elder home neglect. When reviewing any case, a northeast Illinois home abuse lawyer will consider the history of the facility and whether any of the following factors may have resulted in harm to your loved one.

  • Environmental safety. A poor environment can be the result of clutter that poses a fall or tripping risk, poor maintenance of the grounds, or improper measures to sanitize living quarters.
  • Improper administration of medicine. When homes are understaffed, additional pressure is placed on caregivers who must divide their time between more patients each day. A lack of staff can result in medication errors that can result in severe interactions or complications.
  • Poorly implemented personal care plans. Every nursing care facility is required to create plans tailored to the needs of each patient that is cared for, but these plans are not always implemented efficiently. Especially in cases where homes are not adequately staffed, patients simply don't receive the attention they require.
  • Evidence of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. While many cases of elder home neglect are attributed more heavily to policy rather than direct acts by caregivers, there are some incidents of direct abuse in which a staff member will assault the patient. Physical abuse is entirely unacceptable, and the offenders must be brought to justice.

Whether you are currently looking to place your loved one in a nursing facility or need to relocate him or her due to home abuse or neglect that is ongoing, the overall rating provided by will help you make a more informed decision. The up to date information can alert you to concerns and recurrent issues that serve as red flags. The following are the prominent nursing centers in Rockford and their latest ratings.

Alden Alma Nelson Manor

550 South Mulford Avenue
Rockford, Illinois 61108
Administrator- Georgette Parent

The Alden Alma Nelson Manor is part of the Alden nursing facility chain, and its current one-star rating is worthy of concern. Its quality measures only received two stars, and it has an abysmal health inspection history. The low-quality care is exacerbated by a poor staff rating that suggests the facility is run by a skeleton crew that is entirely unable to attend to the needs of its patients.

It is not advisable to consider placing your loved one in this home until it makes significant improvements.

Alden Park Strathmoor

5668 Strathmoor Drive
Rockford, Illinois 61107
Administrator- Nikolina Kuljanin

Like its sister home, this Alden chain home has received poor marks by, suggesting that nursing facility chains present problems in general. It did score slightly better than the Alden Alma Nelson Manor with two stars. However, there are still legitimate concerns over the quality of care offered, the environment provided for residents, and the size of the facility's staff. The facility has 189 beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments, but it would be wise to consider alternatives.

Alpine Fireside Health Center

3650 North Alpine Road
Rockford, Illinois 61114
Administrator- Gordon O. Oksnevad

The Alpine Fireside Health Center is a smaller, family-run home that has a total of 66 beds, which qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments. It has maintained a five-star rating over the last decade and has a small atmosphere accompanied by a five star rated staff. Facilities that are adequately staffed frequently score higher, and such is the case with the Alpine Fireside Health Center.

In addition to its Medicare and Medicaid beds, this home has 33 shelter care beds.

Amberwood Care Centre

2313 North Rockton Avenue
Rockford, Illinois 61103
Administrator- Sherry Head

The Amberwood Care Centre is a for-profit nursing facility that is currently advertising an ongoing renovation, but this may simply be in response to the poor ratings it has received. At two stars, the facility has a poor health inspection history and mediocre staff, which may be factors influencing the two-star rating on its quality of care.

To make matters worse, none of Amberwood Care Centre's 143 beds qualify for Medicare or Medicaid payments.

Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center

3470 North Alpine Road
Rockford, Illinois 61114
Administrator- Thomas Bleed

The Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center is a non-profit nursing center that exists as part of a continuing care retirement community. Its five-star rating makes it an example for others in the industry to emulate, and this nursing facility has earned a perfect score in all areas.

Non-profit facilities generally receive better ratings than their for-profit counterparts. The Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center has passed all health and fire inspections and has not incurred a single fine or been denied a Medicaid payment for over three years. While this facility does not have any beds available that qualify for Medicare, it does have 96 Medicaid beds and an additional 122 shelter care beds.

Forest City Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

321 Arnold Avenue
Rockford, Illinois 61108
Administrator- Marla Murphy-Kenney

Rockford nursing home abuse lawyerAnother for-profit nursing facility, it is evident that the Forest City Rehabilitation and Nursing Center values its margins more than those it serves. Its total rating is only two stars, and the infractions incurred in its health inspections have resulted in numerous fines over the last three years.

The facility has 213 beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments, but as punishment for deficiencies, some of these payments have been denied. The quality measures of this home were its only highlight— as they received a full five-star rating. A skeleton staff that only received one star is likely to blame for the majority of this nursing center's issues.

