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When you have to be Extracted when cars are pinnedMany times, victims of serious Chicago motor vehicle accidents are pinned into the wreckage, requiring the “jaws of life” to be extracted from the wreckage. Typically, the impact is so forceful that it shatters windows and spins the vehicle before striking objects, including other vehicles, trees, posts and even pedestrians. A car pin-in accident is often life threatening and can leave victims with major post-concussive symptoms, fractured ribs, broken bones and other serious medical problems.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers represents people injured in pin-in car accidents in Chicago. Our law firm understands the severity of these accidents and works hard to get you the highest compensation for your injuries. To discuss your pin-in auto accident with an attorney, complete our contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Jaws of Life Necessary To Extract People Trapped By Wreckage In Accidents

Unfortunately, vehicle accidents happen every day, even on safe roadways under ideal driving conditions. Even though manufacturers make are safer, nearly all of us will be involved in a truck or car accident in our lifetime. Even though seat belts and airbags make driving safer than ever before, being hit by another car or truck at high-speed can cause a catastrophic impact, where passengers and motorists could be seriously hurt or killed.

When victims are caught inside the wreckage of a car pin-in accident, firefighters and rescue teams will use a variety of hydraulic rescue tools including the “jaws of life.” This innovative hydraulic device offer significant advantages over dangerous, ineffective tools including crowbars, axes and saws. A trained firefighter can use a variety of attachments to the device including rams, cutters and spreaders. Their efforts can easily dismantle the vehicle at the scene of the car pin-in accident, to extract the injured victim safely.

Common Pin-in Car Accident Injuries

Pinned in victims caught in the wreckage of a serious car accident often suffer a variety of injuries that can leave them disabled. Many of the common injuries associated with a major vehicle accident include:

  • Broken Bones – Ribs, legs, ankles, arms and wrists can easily become broken in a serious car accident. Sometimes, victims receive compound fractures, where the bone pierces the skin after breaking occurs during the catastrophic collision. Often times, treatments require that the victim wear a cast to allow the bones to heal, followed by PT (physical therapy) after the cast has been removed. Physical therapy often helps the victim regain nearly all the motion they previously had in their joints.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Serious injuries to the neck, back and spine are often extremely common in vehicle accidents. Injuries to the spine often result in a loss of sensation, minimized movement, severe pain, and permanent or temporary paralysis. Catastrophic crashes often cause paraplegia paralysis that involves the lower body, or quadriplegia, where the entire body including the shoulders and arms are paralyzed.
  • Internal Injuries – Internal organs can become injured by high impact force, when the body encounters flying debris, the steering wheel, or other components inside the vehicle. Internal injuries often involve bleeding that must be properly treated.
TBI & Concussions Sustained In High-Impact Car Crashes

Blows to the head as a result of high impact in a car accident often leads to brain swelling. If the swelling tissue is severe, it can create permanent damage and serious long lasting disability. Because of that, it is always important for paramedics on the scene to look for obvious signs of a concussion or TBI (traumatic brain injury). Often times, the injured victim does not exhibit or feel any symptoms until later, after the “lucid interval” has passed.

Legal Options Available To A Person Injured In A Chicago Car Pin-In Accident

The costs involved with healing from a serious collision are often extensive. Because of that, injured victims usually file a claim against the responsible party for financial compensation. To secure adequate financial recompense, they often turn to an experienced personal injury attorney that specializes in car crashes. The attorney can develop an effective strategy to support the claim to ensure the victim receives sufficient compensation.

A skilled personal injury attorney will use negotiation skills for an out-of-court settlement, or provide legal representation in court when filing a lawsuit. The responsible party and their insurance carrier are usually required to pay financial compensation to cover a variety of expenses including medical bills, financial loss, lost wages, diminished potential of generating future earnings, pain, suffering, along with mental and emotional anxiety.

If you, or loved one, suffered serious injuries in a catastrophic automobile accident, it is important to hire the skills of a competent Chicago car accident attorney. Contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers at (888) 424-5757 can provide a free initial consultation. Through legal counsel, you will know how to proceed with the claim to receive the compensation you deserve.

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