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Chicago Police Brutality Lawyer

The subject of police brutality has recently reached a fever pitch exhibited by the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and Deep South protest marches.

While most police officers are hard-working individuals who put their lives on the line day in and day out, the questionable actions of a few have placed all police officers under the light of scrutiny on a national stage.

The damage that the few reckless and negligent policing officials take has a ripple effect and makes it much more difficult for other officers to gain or maintain the public’s trust.

The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC are committed to holding officers and police departments accountable for their acts.

Our civil rights lawyers are committed to providing the legal counsel needed for individuals and families to receive the maximum compensation under Illinois law for civil claims related to police abuse.

Contact our experienced Chicago police misconduct lawyers for an initial free consultation and a free case evaluation of your unlawful, false arrest, or Civil Rights violations.

Chicago Police Brutality Lawyer

Police Misconduct: An Abuse of Power is a Threat to Community Safety and Trust

There is a tremendous amount of power placed in the hands of the police officers to enforce the laws of the land and to protect those who depend on them in times of need.

Sometimes this power becomes corruptive, and police officers succumb to the temptation to use their power for their purposes or interpret the power they wield as an excuse to enact their version of justice.

All Chicago police officers are bound by the same laws as every private citizen and should be held to account when they’ve broken the rules, including violating victims’ civil rights. A Chicago attorney can provide legal counsel to a victim about the available legal options

Police brutality cases are most commonly associated with physical violence and unnecessary use of force by Chicago law enforcement officers.

Chicago Police Brutality Lawyers

However, other police misconduct cases where victims experienced police brutality could include:

  • Illegal searches: Citizens have the right to deny permission for law enforcement to search unless the police have probable cause. In extreme cases, victims of police brutality might be subjected to illegal strip searches, or the officer humiliates or intimidates the victims.
  • Racial profiling: Despite the desire for us to believe we have made great strides toward change, racism is still alive and well. When racial prejudice motivates the actions of police officers, they may be held accountable.
  • False imprisonment: Some law enforcement brutality cases involve false imprisonment, falsified evidence when an unauthorized person without justification intentionally restrains others and restricts their capacity to move freely. This police misconduct is often referred to as unlawful imprisonment that violates a victim's constitutional rights. The police wish you will be found guilty of any of their accusations so that you do not take legal action against their criminal activity.
  • Malicious prosecution: Some police misconduct cases involve malicious prosecution where legal action is pursued without probable cause.
  • Extortion, intimidation, and coercion: Sometimes, the police will use the threat of violence or arrest to conduct illegal activities or improper use of pepper spray to scare victims into compliance and wrongfully charge others for crimes they did not commit. These tactics are illegal and must be brought to light to reestablish trust and integrity in the police force.
  • Sexual assault: Abusive and corrupt officers may even use their position of authority to coerce victims of police misconduct into sexual situations. The offending Chicago, Illinois police officer should be held accountable for violating the Civil Rights Act when this occurs.
  • Physical Injury: Physical abuse and illegal use of physical force are never acceptable-- regardless of the officer's level of frustration.
  • Police shootings: A police officer is only entitled to draw and use their guns or tasers in very particular circumstances. When officers shoot and injure or kill someone without justification, the victim or family can pursue a civil compensation case.

Chicago Police Brutality Law Firm

Protecting Your Rights and Reporting Wrongdoing for Police Officers' Abuse

The police brutality consequences can make any Chicago victim feel hopeless. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that the officer who wronged you is held accountable.

First, gather any evidence that you can, regardless of whether you believe it is significant. Take pictures of any physical marks, bruises, injuries, and the crime scene to fortify your case results when filing a civil lawsuit.

Notice any witnesses and whether anyone captured the incident on video or recorded what was said.

Chicago Police Brutality Attorney

Police Brutality Injuries FAQs

Our Chicago police brutality injury attorneys know that many are looking for ways to hold law enforcement financially accountable for violating the family's civil rights. A Chicago civil rights violations lawyer answered some of the questions below.

Contact our dedicated attorneys at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) to schedule a free case evaluation and discuss your Civil Rights violation case. Our Chicago, IL police brutality lawyers are here to help you seek compensation for your damages.

What Is the Meaning of Police Brutality?

