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Pressure Sore Injuries Pressure sores (Bedsores, Decubitus Ulcers or Pressure Ulcers) are a very graphic sign of systematic poor care at medical facilities and other long-term care institutions. The development of pressure sores is becoming an epidemic amongst patients in Chicago nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities. In fact, studies suggest that patients in medical facilities today are more likely to develop pressure sores than they were just ten years ago! Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has a long history of holding nursing homes and hospitals across Illinois responsible when a patient develops a pressure sore at their facility.

If your loved one has acquired a bed sore while admitted to a medical facility in Chicago, we invite you to talk to the Illinois bed sore attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC for a free case review. Your can rest assured that our lawyers will fight hard to ensure your loved one receives the maximum compensation Illinois law affords.

Causes of Pressure Sores

The mechanics behind the development of pressure sores (also called bed sores, pressures ulcers or decubitus ulcers) involve unrelieved pressure on bony parts of the body over an extended period of time. Gradually, blood flow becomes restricted and the skin and tissue die, resulting in the development of a wound in the area.

Pressure sores most commonly develop in bony areas of the body with little muscle or tissue to cushion the weight of the body over an extended period of time. Although a pressure sore can develop almost anywhere, the most common areas of the body prone to develop the wounds include the:

  • Buttocks
  • Heels
  • Back
  • Head

Not only are positioning and movement factors in pressure sores, the patient’s health and hygiene care is also involved. Poor nutrition and dehydration can impact skin health and the bodies ability to heal, making individuals more susceptible to pressure sores. Also, patients who are allowed to sit in urine or feces or in wet clothing and bedding for any amount of time are also more likely to have skin deterioration and pressure sores develop.

Areas of Pressure

Complications Related To Pressure Sores

When unrelieved pressure combines with other conditions such as incontinence and malnourishment the patient’s risk for developing pressure sores is exponentially increased. In addition to the pain and disability that accompanies the actual pressure sore, and open wound (that accompanies an advanced pressure sore) is the substantial increase in the patients likelihood of serious medical complications including:

It is important that pressure sores are treated as soon as they are detected to prevent them from accelerating to additional stages or levels. If allowed to progress at the early stages, pressure sores can be much more difficult to heal as they become deeper into the patient’s tissue. Of course the best case scenario is not to let pressure sores form in the first place.

Medical Facilities’ Duty To Protect Patients From Developing Pressure Sores

Knowing the devastation that can come about after a pressure sore develops, facilities must make prevention of pressure sores a priority and implement a pressure sore prevention program. While the needs of each patient may indeed be unique — basic pressure sore prevention methods include:

  • Move patients at regular intervals—every 2 hours is considered a good practice
  • Keep patients clean and dry
  • Prevent dehydration and malnutrition
  • Use pressure-relieving devices for patients who are at high risk such as specialized mattresses or cushions
Legal Rights For Those Whom Have Developed Pressure Sores During An Admission To A Chicago Medical Facility

The overwhelming majority of pressure sore lawsuits against medical facilities derive from the fact that the facility was simply not doing an adequate job caring for the patient. While the underlying reasons may be complex; under-staffing and inadequate training of staff are recurring themes in pressure sore lawsuits.

Our Chicago bed sore lawyers have experience litigating and settling cases involving the development of pressure sores in all types of facilities including nursing homes and hospitals– both within Illinois and throughout other jurisdictions across the country. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can evaluate you pressure sore case and advise you of your legal rights, with an emphasis on timely and effective resolution of cases.


Over the years, the attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have settled or tried to verdict hundreds of cases on behalf of individuals and families involving bed sores. Our experience litigating and resolving Chicago bed sore lawsuits has given us a unique perspective to evaluate your specific situation. If you have questions about your situation, we encourage you to contact our team now so we can initiate a case for you. Depending on the circumstance of where the bed sore formed, there are specific statutory requirements that require you to initiate a case within a specific time parameter. Call us now to ensure your rights are not compromised.

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