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Nursing Home Hip & Femur Fracture Lawyers: Chicago, Illinois

Nursing Home Fall Hip Fracture

Our desire to see our loved ones live long lives is often tempered by the wish to see them live their last years free of pain and in good health.

There is a strong link between hip fractures and a diminished quality of living among elderly patients that stresses the need for those who take care of our loved ones to take the extra steps required to prevent falls and drops.

If your loved one has suffered a fractured hip while at a Chicago nursing home, he or she will be subject to a difficult recovery and data suggests an unfavorable prognosis.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC appreciates the impact a fractured hip can have on a nursing home patient and regularly prosecutes Illinois nursing home negligence lawsuits involving a fractured hip. Contact our office for a free case review of your potential nursing home hip fracture case.

Hip Injuries are Among the Most Serious Injuries the Elderly Face

The mobility of elderly patients is linked to their hips, according to studies conducted over the last ten years. When patients have suffered from fractures, the joint itself and surrounding bone and tissue are all affected. This results in difficulty moving and immense pain if bones grind against one another. One of the most highly recommended solutions is surgical intervention in which the bone or joint is replaced with an implant. While surgery is proven to prolong the lives of those who elect to undergo the procedures, there is conflicting data that suggests it is far better for your loved one to never suffer a hip fracture at all.

  • One third of elderly patients who suffer from hip fractures are deceased inside of six months. Women are significantly less likely to suffer this fate than men, however. About half of elderly men who’ve suffered hip fractures passed away less than half a year later.
  • The initial level of dependence seems to affect the prognosis of elderly patients. Eighty percent of those living independently on their own or at a family member’s home survived longer than a year following a hip fracture. Half of those in nursing homes died within twelve months.
  • Almost thirty percent of survivors are immobile following their injuries and require some level of personal care. This includes assistance moving from their beds to access restrooms, bathing and personal hygiene.
  • Immobility is linked to the development of additional medical complications with don’t just diminish the quality of the patient’s living. Immobility has been proven to shorten patients’ lives due to the medical concerns it creates.
  • When patients elect not to undergo surgical procedures following a hip fracture, their quality of living and chance of survival diminish rapidly. This statistic advocates the use of surgical means to address hip fractures but the recent mass torts filed against hip replacement manufacturers may make you approach these procedures with caution.

Surgery and Recovery From a Broken Hip Often Result in Diminished Quality of Care

If your loved one has injured his or her hip and you’ve elected for surgical intervention, it is important to note that if your loved one is living in a nursing facility, he or she may not receive the care that is needed to facilitate a healthy recovery. Hip implant surgery is taxing on the body and often requires replacing the entire hip socket with an implant which is attached to the bone with metal screws. Patients must undergo physical therapy and are often unable to take care of themselves initially.

The reason that nursing homes are the worst place for the recovery process to take place in is because they cut corners and may not give your loved one the attention or quality of care that you would expect. For-profit nursing homes are grossly understaffed in order to cut down on costs and the staff members that take care of patients recovering from hip injuries are often unqualified due to lack of training. This can result in numerous forms of neglect or abuse.

  • Your loved one may develop bedsores if he or she is unable to move around. This can be prevented by simply moving him or her every few hours but nursing facilities that are short staffed may not pay the attention required to provide this simple service.
  • The injury may not be taken seriously. Even though the evidence shows a strong link between hip fractures and serious medical concerns such as immobility and premature death, nursing home staff may not believe that hip fractures are a serious concern that requires specialized and ongoing care.
  • Staff may not even be aware of the injury. If staff members aren’t aware of the condition of their patients, they will often neglect areas of concern. Nursing facilities are required to provide care that is tailored to the specific needs of every individual patient but they are not always equipped to meet this requirement.

Nursing facility concerns aside, studies have proven that patients who have suffered from hip injuries live longer and happier lives if their recovery happens at home. As a family member, you can play a pivotal role in your loved one’s recovery and make sure that he or she has access to everything needed to facilitate a happy and healthy recovery. Your loved one may respond better when in the presence of those who he or she loves and this can even shorten the time needed to go through rehabilitation.

The Prognosis Following Hip Fractures is Still Bleak

Even if you choose to take on the burden of caring for someone following a hip fracture, it is important to temper your expectations. Hip fractures often result in permanent immobility and even if your loved one receives an implant, the injury may result in a shorter life expectancy. As mentioned previously, it is best for your loved one never to have experienced a hip injury to begin with as hip injuries often result in sudden health changes that are usually brought on through lowered mobility.

Get Legal Help Now When a Loved One Has Fractured a Hip at an Illinois Nursing Home

The Illinois nursing home negligence attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC concentrates in helping the families of those harmed in nursing home accidents involving hip fractures. You deserve the compensation needed to provide your loved one with top quality care following a hip injury in order to live out the rest of his or her years in comfort and dignity. 

If your loved one fell or was dropped by staff and suffered a hip fracture, contact us today to schedule a risk free and confidential consultation to learn more about the laws that apply to your case and how we can maximize the value of your claim through the use of experts in relevant fields and our extensive knowledge of Illinois nursing home laws.

Once we’ve had the opportunity to evaluate and investigate the details of your case, we will review your legal options and let you know what you can expect as well as how we would recommend proceeding. If we are unable to recover compensation on your behalf, our services will be free of charge.

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