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Peoria Workers' Compensation Attorney

Peoria is a manufacturing giant in the state of Illinois and home to the production operations of over 200 different companies. When workers are injured on the job, the Peoria workers compensation lawyers of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are called on to ensure that they receive the medical treatment and financial compensation that they are entitled to receive by state employment laws.

Nobody who is severely injured, making a living should need to bear the additional stress of trying to make ends meet when medical bills are mounting. Paying for healthcare to heal from a workplace injury can be nearly impossible when the victim is unable to return to work and provide for his or her family.

Our Chicago workers' compensation lawyer legal team handles workers' comp cases across Illinois. Contact our Peoria workers compensation lawyers today for a free case review.

Manufacturing Drives Peoria

Peoria is home to the facilities that produce many of the nation's engines and heavy construction equipment. Caterpillar is the city's largest employer, which manufactures heavy machinery at its Peoria facility and employs over 15,000 workers. The area is also home to numerous breweries, distilleries, and large livestock and grain industries.

There are a total of over 28,000 manufacturing jobs throughout the city and additional 33,100 jobs provided by transportation and utility companies. Construction also makes a significant contribution to the economy as nearly 8,500 workers are employed in the construction and mining industries.

Workers in these industries are aware of the dangers that they must face every day to make their livings. A simple mistake by a fellow employee can have disastrous consequences and send multiple workers to the hospital and keep them sidelined for long periods.

These injured workers have families to support and obligations to meet. An injury often throws their finances into disarray, which is why they need quality Peoria workplace accident lawyers to assist them in recovering the compensation needed to pay for the cost of their recoveries and to continue supporting their families while they get better.

Causes of Workplace Accidents

Many manufacturing and construction jobs require constant and repetitive motions throughout workers' days, and they may overexert themselves when handling heavy objects and suffer from workplace injuries.

These are common work-related injuries, and while employees often have favorable prognoses when seeking medical attention, they can still be sidelined if the injuries require rehabilitation or surgery. The more serious injuries that occur at these types of jobs, however, include the following.

  • Pinch point accidents. These events occur when a worker has a part of his or her body caught between two moving objects. It may result in broken or crushed bones, the loss of a digit or limb or severe disfigurement.
  • Falling objects. These are among the most deadly accidents reported in the state because workers are rarely aware of the falling object and sustain severe trauma to the head. Traumatic brain injuries can have a long-term impact on cognitive functions, memory, concentration, and maintaining motor skills.
  • Trips, slips, and falls. When workplaces are not kept free of clutter or workers are not warned that surfaces may be wet or slippery, it results in the type of accidents that include back injuries for spinal cord damage. The injuries can range from minor contusions and discomfort to broken bones, trauma to the head, or worse.
  • Defective machinery. It is the responsibility of every manufacturer to provide compensation to victims when a product defect or design flaw results in bodily harm. Machines in production plants may not operate as intended and become the cause of a severe workplace accident so severe that the injured party will require disability benefits.
  • Contact with hazardous materials. Manufacturing workers are often in contact with corrosive or toxic materials that can cause immediate or long-term injuries. When employers do not offer adequate protection from these dangers, employees can pursue compensation for negligence in addition to their workers' compensation benefits.

Your Right to Workers' Compensation Benefits Following an On-the-Job Accident in Peoria

It is essential to know that whenever you are injured on the job, you are entitled to receive compensation for the full amount of your medical bills, even if the accident was your own fault. Employers are required to carry Workers' Compensation insurance to cover these costs of injuries. The company might be subject to civil and criminal penalties when they do not comply with regulations set forth by the workers' compensation system.

An employer or its insurance company must also provide compensation promptly and any attempt to interfere with your rights can open the door to additional fines, which are recoverable by the victim.

You have rights when injured on the job. You are likely entitled to receive one or more forms of compensation following a work accident.

  • The right to seek treatment from any doctor – Your injuries may require care from a doctor that specializes in a specific form of care. You have the right to seek out the opinions of these specialists and obtain care from whomever you choose. Your employer cannot dictate to you which doctors you may or may not see.
  • The recovery of the full cost of your past and future medical treatment – To establish an accurate value of your future medical costs, we often turn to the testimony of experienced medical professionals and economists so that your needs are met both in the present and in the many years to come.
  • Additional compensation for the loss of opportunity, should your injuries be debilitating and result in the permanent inability to work – The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission has set up a specific fund to provide extra benefits to cover the cost of living increases for those who have been permanently injured as well.
  • The right to receive sixty-seven percent of the value of your wages during your recovery – These funds can help you continue to make ends meet while focusing on your physical recovery.

Workers' compensation claims are filed with the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission. Whenever there are disputes between an injured worker and his or her employer over benefits, the Commission hears and settles these cases. It is typically advisable to use personal injury attorneys who specialize in the legal representation of injured employees.

Claims made in the Peoria area are heard at this address:

Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission (IWCC)
401 Main Street 6th Floor
Training Room
Peoria, IL 61602

Less than One in Four Injured Illinois Workers Filed for Compensation

Annually, the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission releases detailed workplace injury statistics that identify benefits paid out to injured employees statewide. The most recent statistics, published in 2017, indicate that there were nearly 200,000 accidents on the job in Illinois. However, less than one out of four claims were filed with the Commission.

The major take away of this discrepancy in the number of claims filed compared to those that could have been filed reveals that many injured workers never receive the benefits they deserved. Of those who did file a claim, approximately 90% settled for an acceptable amount. The final 10% resulted in denial by an arbitrator working on behalf of the Commission.

About half of all injured workers denied benefits filed an appeal. Of these, about 40% reached settlements, and the final 10% were denied benefits again. Nearly one-third of all workers' compensation claims were filed in the state in 2017 were submitted in Cook County (Chicago).

The Commission statistics revealed that the top leading causes of job-related injuries that did not result in a wrongful death happened through a:

  • Slip, trip, or fall
  • Contact with a piece of equipment or object
  • Workplace violence
  • Harmful toxic or environmental condition exposure
  • Car, truck or heavy equipment collision

The leading industries involving Illinois worker's compensation benefits happened in various occupations for the government, manufacturing, natural mining and resources, construction, and services.

Our Dedication to the Needs of Injured Workers in Peoria

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is much more than a workers' compensation law firm. We have access to the resources that clients need throughout their physical, emotional, and financial recoveries.

By working with medical specialists, we will see to your physical needs by ensuring you receive the medical treatment and rehabilitative therapy you deserve, and we also work with social workers who can help you cope with the impact of your injuries so that you may move forward.

Most importantly, we can make sure that your employer fully covers the cost of these services. We can help you with your claim and seeking any additional damages allowed by state law.

Contact us now to arrange a free consultation with one of our award-winning Peoria workers compensation attorneys to learn more about your rights and how we can help. In addition to providing free initial consultation, our personal injury attorneys promise never to require a fee for our services unless we can recover damages on your behalf.

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