Presence Cor Mariae Center

3330 Maria Linden Drive
Rockford, Illinois
Administrator- Teresa Wester-Peters

The Presence Cor Mariae Center is a part of a non-profit nursing facility chain owned by a religious institution that has received near-perfect ratings. The primary complaint held was that it would not allow residents to refuse prescribed treatments.

Despite this complaint, the facility has received a five-star rating and has a skilled staff that is capable of meeting the specific needs of each patient. Over the last three years, the Presence Cor Mariae Center has not been fined or denied any government payments. Seventy-three beds are available that qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Presence St. Anne Center

4405 Highcrest Road
Rockford, Illinois
Administrator- Janelle Chadwick

This facility is the sister home of the Presence Cor Mariae Center but does not live up to its sister's standard despite receiving an above-average rating of four stars. It received a complaint last year regarding medication errors and had a small number of cases in which patients developed pressure ulcers.

The number of residents impacted by these concerns is low, but they are still noteworthy. Nonetheless, the facility has still performed well enough to avoid fines or declined government payments. There are 179 beds available that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments.

River Bluff Nursing Home

4401 North Main Street
Rockford, Illinois
Administrator- Pamela K. Gentner

River Bluff is a government-owned nursing center that has maintained a four-star rating with The primary concerns that have left blemishes on this facility are that it failed to adequately prepare and serve food to residents and ensure that their living environments were free of clutter or fall hazards.

Both of these concerns are red flags that should be noted when considering placing your loved one in this home. This facility serves a more significant segment of the senior population. It has 304 beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments. The size of homes and problems experienced are usually proportional, and smaller homes tend to provide better care.

Rock River Health Care

707 West Riverside Boulevard
Rockford, Illinois 61103
Administrator- Anthony Valentino

Rock River has earned the designation of a particular focus facility by U.S. News & World Report due to its history of home neglect and abuse. The overall rating of two stars is the result of numerous health inspection deficiencies, an inadequate staff level, inability to keep the environment free of fall hazards, failure to provide adequate nutrition, and inattention to hygienic matters. These concerns have resulted in multiple cases of elder home abuse, and Rock River Health Care has been received fines of nearly $190,000 over the last three years.

The government has also repeatedly declined to provide payments for its Medicare and Medicaid qualified beds during this time due to poor care. Inadequate care is typical with nursing facilities that are poorly rated. This facility's staff received low marks. This pattern makes it all too clear that for-profit nursing centers need to be required to meet staff levels deemed sufficient to provide quality care. Hiring and training additional staff can minimize the chances that this facility is involved in a senior home abuse lawsuit.

Rosewood Care Center of Rockford

1660 South Mulford Road
Rockford, Illinois 61108
Administrator- Lu-Anne Brannum

The Rosewood Care Center of Rockford is part of a nursing facility chain under the same name. Its primary detractors are a history of medication errors and violations of food safety standards. Unlike most for-profit homes, the Rosewood Care Center of Rockford received a five-star rating for the adequacy of its staff.

There are 116 beds available that qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid payments, and this facility has not been subject to any fines or penalties over the last three years.

The Villa at Pennsylvania Peterson

1311 Parkview Avenue
Rockford, Illinois 61107
Administrator- Peggy Holt

The Villa at Pennsylvania Peterson is a non-profit care facility with a mediocre rating resulting from a history of deficiencies found during routine health inspections. None of these issues have resulted in penalties. Still, they are enough to raise a concern and highlight the need to investigate the history of non-profit facilities as thoroughly as their for-profit counterparts.

Some of the issues cited seem to be administrative such as the improper management of patients' monetary deposits with the home. Still, there have also been complaints by residents that the environment contained fall hazards and that food was handled in a sanitary manner.

There are 129 beds available at this facility that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Willows Health Center

4054 Albright Lane
Rockford, Illinois 61103
Administrator- Debra S. Ford Adkins

The Willows Health Center is a non-profit nursing facility with an impeccable record and five-star rating all around. Its last health inspection revealed only two deficiencies. The average number of deficiencies for the state and nation are 7.6 and 6.8, respectively. The small size of the facility and well-trained staff with numbers sufficient to tend to the needs of each patient are major contributing factors to its rating.

