pam-cooking-spray-burn-explosion-lawsuit Canned aerosol kitchen products are dangerous and defective. Serious injuries, including severe burns, have been reported nationwide due to these defective cooking spray cans.

The most common cause is when the can explodes in a commercial or residential kitchen setting causing serious burn injuries to consumers and employees.

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Pam Cooking Spray Explosion

Millions of households use the popular cooking spray Pam by Conagra Brands. For years, consumers used the sprays without issue until the company changed its spray can design in 2011.

Now, several plaintiffs with severe burn injuries are filing lawsuits against Conagra for defective and dangerous products.

Customers were unaware that cooking spray cans contained a wide range of chemicals. According to safety advocates, the claims “100% natural” and “no chemicals added” are deceptive because some PAM propellants contain isobutene and propane.

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), the problem is the spray valve. Because of a faulty design, the product can start spraying unexpectedly or fail to stop spraying even with continuous pressure being applied by consumers.

Several cooking spray lawsuits have been filed against Conagra Brands over a series of exploding and burning incidents after using PAM cooking sprays. Attorneys with experience in similar exploding spray cases have been retained, many of whom are nationwide.

Were you or a loved one injured from using cooking oil spray cans? Contact an experienced attorney today to get the facts about your rights and legal options.

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Cooking oil spray cans could cause severe burns to consumers due to exploding cans, faulty design, and other defects. Serious injuries were also reported when the product failed to stop spraying after continuous pressure was applied or similar issues related to the spray valve not working properly.

The CPSC has logged hundreds of complaints about exploding PAM cooking sprays.

PAM oil spray cans have been a subject of serious personal injury lawsuits due to many burn injuries and other injuries caused by exploding cans. In addition, some plaintiffs allege they were unaware the product contained fuels, some of which are potentially hazardous chemicals.

Legal advocates from several companies have been retained nationwide on behalf of those who experienced unexpected injuries from the product.

Affected consumers have been burned by unexpected spray, which occurred even when pressure was applied to keep the can depressed or other issues related to the valve not working properly.

While cooking oil spray cans are a staple in many households across America, many families were unaware that PAM products contained potentially hazardous chemicals. If you or a family member has been injured, contact a personal injury attorney to get the facts about your case.

Lawyers See Pam Cooking Spray Could Pose Serious Risks to Consumers

Several new lawsuits have arisen in the face of exploding Pam cooking sprays. Victims allege that the bottom of the cans contained defects that caused them to explode when they worked around a heat source or open flame from a stove – leading to severe burn injuries.

Some victims had to undergo surgeries and rehabilitation (for third-degree burns), while one was in a medically induced coma two weeks after the incident. Most of the victims seeking restitution will have lifelong scarring from their cooking spray injuries.

Manufacturers pressurize cooking spray cans so the fuel can create an effective product. Pressurized cans, however, come with certain risks. Excessive heat, faulty valves, corrosion, or punctures can all cause cans to depressurize rapidly.

In severe cases, these cans can explode and cause major fires. Pam spray explosions can lead to serious burn injuries, shrapnel injuries, and damage to the eyes and ears. All pressurized spray cans come with this risk.

Some models of Pam cooking spray contain a special design Conagra, the maker of Pam, used sporadically over the last few years. Although Conagra stopped using this design earlier this year, it did not recall the thousands of cans of already shipped products.

These cooking sprays have shelf lives of several years on store shelves and may pose risks to additional consumers in the future.

What We Know About Pam Cooking Spray Burn Explosion Lawsuits

The lawsuits against Conagra allege that the Pam cooking spray cans contain a defect that makes them unreasonably dangerous for consumers to use.

Rather than posing the normal level of risk that comes with all pressurized aerosol cans, victims allege that certain Pam cans elevate the risk due to a defective ventilation system.

The U-shaped vent design on the bottom of the canister that Conagra began using in 2011 is the claimed source of the problem. Conagra tried out this new design mainly on bottles of Pam that contain 10 ounces or more.

According to Conagra spokespeople, the U-shaped ventilation system enabled the container to vent flammable contents slowly and in a controlled way if depressurized.

Burn victims and their plaintiffs’ attorney alleged that the vents made the cooking spray more susceptible to explosion than the tried and true design Conagra had used for over 60 years.

The lawsuits also say Conagra failed to warn consumers about the very serious foreseeable risks of the U-shaped ventilation system.

Conagra released a statement saying that its cans are “100 percent safe and effective when used correctly.” Conagra went on to say that all its Pam cooking spray has clear warning labels on the back of the packaging to use responsibly as flammable products and to keep away from heat sources and open flames.

Conagra also said it removed the vented cans from production early in 2019 for reasons unrelated to the lawsuits.

Reduce Your Risk of Injury Using Cooking Spray

According to the CPSC, there are specific steps that any Cook can take when using cooking spray to minimize the potential of being severely burned, harmed, or injured. First, do not puncture the can of cooking spray.

Do not carry it around on its side or upside down. When you are done cooking, always remove the cap first and keep the cap on a clean surface to minimize the potential for fires.

Always use Pam cooking spray outdoors in well-ventilated areas, away from open flames, direct sunlight, or in areas with high humidity. Do not spray in the vicinity of an open flame or another ignition source.

If you are using a Pam cooking spray indoors to loosen up stuck-on food, use it in a well-ventilated area and always stand away from the can when spraying.

Never spray directly on stove tops or hot ovens or onto a heated pan. Standing away from your Pam or other cooking sprays, always point it away from you and others in the area.

If a fire starts, never attempt to extinguish it by using water or throw baking soda on it. Instead, throw salt on the flames immediately to smother them before calling emergency services for help.

The CPSC also recommends that consumers who have been burned by Pam cooking spray should seek medical treatment immediately.

