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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports around 10 million motorcycles on the road in the United States. Unfortunately, these vehicles are vulnerable to car accidents because they lack the protective shell of a passenger vehicle.

Were you involved in a motorcycle accident in Peoria, Illinois? Are you seeking maximum compensation for your damages from the negligent party?

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Peoria Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Peoria, IL Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are a common cause of serious personal injuries in Illinois. Unfortunately, most drivers do not understand how to share the road with motorcyclists, and many drivers believe that motorcycles should be banned from busy roads.

Many states have enacted laws requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets and other safety gear, but these laws are controversial.

Moreover, limiting bikers’ freedom may lead some people to ride without protective equipment or otherwise take risks that put them at risk for an accident.

Motorcycle Riding in Peoria, IL

In Peoria, Illinois, motorcycle riders and passengers can cruise through some of the most picturesque country roads along the Illinois River.

Bikers can take the River Loop out of Peoria up to Peru along the east side of the river on State Route 26. Traveling back on the west side of the river on Route 29 brings day adventurers back home to Peoria.

The scenic river loop travels through Chillicothe, Lacon, Henry, and Mark into Peru. The route takes bikers and passengers into small towns, along the state’s floodplains, and up to the hilly areas up and down the river valley, filled with old barns and overhanging trees.

The gentle sweeping curves and the hilly regions create a beautiful picturesque ride during the year’s warmer months.

The quality of the roadways on state routes 20 and 29 is remarkable, making for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. However, these areas can become highly congested, especially in small towns during the morning and evening rush-hour commutes.

Peoria Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists are considered to be more exposed than other motorists on the road. They lack the protective shell of an enclosed vehicle, which makes them more vulnerable to injuries caused by accidents.

Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, but it can be made significantly safer through defensive driving techniques and properly wearing safety gear, including an approved helmet.

Unfortunately, many motorcyclists do not know they can seek legal remedies when a negligent driver causes a motorcycle accident.

Many bikers still ride without the necessary safety gear and fail to understand how dangerous motorcycle accidents can be for them, even if they have never been involved in an accident before.

Motorcycle fatalities in Illinois have been steadily climbing each year, and because of the unique nature of every motorcycle accident, every case needs exceptional legal attention.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Due to their compact size, motorcycles are much more vulnerable to collision damage than big-rig or passenger automobiles. Thus, motorbikes offer less protection against harm than trucks and automobiles, even while utilizing safety equipment.

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Illinois include:

  • Running a red light
  • Distracted driving, such as texting while driving
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Drunk or impaired drivers
  • Failing to obey traffic signs and safety systems
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way

Motorcycle drivers and operators often face additional challenges on the road. For instance, it is difficult to see motorcycles because they are typically smaller than cars and trucks.

Motorists may not notice a motorcycle on the road or be driving while intoxicated and ignoring their surroundings. Drivers of larger vehicles may also tailgate or cut motorcycles off, which often leads to accidents.

Negligence in Illinois Motorcycle Accidents

When a negligent motorist fails to exercise the levels of care and caution required by law, it is said that they acted negligently. Drivers who negligently operate their vehicles may be held liable for any injuries and damages caused due to the accident.

Individuals may be considered negligent in certain instances, such as:

  • Drivers who drive while distracted and cause an accident, such as those who text and drive
  • Drivers who fail to exercise reasonable care while operating their vehicles, such as speeding or running a red light
  • Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Truck and commercial vehicle drivers using their vehicles in a negligent manner

Individuals who operate motorbikes negligently may also be considered at fault in certain instances, such as:

  • Drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way or do not give motorcycles sufficient space when changing lanes or making turns
  • Drivers not paying attention to their surroundings and cause an accident by rear-ending a motorcyclist
  • Individuals who are driving recklessly, including those engaged in street racing

If you have been injured due to the negligent actions of another party, contact our Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys today. A Peoria motorcycle accident lawyer will fight for total compensation on your behalf and hold the negligent parties responsible for their actions.

Our knowledgeable lawyers are available 24/7 to schedule a free consultation with you following any motorcycle accident in or near Peoria.

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Texting and Driving in Peoria, IL

It is estimated that more than 800,000 people send text messages while operating a motor vehicle. Distracted drivers who text and drive are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident than those who do not text and drive.