There are forty-two beds available at the Willows Health Center that qualifies for Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Taking Legal Action After Learning About Acute or Chronic Problems at a Northeast Illinois Nursing Center

Even the most reputable nursing care centers must strive to make continuous improvements in an era where elder home neglect and abuse are beginning to run rampant. If you suspect your loved one is the victim of elder abuse, mistreatment or neglect, it is essential to discuss the matter with an Illinois personal injury lawyer and form a plan to remove your loved one from his or her current environment and to obtain justice from those responsible for the abuse or neglect.

Our Rockford nursing home abuse lawyers represent elderly clients throughout the State of Illinois, and our nursing abuse team has defended the legal rights of hundreds of clients who have been neglected or abused by those meant to provide their care.

Our experienced attorney's primary concern is the wellbeing of your loved one and removing him or her from a negative environment, and our team can assist you with this transition. Seeking compensation through a personal injury claim can ensure that you cover the cost of treating injuries and out of pocket expenses you have incurred because of the physical abuse. Contact us today to arrange a risk-free consultation so we may review your case and discuss your legal options.

If we are unable to secure compensation on your behalf, our resources and services will come at no cost to you.

We encourage home residents and family members to file a personal injury claim. Your personal injury lawyer will review your abuse and neglect cases that left you with medical issues, including emotional trauma, verbal abuse, and physical injury.

A Brief History of Rockford, Illinois

When settlers from New England began to travel west, two settlements were founded on opposite sides of the Rock River, from which the city would eventually gain its name. Germanicus Kent and Thatcher Blake founded the settlement of Kentville on the west bank as Daniel Shaw Haight established Haightville on the east side of the river. The two settlements soon gained distinction as one entity called Midway, but the name wouldn't last, as the settlements were located near a ford on the Rock River.

Rockford was the name given to the town by settlers, and by 1837, Midway was officially renamed. The legislature deemed the town the county seat and presided over Winnebago and Roscoe— two developments at odds with one another. Much of the early growth of the city could be accredited to the founding of the Rockford Female Seminary, of which Jane Addams would later become a graduate. The Seminary became Rockford College soon after and expanded its curriculum to serve more students.

As the railroad gained prominence, the city would receive a connection along the Galena and Chicago Railroad. This development would establish the city as an industrial center, and over time, the area would become renowned for its production of agricultural machinery and furniture. The Rockford Union Furniture Company became the second-largest manufacturer of furniture in the United States, and the home of its founder, John Erlander, is a modern-day museum in honor of his accomplishments.

Throughout the course of history, the city served as a strategic asset to the military. One of the first regiments mobilized in Illinois during the Civil War was from the area, and the city was home to Camp Fuller, which trained an additional four regiments. President Theodore Roosevelt visited the city in 1903 for the dedication of the Winnebago County Veterans Memorial Hall, and later on, the area would be home to Camp Grant, which would train soldiers during World War I.

During the early 1900s, the city would welcome multitudes of immigrants, which would, in turn, strengthen its industrial roots. Following World War II, however, Rockford began to experience a decline due to its reliance on manufacturing and needed to diversify its economy. The construction of the Northwest Tollway aided this transition. By 1965 local leaders had created a new campus for the Rockford College, founded the Rock Valley College, and courted Chrysler, which set up an assembly plant in Belvidere.

Economic Diversification Efforts Lead to Division

Economic divisions have given the impression that Rockford is, two separate cities— East and West Rockford. The east and west regions differ significantly; the affluent east side of the city is home to wealthy white-collar workers while the west side suffers from economic hardship, lack of access to public services, and crime. Rockford was home to a controversy in 2002 in which a judge ordered the government to pay $250 million for upgrades to schools following allegations of discrimination against the African-American population.

The Great Recession exacerbated the economic divide and has since fueled a decline in population fueled by the evictions of residents who were unable to keep their homes. One out of three mortgages in the city was underwater by 2012, and the city suffered an unemployment rate of almost 13%. Forbes recently declared the city number three on its list of America's Most Miserable Cities.

Rockford's Largest Employers

Like other cities in the Rust Belt, Rockford is recovering from a manufacturing decline in the United States, and its overreliance on the industry in the past precipitated many of its current economic problems. The Chrysler Belvidere Assembly Plant employs over 4,700 Rockford residents and the Swedish American Hospital, Rockford Health System and OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center provide the majority of jobs in the medical sector. Additionally, UPS operations out of the Greater Rockford Airport have provided over 2,000 jobs.

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