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Regency Rehabilitation Center Ratings & Violations


Regency Rehabilitation Center is a 300 bed nursing home located in Cook County, Illinois at:

Regency Rehabilitation Center
6631 Milwaukee Avenue
Niles, IL 60714
Telephone: 847-647-7444

Data from the Illinois state nursing board, lists the Regency Rehabilitation Center as a home where patients are primarily admitted for health care issues relating to the following areas:

  • Alzheimer Disease
  • Circulatory System
  • Endocrine/Metabolic
  • Blood Disorders
  • Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Genitourinary System Disorders
  • Skin Disorders
  • Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
  • Nervous System
  • Other Medical Conditions

Recorded Findings of Neglect and Patient Abuse at The Regency Rehabilitation Center

A nursing home survey carried out by private health inspection firms and the State Department of Health, discovered poor patient care, inadequate patient supervision and cases of abuse which can be construed as patient negligence. Our nursing home lawyers reviewed the findings of ProPublica—a private health survey firm—and discovered the following:

  • Failure to investigate allegations of abuse: “On 3/21/12, review of 5 of 5 reports on staff to resident abuse/neglect and resident to resident abuse. Records indicate investigations were initiated and finalized on same day of incident for R39, R121 and R123, however, E1(Administrator) failed to provide formal interviews with residents of allegation or other residents as witnesses, staff , family and others outside of facility with resident concerns. In the case of R39, the supervisor whom was notified about verbal abuse towards R39 by CNA, name was not mentioned in the summary report nor was a formal interview provided by E1 about the facts of the incident as reported by the supervisor. On 3/22/12 at 11:35AM, E1 stated she does not take notes/on interview investigations and do not have documentation on the actual interviews. E1 stated she listens to the complaints, type an initial and final report, then faxes them to IDPH (the State).”
  • Failure to prevent the development of pressure sores: “This failure resulted in R29 becoming septic and required hospital admission for surgical debridement. There was no pressure wound care plan found in R29’s list of care plan.
    1/23/12 at 4:39 PM, E26 Nurse Practitioner, documented- chief complaint of R29: lethargic, very weak, decreased appetite. Necrotic wound right ischium. Fever, suspected [MEDICAL CONDITION]. 1/23/12 at 5:15 PM, R29 sent to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Review of R29’s hospital record indicated, R29 came in to the hospital on [DATE] with a stage IV pressure ulcer on the right buttock. Upon assessment of the right ischium wound was described with a measurement of 3 cm x 5.6 cm, 98% eschar, reddened surrounding tissue, blanchable and positive odor. R29 [MEDICAL CONDITION] related to this wound, was given anti- biotic therapy and had underwent surgical debridement on 1/26/12.”
  • Failure to use proper technique when transferring residents: “On 3/22/12 at 9 AM, in R19’s room, E14 (nurse aide) was assisting R19 from his bed to the wheel-chair. E14 stated she put her right hand around his backside and grabbed his left hand and brought him to a standing position before pivoting him to the wheel-chair. As E14 was putting R19’s shirt on, E14 pulled on R19’s neck to bring him toward her and because R19’s right arm was bent, E14 was pulling on the arm to get it through the sleeve. E14 failed to use the gait belt she was wearing around her waist.”
  • Failure to administer medications at the proper dosage: “At 11:30 AM, E24 (RN), did blood sugar level (BSL) check to R53, result was 254 milligram/ deciliter (mg/dl). E24 administered [MEDICATION NAME] 4 units subcutaneous injection (sq) to R53. R53’s POS and MAR indicated; per [MEDICATION NAME] sliding scale 251-300 mg/dl give 6 units.E24 stated R53’s BSL was only 224 mg/dl, glucose monitoring machine’s memory indicated 254 mg/dl. E24 stated, she apologized she made a mistake, she was nervous.”
  • Failure to provide adequate supervision to prevent injury: “E3 states, “E7 (certified nurse assistant/CNA) was the CNA caring for R4 on 05/09/10. I (E3) was on the 4th floor getting a [DEVICE] for one of my residents when I (E3) heard the other nurse paging me to come back to the 3rd floor. I (E3) ran down to the 3rd floor, and all the CNAs and the nurse were telling me to come into the room quickly, that R4 had fallen. When I (E3) entered the room, I (E3) saw R4 laying on the floor next to R4’s bed. When asked the CNAs what happened, the CNA caring for R4 that shift (E9) told me (E3) that E7 was going to transfer the resident into bed. E7 stated that (E7) took the foot rests off of the wheelchair, poked E7’s head out of the door to call another CNA for help with the transfer. As E7 was calling the CNA, E7 had E7’s back facing the resident. E7 heard a thump and turned around, and the resident was laying on the floor. The resident was sent to the emergency room per physician order.R4 returned with the following information: a “Provisional Diagnosis”, per hospital emergency department discharge instructions, of Scalp Forehead Laceration. Addition instructions are to remove staples and sutures in a week, along with patient instruction information related to head injury.”

Niles, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is home to some of the finest nursing home attorneys in Illinois who have successfully handled cases of negligence on the part of nursing facility staffs for families in Illinois. Our experienced attorneys have handled lawsuits covering the following situations:

  • Bed Sores / Pressure Pores
  • Dropped Patients
  • Fractures
  • Medication Errors
  • Physical Abuse
  • Patient Wandering
  • Repeated Falls
  • Poor Sanitary Conditions
  • Wrongful Death

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Disclaimer: The above inspection findings are take from public sources including the State Department of Health and from Medicare inspection conducted at the facility at least every fifteen months. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC cannot confirm that the content on this site is the most recent information related to the facilities mentions.

The inspection findings published are not complete. You may find the most up to date information here: or

The deficiencies/citations listed on this page may have been corrected or substantially corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. This page is a legal advertisement and a resource of information for visitors. This material is not endorsed by the facility noted or by any governmental agency. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC does not have any affiliation with the facility.

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