Depending on the severity of injuries and fatalities involved in the accident, they can also be charged with reckless driving or even vehicular manslaughter.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycles make up less than three percent of all registered vehicles, yet they account for more than 13 percent of traffic fatalities yearly; more than 3,000 individuals die in motorcycle crashes yearly.

Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash and five times more likely to be injured than those riding in an automobile.

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Road rash
  • Spinal Cord Damage
  • Paralysis
  • Degloving Injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Head and facial injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Amputation (dismemberment)
  • Burns caused by exposure to hot surfaces or fluids
  • Death

Being involved in a motorcycle crash can lead to catastrophic injuries that will likely affect your ability to work and support yourself. In addition, you may need extensive surgery and lengthy rehabilitation while also dealing with the emotional scars of the accident for an extended period.

Serious injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents most often require the assistance of an experienced Peoria injury attorney.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, contact our Illinois personal injury law firm today to learn about your legal rights and options for seeking financial recovery.

Our knowledgeable attorneys are available 24/7 to help you pursue justice following a life-altering motorcycle accident.

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Peoria, IL Motorcycle Accident Injury Statistics

Recent Peoria Motorcycle Accidents

The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC motorcycle accident attorneys remind bikers and passengers that dangerous and fatal motorcycle collisions occur even in small communities like Peoria.

In recent years, the most devastating motorcycle accidents have involved:

  • In July 2020, a twenty-seven-year-old motorcycle rider died in a vehicle crash on N. Sterling Ave. The Peoria Police Department found the motorcycle still on the road when arriving at the accident scene. An early investigation revealed that a passenger vehicle driver pulled onto the Avenue from a driveway as the biker traveled northbound. The accident occurred at 9:40 PM. The County coroner pronounced the victim deceased less than thirty minutes later.
  • In June 2020, a seventy-seven-year-old motorcyclist died in a vehicle accident at Redwood Road and Old Route 66 in Peoria. The coroner indicated that the victim was the only fatality involved in the crash.
  • A married Morton couple died in a fatal car accident in Peoria County in June 2015. Investigators at the crash scene believe that the motorcycle’s back tire blew out, causing both riders to be ejected from the bike. The 46-year-old female passenger died at the scene of the midday accident, and her 51-year-old husband suffered critical injuries and was transported to OSF St. Francis Medical Center. He was pronounced dead at the hospital the following morning.
  • In a separate incident over the same weekend, another motorcyclist died due to their injuries in a fatal accident on Princeville’s east side on Illinois Route 90 and Illinois Route 91. After leaving the northbound roadway, the 38-year-old Harley-Davidson biker died at the crash scene, overcompensating the runoff before running a stop sign and nearly missing another vehicle before striking the guardrail.
  • In 2021, a Peoria, IL, man lost his life in a motorcycle accident on the city’s south side. A medical helicopter transported the severely injured biker to OSF St. Francis Hospital, who later died from his injuries.
  • A Peoria man died in a crash at Village Gate Apartments in June 2020. The Sheriff’s office indicated that alcohol and drugs played a role in the accident. The 33-year-old motorcycle rider’s death was the first fatal motorcycle accident within Peoria city limits since January 2015 and only the second such fatality of 2020 thus far.

Even though motorcycle riding has become increasingly popular in recent years, providing enjoyment for many outdoor enthusiasts, it is still uniquely dangerous.

Many biker accident victims suffer severe injuries from other motorists failing to obey traffic laws, the right-of-way, or looking out for motorcycles sharing the roadway.

Distracted drivers, road defects, and potholes can be hazardous even for the most seasoned motorcycle riders. The exposure to the roadway infrastructure and external elements makes the biker and passenger highly susceptible to being involved in a collision or crash.

Have you been injured in a Peoria vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver? If so, you have the legal right to pursue damages to recover your medical expenses and pay for pain and suffering through an injury claim.

However, you must prove negligence on how the defendant in the personal injury case owed you a duty of care and safety on the roadway. Because of that, hiring a personal injury attorney specializing in motorcycle collisions, crashes, and auto accidents is essential.

Some motorcyclist fatalities resulted from not wearing proper protection while riding their bike or failure to use a helmet. Others died in the crash because of irresponsible riding by taking unnecessary risks.

Finally, others are riding while impaired by drugs or alcohol. As a result, they can quickly lose their balance, coordination, judgment, throttle control, or the control needed to shift years.