Society typically defines police brutality as violating various human rights. Some incidents of police wrongdoing throughout Illinois include racial abuse, torture, beating a suspect, unlawful arrest unlawful killing, and indiscriminately using tear gas and other riot control agents into peaceful protesters.

A Chicago police officer might be guilty of violating justice and the victim's Chicago Civil Rights. Seeking justice usually requires Chicago police brutality lawyers to serve as legal advocates for their clients.

What Type of Injury Is Most Common in Policing?

The enforcement officers are at high risk of suffering a work-related injury due to their job's physical nature. The most common personal injury involves the upper extremities when handling non-compliant offenders, especially those involved in an assault.

Common injuries involving police wrongdoing include strains, sprains, and soft tissue damage, including bruises and lacerations.

Is Police Brutality a Crime?

Police misconduct is a crime. Any Chicago police officer's unlawful use of force could deprive people of their right to life. The excessive and unnecessary force could be ill-treatment or torture of others.

A police officer's unlawful force violates the victim's rights to be free from discrimination and their right to security, free speech, liberty, and equal protection under the law. Many police brutality and excessive force cases involve violations of a victim's Civil Rights.

International law recognizes a police officer's use of lethal force might violate a victim's rights when there is an intimate threat of serious personal injury or death when the incident might have been escalated using legal mechanisms instead of physical force.

In these cases, the victim of police brutality has a legal right to file a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation when officers use excessive force. Chicago police brutality attorneys typically handle cases involving a victim of enforcement officers' wrongdoing to get settlement and justice.

What Is the Difference between Excessive Force and Brutality?

In some cases, police officers and other law enforcement officers' use of force is the only option to control an unruly- non-compliant suspect. However, there is a significant difference between using excessive force and being brutal in handling anyone.

Police misconduct involving brutality could include hitting, stomping, beating, or smacking others being detained. Other forms of police abuse involve excessive force and brutality, including unnecessary crowd control or dousing people with tear gas and rubber pellets.

Many police misconduct cases are investigated to determine the severity of underlying circumstances or crimes. The investigation might reveal that the police's life or safety was jeopardized.

The report might show there were available alternatives for handling the situation differently and more humanely. Having attorney advice at this juncture is essential to safeguard your legal rights

Is Police Brutality an Ethical Issue?

Some cases of Chicago police brutality involve institutional racism caused by unethical decisions that perpetrate racial profiling of individuals, primarily teens, during challenging situations, in violation of the victim's Civil Rights.

While parents teach their children to be respectful of others, especially those in power, dealing with police officers in the real world can be more challenging when brutality exists among the ranks.

Respecting authority is more of survival skill for some ethnicities to ensure their safety and precisely follow the Chicago police officer's order. Any active defiance could cause the law enforcement officers to experience a knee-jerk reaction and handle the case inappropriately.


Chicago Police Brutality Attorneys

How Personal Injury and Civil Rights Attorneys Can Resolve Your Case

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC in Chicago is passionately dedicated to obtain justice for those who have been unjustly wronged. Our experienced firm will work tirelessly to use the evidence and leads available to establish and prove your case while representing your legal and personal interests with compassion and respect.

Has law enforcement brutality victimized you? Contact our Chicago, IL law office to speak with our Chicago civil rights attorney about your rights. We will arrange a free case evaluation where you can explore your legal options in more depth while receiving the answers to any questions you may have about pursuing a claim against those responsible.

Our Chicago police brutality lawyers are happy to serve anyone who has been harmed due to another person’s negligent actions regardless of financial situation, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis and only collect attorney’s fees for our services once we have successfully secured payment on our clients’ behalf. If we fail to do this for you, our services will be free of charge.

Hiring a Police Brutality Lawyer to Pursue Civil Rights Violations Cases

Were you, a loved one or a family member’s civil rights violated, or become a victim of false arrest, prosecution, brutality, sexual assault, racial slurs, pepper spray or accused of resisting arrest? Did you suffer serious injuries or lose a loved one through wrongful death?

If so, contact our Chicago, IL police brutality attorneys today through the online form, or call us at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call), to schedule a free consultation. All discussions with our police brutality lawyers remain confidential through an attorney-client relationship.

We represent clients throughout Illinois in various practice areas, including car accidents, premises liability, violated civil rights law, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, premises liability, harmful medications, product liability, and wrongful death.


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