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Chicago Snow & Ice Truck Accident Lawyer

Winter weather presents more than its share of challenges for drivers. Snow and ice can cause massive pileups involving large trucks. Every year, the news is filled with stories of multi-car accidents that could affect over 100 cars and trucks.

Once one vehicle loses control on a highway, it can collect many other cars in the crash. The challenge is often figuring out who is responsible for the accident.

If you have been injured in a crash with a truck on ice, you should contact the truck accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers for legal help.


The Risks of Winter Weather

In perfect weather conditions, trucks take far longer than cars to come to a complete stop. Traveling at 65 miles per hour on an interstate, a fully loaded truck can take 525 feet to bring to a complete stop. In bad weather, trucks will be even more difficult to operate.

The bigger danger comes when truck drivers cannot see the ice on the roads. This is what is known as black ice. Even if the truck driver keeps a close watch on the road as they are driving, they may not see the ice because it is clear on the road.

The Dangers of Driving on Ice

The biggest risk of driving on ice is that the wheels will lose traction and contact with the road. The danger is even more pronounced with a heavy and fully-loaded truck.

There are a number of effects that ice will have on a truck:

  • The tires will lose friction and contact with the pavement
  • Braking will take longer (trucks already take a long time to bring to a complete stop)
  • Truck drivers are more likely to lose control going up or down a hill

Snow, ice and sleet cause nearly half of the weather-related accidents each year. When a truck skids, its size means that it can strike vehicles in any lane of the roadway. Ice can also cause truck rollovers.

Precautions to Avoid Ice Accidents

Trucking companies must begin to prepare themselves for the winter well before the season. They must perform inspections and maintenance on their vehicles to ensure that they can operate safely.

They should pay special attention to the brakes and make sure that they are in court repair. In addition, they should check the tires because they are the key to maintaining control of the vehicle in the freezing rain, snow and ice.

Truck Drivers May Not Slow Down or Stay Off the Road

The unfortunate reality is that truck drivers are people in a hurry. They must make deliveries on schedule with limited time because of hours of service limitations. They may try to proceed in inclement weather because they want to remain on schedule.

When truck drivers are on the road, they have a limited amount of time before they have to take a mandatory break. Even though there is a risk to driving in poor weather, they might try to keep going in order to remain on schedule.

Determining Liability for Black Ice Crashes

Truck drivers cannot escape liability for truck crashes that occur during winter weather by blaming road conditions for the accident.

Every driver makes a decision whether to be out on the road in poor weather. Once they get behind the wheel when there may be ice, they become legally responsible for what happens.

If the truck driver has lost control of their vehicle because of the ice and hit a car, the trucking company will need to pay for the damages that they caused. The driver is responsible for being aware that road conditions may be poor.

Every driver must exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. When there is ice on the road, drivers must slow down and be even more careful than they would be under normal circumstances.

Financial Compensation for Truck Crashes

If you have been injured in a truck accident on snow or ice (or any truck accident), you may be entitled to the following financial compensation for your injuries:

  • Medical bills (including treatment in the hospital)
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage to your vehicle
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Contact an Attorney After a Truck Accident

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers can help. You can give us a phone call at (888) 424-5757 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

Our lawyers will perform a full investigation of your accident and work for you to obtain financial compensation for all your injuries. Our truck accident lawyers will press for you to receive every dollar that you are due.

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