According to the insurance information Institute, many motorcycle crashes in the United States result from driver behavior and a lack of mindful awareness by others sharing the roadway.

Statistics show that bikers are much more likely to die or suffer severe injuries [1] in crashes than occupants in commercial truck passenger vehicles. The incident report indicates that Supersport bikes produce the most fatalities and overall collision loss concerning other motorbike classes.

How a Peoria Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You Pursue Justice & Full Compensation

Motorcycle accidents often cause severe injuries and extensive damage to the vehicles involved, including totaled motorcycles.

Sometimes, seeking total compensation for your injuries and damages can be complex without an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer’s assistance.

Even if the accident results from breaking the law, the local attorney’s office may never file charges against the negligent driver who caused your damages. Typically, the court system is designed to adequately compensate their injury victims, including yourself.

In civil tort laws, the injured party can file a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim to recover compensation from all those responsible for your damage. It includes holding the negligent drivers liable for their actions and responsible for fully compensating you for all economic and noneconomic losses.

Accordingly, if you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, our Peoria motorcycle accident lawyer can help represent you to ensure you recover justifiable financial compensation through the complex legal system.

Our personal injury attorneys will investigate who was at fault for your motorcycle accident. We will prove that another driver or trucker, a wrong road or highway design, or a company owner’s negligence caused the crash that injured you.

If you cannot work because of your injuries and suffer from permanent disability, our attorney can help you recover your lost wages and money for pain and suffering.

In addition, we will fight to get you the compensation to pay for your medical bills and other expenses and losses resulting from the motorcycle accident.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a qualified attorney who can help protect your legal rights while helping ensure that your rights are fully protected.

We can help you seek the compensation you deserve and pledge to provide dedicated and high-quality representation throughout all legal proceedings against negligent drivers or truckers.

Peoria Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Surviving Families Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Losing a Loved One in a Motorcycle Accident

Qualifying families who lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash have the legal right to seek compensatory damages for losing their loved one. These family members typically include the surviving spouse, child, parent, or sibling.

Delayed closure of legal proceedings about an accident that caused pain and suffering can further delay grieving for family members of severe injury victims who died in a motorcycle crash.

Therefore, seeking legal advice from an experienced Peoria attorney as soon as possible after your loved one’s death is essential.

Our Peoria motorcycle accident attorneys understand nothing can bring back your loved one. Still, our wrongful death attorneys are dedicated to helping your family recover just financial compensation for the pain and suffering resulting from the tragedy.

These cases are typically resolved by negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company to settle the motorcycle accident claim.

Accordingly, we will use our extensive experience and knowledge of Illinois law on fatal motorcycle accidents to determine who was responsible for your loved one’s death and whether a motorcycle accident claim is valid under the law.

We will also investigate the accident, reconstruct it as necessary, determine who was at fault for causing the crash, and prove that those at fault negligently caused your loved one to lose their life.

In addition, we can identify key witnesses and evidence and help you ensure that your legal rights are protected. We will also work with experts and other Peoria motorcycle accident lawyers to build a strong case on your behalf.

Peoria Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Hiring an Experienced Peoria Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Represent Your Interests

Our Peoria motorcycle accident lawyers can work on your behalf to establish how the defendant breached their duty of care and caused the accident.

Using proven legal theories, we can build your compensation case to ensure you receive a full recovery for all of your damages, including:

  • The cost of hospitalization, medical care, surgeries, rehabilitation, and physical therapies
  • Lost wages from time away from work and the inability to work in the future
  • Non-tangible damages, including pain, suffering, depression, anxiety, and grief
  • Property damages, including the repair or replacement of your motorcycle

Our prominent Peoria accident attorneys have represented many individuals and families throughout central Illinois who have suffered a motorcycle accident injury or fatality. We offer you a no-obligation, free initial consultation. Call us at (888) 424-5757 today to discuss your legal options.

In addition to providing a free case evaluation, our Peoria motorcycle accident attorneys accept all cases on a contingency fee basis. This arrangement ensures your motorcycle accident lawyer will not charge any upfront fees. We are only paid after you or your loved one has received compensation through an insurance company or jury trial award.

A Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer from our law offices can provide more information on our law offices, receive immediate legal advice, our years of experience, postpone the payment of your medical bills, and work for you through legal representation.

Resources: [1] Insurance Informative Institute

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