The extent of the injuries from a cooking spray burn can vary widely depending on how close you are to the flame source and whether you get air to your wounds before swelling starts. If untreated, severe skin damage or loss of limbs is possible.

Who Can You Sue When Cooking Spray Burns You?

The parent company of the cookware that produced the defective product you burned with is likely to be named a defendant in your claim for damages.

However, should you not know who made the kitchen tools, appliances, or other products that caused your injuries, it might be possible to find out by calling your local or state consumer protection division. You can also hire a qualified attorney who specializes in cases like yours to investigate for you.

There are three main types of legal claims that you can make when burned by cooking spray: design defects, manufacturing defects, and failure to warn about dangers associated with the product.

These claims should be filed in the correct court, depending on who sold or manufactured your cooking spray and where you were injured.

Cooks who are severely burned by a defective cooking spray may file their claim against the cookware manufacturer in state or federal court.

Cooks injured due to a flaw in the manufacturing process may also bring legal action against the cookware manufacturer but should do so under state law.

Cooks burned by a defective cooking spray may file a failure-to-warn claim against the cooking spray manufacturer or supplier in federal court. Some states also allow personal injury claims for failure-to-warn cases when the case involves an unforeseeable risk of harm, such as a foreign body in the product.

Filing a Strict Liability Lawsuit

All consumer products that are designed and manufactured by a company involve strict liability. Strict liability claims are easier to prove than other types of personal injury cases.

You do not have to show that the defendant intended to cause you injury or negligence for your claim based on strict liability to be successful.

The elements of a strict liability case are as follows:

  • You were injured while using the product
  • The product had an “unreasonably dangerous” defect
  • The product’s defectcaused your injury
  • You were using the product in a reasonably foreseeable manner when your cooking spray injuries occurred

For you to win, all the above things must be true, including:

  • If any part is false or there are not enough facts available to prove one of the elements above
  • It may be possible for your defendant to win your case or convince the judge or jury to reduce the number of damages you are owed.

Statute of Limitations

If you are considering filing a claim for your injuries related to cooking spray burns, make sure you know which state’s laws apply (e.g., the statute of limitations) and whether you need to file in federal or state court (or both).

In addition, you should seek out an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases to help you with your claim.

In most states, you have one year from the date of injury to file a lawsuit for damages in civil court.

However, in some states, such as Illinois, if the manufacturer has recalled a damaged product, it is not yet clear whether the recall covered your specific unit or how long it will take to get it repaired. In that case, you may have two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit.

Compensation Available to People Injured by Pam Can Explosions

It is important to discuss your spray explosion incident with a product liability attorney. Conagra could owe you thousands of dollars for your damages.

Filing a claim or joining a class-action lawsuit against Pam cooking spray’s manufacturer can hold the company accountable for its negligent or wanton actions and give you compensation for the following losses:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and capacity to earn
  • Property damage repairs
  • Physical pain and suffering for burn injuries
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost quality of life
  • Punitive damages

In general, the more serious your burn injuries, the more money your case will be worth. Using an attorney’s help in filing your personal injury claim and fighting for compensation can ensure you get fair results.

In addition, no insurance company can take advantage of you when a product liability lawyer handles settlement negotiations on your behalf.

Why Choose Us?

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Pam Cooking Spray Lawsuit FAQs

Pam cooking spray explosions and fires are not new. Other cooking sprays cases have arisen since at least 2012 with home cooks and foodservice professionals. However, a renewed focus on the subject has occurred due to recent alleged product defects in Pam cooking spray bottles.

It has led to many questions regarding cooking spray safety, product defects, and lawsuits against manufacturers. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions our attorneys receive:

Have Defective Pam Cooking Spray Cans Been Recalled From the Market?

No, despite numerous complaints to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there has never been a recall regarding Pam cooking sprays.

However, a Conagra spokesperson says the U-shaped vent design is no longer in production. The company has standardized the cans across the product line not to include these vents.

How Do I Know If I Have a Can of Defective Pam Cooking Spray?

Many victims and experts blame the latest fires and explosions on the four U-shaped vents on the bottoms of the 10-ounce and larger cans of Pam. These pressurized tabs can rapidly release the cooking oil and cause serious fires. Use bottles of Pam that do not have the U-shaped vent design to be safe.

How Can I Reduce My Risk of Injury While Using Pam?

Aside from avoiding cans with U-shaped vents on the bottoms, you can further reduce your risk of injury while using Pam cooking spray by keeping it away from sources of heat and open flames.

Do not store cooking sprays near your oven, and do not spray near the open flames of a stove or grill. Follow all the instructions on the can of cooking spray to reduce your risk of injury.

Have any Burn Injury Lawsuits Been Filed Against the Manufacturers of Pam Cooking Spray?

Yes. Eight plaintiffs recently filed product liability lawsuits against Conagra for allegedly defective can design that caused severe fires and burn injuries in Cook County Circuit Court. There were six cooking spray lawsuits altogether since two pairs of victims were couples cooking together. Conagra has faced similar lawsuits from burn victims over the last few years.

How Do People Know if They Have Pam Cooking Spray Lawsuits Against Conagra for Their Injuries?

Conagra has tried to escape liability by saying all Pam cooking sprays have large warning labels and clear instructions that explain flammable products. That does not, however, mean you cannot hold the manufacturer responsible. In addition, you might have a lawsuit if you suffered serious injuries while using Pam cooking spray. Speak to an attorney to find out if you have grounds for a pam cooking spray lawsuit.

You might be feeling overwhelmed after suffering serious burn injuries from a cooking spray fire. Many clients have dozens of questions about Conagra, defective spray cans, and product liability lawsuits. If you are one of them, our personal injury lawyers can help.

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