What Are Some Facts About Product Liability Accidents And Lawsuits? Plaintiffs in products liability cases get millions of dollars on average in recovery from all different types of accident scenarios.

  1. Products Liability Facts And Figures
  2. How Do Most Products Liability Cases Arise?
  3. How Do Defective Products Normally Harm Victims?
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Products Liability Facts And Figures

  • In 2013, the average award for personal injuries related to products liability was $6,392,270 and the median award was $3,123,950. By comparison, the only other field of litigation that rivaled products liability was medical malpractice where the average award was $3,486,900 and the median award was $745,000.
  • The most common products involved in accidents included amusement park rides, asbestos, blankets, breast implants, candles/matches/lighters, computers, cribs, mattresses, tires, toys, and medications including Vioxx.
  • Roughly 1 in 10 of all injury cases are associated with defective products.
  • Over the last few years, recalls of children’s toys have declined roughly 20% but injuries related to the same recalls have increased at nearly double the rate.
  • Each year, over 10 millions toys are recalled because of defective conditions.
  • Over the last 10 years the FDA has increasingly issued recalls of various drugs: in 2004 it issued 11 Class 1 recalls, 68 Class 2 recalls, and 87 Class 3 recalls; in 2014 it issued 101 Class 1 recalls, 640 Class 2 recalls, and 94 Class 3 recalls.
  • Since 2014, there have been over 100 million automobile recalls.

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How Do Most Products Liability Cases Arise?

Products liability cases are very traumatic and complicated. Therefore, when we meet with victims of these accidents, they normally ask us how they typically come about. Generally, an incident like this arises when an item malfunctions and injures the person using it. One very common setting is the workplace. Employees are routinely harmed by defective tools. Another source of product injuries is in the healthcare industry. Doctors often prescribe medical devices in addition to prescription medications. However, some of these might malfunction and injure the person using them and cause them great pain and suffering. Product liability cases also arise when the warnings or instructions accompanying a product are insufficient or wrong. For instance, the label on over-the-counter meds might not tell you everything that you need regarding complications. Or the warning on a children’s toy might not spell out the right age range for usage. All of these things normally create the proper circumstances for a products liability lawsuit but there may be others. The important thing to do is to meet with a qualified Illinois product liability lawyer to see if you have a case and to determine what you need to do next.

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How Do Defective Products Normally Harm Victims?

The ways in which consumers are harmed by defective products mirrors the circumstances of the accident and the makeup of the item. So it’s hard to outline a common set of bodily injuries or accident types. However, we can identify a normal set of harms that these victims frequently experience. First, they sustain some kind of physical injury such as a scratch, burn, or broken bone. Second, they endure long-term pain and suffering as well as other intangible harms like disability, loss of normal life, or disfigurement. Third, they have financial losses from the incident including lost wages, transportation expenses, damaged property, and medical bills. Fourth, and finally, their relatives and loved ones are negatively affected by the product accident in their relation to the actual victim and in their own direct way. You might be harmed in a totally different manner but these are the normally the biggest areas of loss.

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Still Concerned About Your Product Accident?

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has assisted countless victims of product accidents in Illinois and beyond. We can help you turn your incident into recovery. Also, we can help you on contingency which means that you don’t pay unless you’re satisfied. Call us today to learn more. Someone from Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC will begin working immediately.

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Jonathan Rosenfeld was professionally objective, timely, and knowledgeable. Also, his advice was extremely effective regarding my case. In addition, Jonathan was understanding and patient pertaining to any of my questions or concerns. I was very happy with the end result and I highly recommend Jonathan Rosenfeld.

- Michonne Proulx

Extremely impressed with this law firm. They took control of a bad motorcycle crash that left my uncle seriously injured. Without any guarantee of a financial recovery, they went out and hired accident investigators and engineers to help prove how the accident happened. I am grateful that they worked on a contingency fee basis as there was no way we could have paid for these services on our own.

- Ethan Armstrong

Jonathan helped my family heal and get compensation after our child was suffered a life threatening injury at daycare. He was sympathetic and in constant contact with us letting us know all he knew every step of the way. We were so blessed to find Jonathan!

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This lawyer really helped me get compensation for my motorcycle accident case. I know there is no way that I could have gotten anywhere near the amount that Mr. Rosenfeld was able to get to settle my case. Thank you.

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Jonathan did a great job helping my family navigate through a lengthy lawsuit involving my grandmother's death in a nursing home. Through every step of the case, Jonathan kept my family informed of the progression of the case. Although our case eventually settled at a mediation, I really was impressed at how well prepared Jonathan was to take the case to trial.

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