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Rear-End Crash Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Chicago, Illinois

Rear End Accidents on a BikeRear-end bicycle accidents happen more often than you would think, especially with more and more people riding their bikes as transportation in big cities. Just like in rear-end car accidents, when a driver is distracted, going too fast or just not paying attention, they can hit a bicyclist in front of them when traffic suddenly comes to a stop.

These accidents can cause serious damage and serious injuries, either impacting them directly or throwing them forward over their handle bars in the next car or pavement.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC appreciates how startling it can be when a vehicle hits a bicyclist from behind. Our law office has a history representing injured Chicago bicyclists who have been injured in rear-end collisions while bicycling. Our office will do what it takes to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Talk to a bicycle crash lawyer today about your rear-end crash (or that of a loved one) by completing our intake contact form here and we will review your case for free. In the free consultation, a member of our law firm can review your personal injuries from the bike crash and discuss the possibility of bringing an accident cases as well as other possible injury claim.

Anatomy of A Rear-End Bicycle Accident in Chicago

In heavy traffic cities like here in Chicago where there are ample bicycles sharing the roads with motor vehicles, there are bound to be collisions. Unfortunately for bike riders, they are at a physical disadvantage when they are hit by a car, van or truck, with little or no protection. Although there are bike lanes in many cities and over 200 miles of them here in Chicago, to get where a rider needs to go they often still must enter traffic.

There are a few situations that generally lead to rear-end crashes on a bicycle, including:

  • Left-hand turns. Left-hand turns are one of the most common precursors to a rear-end bicycle accident. When a cyclist needs to move over into traffic to get in the left lane and turn, they are susceptible to a rear-end accident.
  • No bike lanes. Many streets still do not have bike lanes, so cyclists are sharing the road with traffic and can easily be rear-ended.
  • Distracted drivers. Even when riding in a bike lane or on the shoulder of a road, motorists can drift over when distracted and rear-end a cyclist. In November 2012 just outside of Auburn, IL, a 71-year old avid cyclist was rear-ended and killed by a young driver that drifted into the shoulder.

Avoiding Rear-End Bike Accidents in the Chicagoland Area

Although almost no rear-end accidents are the fault of the person being hit, in either bicycle or auto accidents, there are ways to avoid these accidents. No one wants to be seriously hurt or even fatally injured while riding their bicycle.

When riding in traffic, there is little a cyclist can do to avoid a rear-end crash. Even with mirrors to see the traffic behind a rider, they will have difficulty getting out of the way of a vehicle that is about to hit them.

The best way to avoid a rear-end accident on a bike is to use bike lanes and stay out of traffic whenever possible. For left hand turns, instead of getting over into the left-hand lane with traffic, take the slightly longer route.

Continue through the intersection in the bike lane, then, turn left and go through the intersection again in the correct direction. It can take a little longer, but it can be safer.

If you are involved in a Chicago bicycle accident (rear-end or otherwise), then you may have serious personal injuries, medical expenses, and other costs and harms. Therefore, it is important to consider bringing a claim with a reputable law firm. What can you recover?

Illinois law allows you to bring lawsuits for all of your damages. These include out-of-pocket losses (hospital bills, property damage) and intangible effects (disability, pain, suffering).

If you work with qualified and dedicated bicycle accident attorneys, you can better determine what financial compensation you may pursue. They may also craft a complete legal strategy that maximizes your recovery.

Get an Attorney to Protect Your Rights When You are Involved in a Rear-end Bicycle Accident in Chicago

Even with the best defensive riding, not all rear-end bicycle accidents can be avoided. When a cyclist is rear-ended, there is a good chance they will have an injury that will need medical attention, may make them miss work and cause other expenses.

Having an experienced Chicago bicycle injury attorney from Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can ensure that the liable driver and their insurance company cover all the expenses that are caused by the accident.

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